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josephine woodford

josephine woodford

Posted: 28 Aug 2000 6:41PM GMT
Edited: 26 Oct 2002 2:15AM GMT
I am looking for any info on josephine woodford. She would have been born 1890-1900.Her married name was Mahoney. Lived in East Boston at some point and had a child born at Lynn Hospital. Her sister was Helen and she was married to Babe Ruth. Josephine would have been my maternal grandmother.

Helen Woodford

Posted: 5 Sep 2000 6:51PM GMT
Edited: 27 Jun 2001 2:55AM GMT
Hi! I saw your message. My Grandmother, Martha Woodford Coddington, has told us for years that Helen Woodford was her first cousin. My Great-Grandfather was Penry Woodford from Glamorganshire, Wales, and his father was Thomas Woodford from the same place. Do any of these names sound familiar? I will check with my Grandma to see if she has any info on Josephine. My grandma is 91 years old and in a nursing home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She has one living sister, Sarah (Sally) Soos in St. Louis, Mo. Maybe she knows something. I will try to find out for you.
Jane Todd

helen woodford

Lorraine (View posts)
Posted: 13 Nov 2000 10:38AM GMT
Hi, Helen Woodford/ Babe Ruths First wife was my Great Grandfather Albert Woodford first cousin, Our family is from Boston Area
we have an extensive family tree that stretches from Maine to California,
Albert Woodford had 16 Brothers and Sisters and had more than 12 Children.

Helen woodford

Posted: 13 Nov 2000 4:33PM GMT
Edited: 26 Oct 2002 2:15AM GMT
I would love to talk with you more! I was so thrilled to get your message. Do you know anything about Helen? We believe she had a brother and a sister. If alive they would be in their late 70's. Anything you know would be incredibly helpful!! You can e-mail me at Thank you!!!!

Helen Woodford

Lorraine (View posts)
Posted: 14 Nov 2000 8:31AM GMT
Hi, Its great to hear from you, Unfortunatly I have the family history for her cousin dating back to the late 1700's,
Helen had adopted a daughter before her death, it is possible that her daughter could have this info. If we can some how contact her we could hopefully put these pieces together.

helen woodford

Posted: 14 Nov 2000 11:54AM GMT
Edited: 26 Oct 2002 2:15AM GMT
My mother noticed I had made a mistake when I wrote to you. I was so excited since Ive been trying to locate info for a few years. My mother is (we believe) the daughter of Josephine who was Helen's sister. My mother was given up for adoption at age six weeks. Her married name was Josephine Mahoney. We have a few pictures of my mother as an infant with Josephine and a liitle boy and girl who we think was her brother and sister.
We also have some pictures of Babe Ruth's funeral. That's about all we know. She was born in Lynn Hospital. My mother was adopted by Helen Waters Curtis and raised in Ipswich where she still lives. It would be wonderful to help her find some relatives. Sounds like Ive already found one. Let me know if you know anything about Josephine and her family. Thanks Karen
P.s also feel free to call me at 978-948-3995

Helen Woodford

Lorraine (View posts)
Posted: 14 Nov 2000 1:01PM GMT
Hi, I am going to pass that information to my aunt the creator of the Woodford family tree, and see if she can match some names up.
it would really help if you know where everyone was born, I guess your grandparents or aunts so we can look up their birth records and find out where they came from,
I believe it has been traced from New Finland so far.
Ill get back to you.

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Deborah Woodford Campani (View posts)
Posted: 15 Nov 2000 12:17PM GMT
Lorraine, I am Albert Woodford Jr., daughter and I also have a sister formerly Lorraine Woodford. I believe we are related.

Albert Jr.

Lorraine (View posts)
Posted: 15 Nov 2000 12:55PM GMT
Hi, Yes we are related My grandmother is your Aunt, Marion and Aunt Carol has compiled an almost complete family tree however they still are looking for some family that have moved out toward CA.

your e-mail

debbie (View posts)
Posted: 16 Nov 2000 6:32AM GMT
Hi cousin.....I have a copy of the family tree from Carol. It's been a very long time since I've been in the loop. Our family is fascinating. Say hello to Marion for me. Keep in touch if you can with further family developments!
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