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Posted: 9 Nov 2004 5:03PM GMT
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I'm looking for ancestors named Streisel. George Streisel, born 15 Jan 1899 married Elisabeth Spasojevich (sp?), born 14 Feb, 1900. She was from Zagreb, Croatia, but I believe he was from Salzburg, or somewhere in Austria, because they lived there at one time, and my father, Otto (Joseph), born 17 Mar 1941, was born there. Some of their children were known by two different names, and I am not sure if the "American" names were picked when they immigrated, or if they were actually named both names at birth, and used the more American sounding ones when they came... they were Slavica-Louise, Eleanora-Lela (who remained in Yugoslavia), Helen, Dragica-Karoline, Otto-Joseph, George and a baby who died called Olga. They cam to America sometime between 1948 and 1958, when my grandfather became a citizen (claiming "stateless-Yugoslavia" as the former nationality on the certificate of naturalization.) My father was about 7, but may have been older. I don't know if my grandfather had siblings, but I do know that my grandmother had at least one sister, called Jefica (pronounced yef-its-ah).
Everyone is gone, now, so I have no way of questioning my relatives, but would appreciate any help in tracing this branch of my family tree!

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Posted: 7 Dec 2004 3:52AM GMT
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Edited: 13 Nov 2006 3:35PM GMT

Some websites for your research which you might have or not.
A map of Austria-Hungary
Austria's phone site : Croatia's phone site
Just out of curiosity, take a look in Ellis Island website. You need to register but no money is involved. There were 11 SPASOJEVICs.
Germany's phone book is listing STREISEL.

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Jerry Streisel (View posts)
Posted: 1 Mar 2005 3:42AM GMT
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Surnames: Streisel, Stephan, Flegel, Burkhardt
I also am looking for ancestors named Streisel. My grandfather Simon George Streisel was born on March 26, 1885 in Poland. I have no idea when he arrived here in the America but his first marriage was to Elizabeth Riess on July 24, 1917 in Saskatchewan, Canada. At one time during my childhood he spoke of a brother and a sister but never did discuss it after that and none of his children ever new much more about him. The only thing I have been able to translate from his tattered baptismal certificate is that his father's name was John Streisel and his mother's name was Mary Magdline Burkhardt. Let me know if youwould liek to compare notes.

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joey (View posts)
Posted: 27 Feb 2006 5:50PM GMT
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this relative you already know,ITS ME,JOEY!!! if you guys get this,ive been out for almost 5 months,after some initial difficulties.susan and the boys are with me,and we live in hudson fl.weve got phones,mine is 727.364.6903,hers is like to hear from you or mom,so please call

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George Streisel (View posts)
Posted: 1 Nov 2006 9:53PM GMT
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hello, i was looking on a search of my name and i saw this. my father and grandfather and all of them are named george streisel including me. i am the 14th george streisel in my family lineand i am 15years old. my grandfather told me his ancestors were from alsace-lorraine and the the austrian-french border. here is my parents email (who i told about this and i will contact my grandparents too and give them this link) <mom <grandparents

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Posted: 1 Oct 2012 8:29PM GMT
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Did your father grow up in St. Louis, MO?

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Posted: 18 Feb 2013 3:29AM GMT
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Re: Streisel

Posted: 18 Feb 2013 2:52PM GMT
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Surnames: Streisel
Are there still Streisels living in St. Louis and did you grow up there or in Europe?

Your original post is from 2004 and you say then that all your relatives on that side, (father and aunts/uncles) are deceased? That would mean they all died fairly young. Are you looking for medical information?

I may have a connection to you.

Re: Streisel

Posted: 23 Mar 2013 2:43PM GMT
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Surnames: streisel
not particularly looking for medical info...just a little more family tree. I don't know if any streisels are still in st Louis. I was born there, but have lived all over the US
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