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Breens in Saco Maine

Breens in Saco Maine

Posted: 26 Sep 2001 2:24AM GMT
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Edited: 13 Jan 2003 8:31PM GMT
Does anyone have info on Breen family in Saco, Me ??

Thank you

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Posted: 2 Jan 2003 11:58PM GMT
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Not sure but I belive my grant grandparents live in Saco Me. in 1896. I know that there names are John E.Breen and her name
was Ellen Costello Rourke they also lived in Lewiston Me. and had 8 children and it was the 2nd marriage for both.
The children were Edward,Teresa,Richard Helen, Paul, Mary,
and James. I hope this help you.

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Paul Kinder (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jan 2003 8:59PM GMT
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They were my great grandparents also. My grandmother was Teresa. I was named after Paul who was Helen's twin.

If you will email me with what info you need, I will try to answer this weekend while I am at home.


Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Theresa Grenier (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jan 2003 4:41PM GMT
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Hi Paul,

Did you know Paul and Helen the twins? I would like to know any-thing you have on my grandmother Helen. She gave my mother
up for adoption and I would love to find any family that I could.

IIalso found on my mother certificate of baptism that the sponsor
was a Theresa C Scruton. I have land record from Auburn Me.
that our great grandmother owned land in Old Ocrhard Beach
and also in Saco Me. and Lewiston and on one of the documents
was the name Arthur Scurton. Do you know these Scurton? I hope I'm spelling their names correctly it hard to make it out.

Please send me anything you know about my grandmother.
I have other info if you have any question yourself.

Thanks Theresa

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Paul Kinder (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jan 2003 3:28PM GMT
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Hi Theresa

Paul Breen died in 1942. As I was born in
December 1942, they named me after him.

I knew Helen very well as she was my closest
grandaunt until her death around 1959. I spent a lot
of time with her in Stoneham, Mass. She married James Speakman sometime in the 30's or early 40's. They had
no children and I never knew Helen had a child earlier.
Helen is buried in the Breen family plot in Biddeford, Me.
I have some old pictures of Helen taken in the 40's and
50's that I could probably copy and send you.

I would like a copy of your mother's certificate of baptism
and the land records that you have found. I lived with my
grandmother Theresa and her second husband, Roger
Greene, until I was twelve. We spent every summer at our
cottage in Freeport, Me, and frequently went to Saco
and Old Orchard Beach to visit relatives, but I don't remember
their names, except for the Kerrys in Saco.

Theresa C Scruton was Helen's sister, and Arthur
Scruton was her first husband. I have no info as to when
they divorced, but he remarried in 1930. I have traced the Scrutons back to Michael William Scruton who came to NH from Ireland in 1738, which would be of little interest to you.

I have more info but as this is probably of little interest
to the general list, perhaps we shoud communicate directly.

All the best

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Theresa Grenier (View posts)
Posted: 6 Jan 2003 2:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
Paul I am so happy to know this stuff. I would love to meet you
and to see pictures of my grandmother. I would love to tell you
my mothers story. I just hope I didn't upset you about your grant
Aunt Helen my grandmother. I live in Wallingford,Ct If you want
my phone number I will galdly give it to you or my address. I also could drive to Maine to see you if you would like. I don't want to presser you I am just so over joyed.. I wonder if your grandmother would know the story about my mother adoption?
Please let me know how you want to communicate.
Thank you so much. Hope to talk to you soon....

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 8:30PM GMT
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Edited: 24 Feb 2012 8:32PM GMT
Surnames: Prendergast, Breen?
I am posting this in the hope of reaching Paul, perhaps throughTheresa, the other correspondent in this thread, who found she was related. Paul has another post in rootsweb and in ancestry about some Prendergast ancestors of his. I have tried replying to him by email but his email address is no longer working. I am searching for a John Prendergast, born in or near Portland, ME, c.1850, allegedly of Irish immigrant parents. From his post, my John might fit into the Prendergast family he is seeking. Also of interest (but it would have to have been a long range connection), the John I seek had a son, William, in Chicago, 1873, who married a Breen. I would very much like to reach the Paul of this thread to know what more he might have learned about his Prendergasts of Maine since 2002. Bill Prendergast

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Posted: 6 Mar 2012 4:06AM GMT
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I have some information about the Breens (mostly of Lewiston) and John Prendergast of Biddeford, Maine. They are related to my wife. Take a look at the online directory for St. Mary's Cemetery in Biddeford, Maine and you will find some info. I have also published some pictures of the Prendergast gravestones. Let me know if you are related as I have hit some what of dead end on this one. I too am looking for Paul and my wifes family is related to him through the O'Rourkes of Biddeford.

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Posted: 6 Mar 2012 4:07AM GMT
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I have some and am in direct communication with a direct descendant of this line. Contact me.

Re: Breens in Saco Maine

Posted: 6 Mar 2012 4:08AM GMT
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Lets get in touch and I can fill you in onsome details
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