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Koenigreich, Boehmen

Koenigreich, Boehmen

Posted: 9 Apr 2002 7:02PM GMT
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Searching for information on the town of Koenigreich, Boehmen and the family names of Jacula/Jacura/Gac'a. Any help appreciated.

Re: Koenigreich, Boehmen

Belinda (View posts)
Posted: 11 Apr 2002 8:57AM GMT
Classification: Query
I think your linguistic abilities are letting you down. Koenigreich is simply the German word for "Kingdom". Boehmen (Bohemia) was a kingdom within the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Kaiser Reich). If, as I would guess, you have some document which says someone came from "Koenigreich Boehmen" it is simply saying that person came from the "Kingdom of Bohemia", if you have nothing else that looks like the name of a town/city I think you are in for a long search. As to your query about Poland/Galicia/Slovakia etc. they were all part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - you need to get a map of 19th century Europe. Your ancestor could easily have moved around all those areas.

Re: Koenigreich, Boehmen

George Van de Water (View posts)
Posted: 11 Apr 2002 3:37PM GMT
Classification: Query
Ah! a linguistic and geography lesson all in one. All kidding aside I do appreciate your reply. I had a death certificate for one of my grandfathers sons issued in New Jersey and that's what it gave for a place of birth. Yes I do need to geet a map for that time frame. I have just started my mother line. Since she was first generation American all of my research will be in that area.

At 67 an old dog can still learn something new.

Re: Koenigreich, Boehmen

Posted: 13 Oct 2004 1:44PM GMT
Classification: Query
I need some help finding where I need to search ... and I see you were very helpful on translating the Koenigreich as Kingdom of Bohemia. The village I have is Steingrund where the children of Johann Gottlieb HILLMER and Anna Rosina POLTIN. Their marriage occured in what is now Poland but you will note below that one son was born in Steingrund, Austria. I am looking for information on Gottlieb and Anna's parents.

Marriage: 14 Jan 1794 Breslau, Lehmwasser (now Glinica), Kreis Waldenburg, Schlesien, Germany (now Poland); Das Taufbuch von 1795 - 1807 fehlt im evang. Archiv zu Waldenburg/Schlesien.

" wurde in Lehmwasser des Johann Gottlieb Hilmer, Lohnweber und Hausgenoss
daselbst von seiner Ehegattin Anna Rosina geb.Poltin den 14.Januar 1794
früh um 3 Uhr geb.Söhnlein mit dem Namen Johann Gottlieb getauft "

Also liegt die Trauung der Eltern Hilmer oo Polte schon mal vor 1794 !

Lehmwasser (now Glinica) was part of Germany until 1945 when it became part of Poland.

Birth: 18 Jun 1801 Lehmwasser, Schlesien, Preussen.
Marriage: 24 Sep 1827 JOHANNA ELIZABETH BATTERMAN (18 Oct 1805-11 Oct 1876); Webermeister, Pittmannsdorf, Preussen.
Son: cir __ ___ 1830 HEINRICH FRIEDRICH CARL HILLMER; Preussen.
Son: 30 Nov 1837 CARL AUGUST HILLMER; Steingrund, Boehmen Koenigreich, Austria.
Death: 20 Nov 1868 Steingrund, Germany.
Burial: __ ___ ____

Re: Koenigreich, Boehmen

Belinda (View posts)
Posted: 13 Oct 2004 2:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
Dear Bonita, I am in a bit if a hurry as I am going away for a ferw days but I'll give some quick answers and if you like to e-mail me direct ( to say what else is missing I'll see what I can do.

para.1: Could I suggest that you feed any place names you have directly into your search engine - it is surprising what turns up - obviously it may be in German but at least you know some information is there. Also if you feed "German-Polish place names" ditto you can find lists of places which have changed names, German-Polish, Polish-German. May not be comprehensive but can be very useful. One list also covers places like Kaliningrad which is now Russian. The matter of Steingrund, Austrisa is easily explained. Bohemia which ended up as part of Czechoslovakia after 1919 had been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Preussen, called Prussia in English, was part of the German Empire. Both empires covered endless different groups of people with endless languages but in casual parlance they would say they came from "Austria" or "Germany" as well as saying they came from, e.g. Koenigreich Boehmen or Preussen. I think you might aid yourself if you get a couple of 19th century maps oif Europe to get a visual image of what I am saying. A look at what ensued after 1919 and 1945 would also help. Any good historical atlas should show you.

para. 2: sentence 2. "The baptism books for 1795-1807 are missing from the Evangelical Achives for Waldenburg, Schlesien.

"The little son of Johann Gottlieb Hilmer, Lohnweber (I do not know this word but feel pretty sure he was a free-lance weaver) and lodger and his wife Anna Rosina, nee Poltin, born at 03.00 on 14 January 1794 was baptised swith the names Johann Gottlieb".

This means that marriage of the parents Hilmer and Poltin was earlier than 1794.

Final para.: The fact that Steingrund is mentioned as being in both "Austria" and "Preussen" (Germany) could easily be explained just by the name. Steingrund simply means "stony/stone ground" - a geographical feature which could quite easily be repeated almost anywhere - they spoke (more or less!) the same language so a village with such a feature could quite easily appear more than once both sides of the border.

Hope this helps, let me know if I can help again.

Re: Koenigreich, Boehmen

Posted: 13 Oct 2004 3:20PM GMT
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thank you so much ... will be back to you later

Re: Koenigreich, Boehmen

Posted: 17 Jan 2013 6:30AM GMT
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