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Does anyone know where the Stoneking name comes from

Does anyone know where the Stoneking name comes from

Louie Stoneking (View posts)
Posted: 28 Jul 2000 10:51AM GMT
Hi... My name is Louis Schwiesow because of certain unfortunate events i do not have my fathers last name which is Stoneking. Victor Stoneking. I am very intersted in where the Stoneking comes from. German, Irish... if anyone could help your information would be appreciated. My father biological father Victor Stoneking came from somewhere in WV. That is all i know.

victor Stonking

Posted: 4 Aug 2000 12:06PM GMT
Edited: 5 Mar 2002 5:37PM GMT
Look in the Phone and Address Listings of and the Social Security Death Index. You will find three Victor Stoneking's .

Stoneking name

Posted: 9 Jan 2001 6:48PM GMT
Edited: 16 Aug 2001 3:06PM GMT
Hello Louie Stoneking, If you haven't already found out about the Stoneking name, e-mail me at and I will tell you what I know about Stoneking. In my records I have a Victor Stoneking as a son of John Lee and Susie Anna Six Stoneking. This Victor would have been born ca1920 because I have John Lee's birth year as 1892. I'll help if I can. John

Victor Stoneking

Mary (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jan 2001 8:23PM GMT
Hi John, any information you could send would be very helpful. I dont know much about Victor, but he did have brothers in W VA. they were at least half brothers.

Victor Stoneking

Posted: 10 Jan 2001 10:27AM GMT
Edited: 16 Aug 2001 3:06PM GMT
Hello Mary - If your Victor is the Victor that I have in my records, he is gr/gr/gr/gr/grandson of the 1747 immigrant, Johann Jakob Steinkoenig. He was a farmer from Germany, and came to America on the ship "Bilander Vernon" in 1747 with his wife and family. His wife died that year and he maried a Sececa Indian. The union of Jacob and the Seneca had children and sometime, probably with the American born, the name was anglicized to Stoneking.
Victor Stoneking lineage is as follows: 1)Victor b-ca1925; 2)John Lee Stoneking b-ca 1892 father; 3)George W. b-1850 grfather; 4)Jacob Jr. b-1821 gr/grdfather; 5)Jacob Sr. b-1790 gr/gr/grdfather; 6)Jacob II b-1765 gr/gr/gr/grdfather and 7)Johann Jakob (Jacob)Steinkoenig b-1707 in Germany.
I don't have much on Victor, only that he was a child of John Lee. John Lee was married twice so Victor would have brothers and half brothers. Contact me by E-mail at - - I can probably put you in touch with others that know more about this family than I do. At least we can share information.



Julie Manuel (View posts)
Posted: 2 Feb 2001 4:01PM GMT
I am interested in the spelling of your last name. My great grandmother's name was Sarah Alice Stonking, from Joplin(?), MO. She moved to OK and married Fred McBride. (I don't know if she married before or after moving.) Any possible relation or more info?


Posted: 2 Feb 2001 6:13PM GMT
Edited: 2 Jul 2001 3:43PM GMT
The name Stoneking in my family ended in the mid 1800's. I have not tried to follow the descendents caring that surname. If you have the name of your Stoneking ancestors in the mid 1800's there may be a connection. You dropped the "e" in the spelling of the name. This could have come about for many reasons. However, my guess is that all Stonekings are in some way related. Search in Pa.,Kentucky, West Virginia. Follow the migration trails.

Re: Does anyone know where the Stoneking name comes from

Posted: 12 Nov 2001 10:03PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Jan 2003 1:47AM GMT
Surnames: stoneking
Stoneking came from Prussia. German: stein (stone) konig (king). Jacob Steinkonig I came to America in 1717 changed his last name, married an Seneca Indian named Summer Eve Ali-Quippa in New York.
My grandmother was a stoneking. I have a lot of info. Maybe related somehow?

Re: Does anyone know where the Stoneking name comes from

Posted: 12 Nov 2001 11:54PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 31 Dec 2001 12:44AM GMT
Surnames: Stoneking
Do you have any info on Elijah/Eliga/Eligah Stoneking born approx 1832. I know he had a wife, Hester Ann and they lived in Henry Co, Clinton, Missouri? He had children: Jacob W. Sterling Price, Sarah, Elvena, John Daniel, Frank Burgess, and George L. My line stems from Sterling Price Stoneking.

Re: Does anyone know where the Stoneking name comes from

Patricia A. Thompson-McDowell (View posts)
Posted: 15 Nov 2001 5:21AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Burgess, Plummer, Marks, Massingale, Thompson,Sargent,Lake,Nutter,Clymer,Stark, Maher,Anderson,Fox,Stoneking,Mckeel,Wilcoxian,Steinbaugh,Sterner,Perkins,Klingaman,Bricker,Harrison, Duke,Ritter,Huser,Green,Pinkard,Phenis,Lepper and also Waltons,Hatrman.
Do you have ancestors for Frank Burgess and the stonekings mentioned. I have both in my family tree. Starting with Mary Charlotte Stoneking b: 1846 who married Milton B Plummer b: 1843 they had several children one of which married a W. A. Burgess her name was Lizzie may Plummer b: 1867.
I have other informatio to share if this is a connection with your line.
contact me at
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