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Govea family

Govea family

agustin govea (View posts)
Posted: 19 Jul 2002 9:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Agustin
hi,i´m agustin govea and i live in mexico city,i just want meet all my family.......,mi grand father was born in Tierra nueva San Luis Potosi , Mexico,his name was Fidencio Govea Mena,he had eigth brithers Erasmo,Paulin,Luciano,Maria de Jesus,Lucia,Pilar,Bruno and Modesta,their parents were Guadalupe Govea & Bonifacia Mena Aguillón.Bruno´s sons live in chicago IIlinois,Lucia and jesus Live in Laredo Tx.,Fidencio´s sons live in mexico d.f.

Re: Govea family

Maria (View posts)
Posted: 27 Jan 2003 10:33PM GMT
Classification: Query

I thought it interesting to see that you were visiting the "govea" family. Further, I am estatic to see that your family is from San Luis Potosi... whit si where my family is.

Hope all is well, and perhaps we can keep in touch since we have some common denominators... the govea last name and the origination of San Luis Potosi....


Re: Govea family

Posted: 4 Mar 2003 1:49AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: govea
I live in Texas. My mother's maiden name was Govea. Her grandfather came to Mexico from Portugal (probably early 1800's). The only other things I know for sure is my mother's father's name, Alberto Govea and his brother's name, Salvador Govea. Salvador was a Governor of the Mexican state of Colima and his daughters live in Mexico, D.F.
Thank you/Gracias.

Re: Govea family-Tina, you're a relative!

Posted: 4 May 2003 10:13AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 5 May 2003 7:26AM GMT
Well, I just posted a message few minutes ago, but I read your post and Im very surprised because the brother of your grandpa Alberto, Salvador, is my Grandfather, he passed away 10 years ago, or so. And you're right, he was a interine governor of Colima and federal Senator. All his daughters (aunts/uncles for me, and my mom of course) are living in Colima, well, one is living in Guadalajara. So, do you have any other information? since you are are my relative...
If you want to talk with me for more information and that, you can e-mail me to . Im actually studying in Mexico City (D.F).
Hope this help to your familiar tree and to other Goveas. God bless the Govea family ; )

Arnoldo Ochoa Govea

Re: Govea family

antonio GOVEA (View posts)
Posted: 25 May 2003 3:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hola,mi padre era de San luis tambien su nombre era antonio Govea, vivio en chicago por algunos anos, alla viven dos hermanos mios, Alejandro y amalia, en la ciudad de mexico tengo otra hermana su nombre es Sandra

Re: Govea family

Posted: 25 Nov 2003 12:08AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hola, mi nombre es Martín Pérez Govea. Estoy convencido que una gran cantidad de los Govea mexicanos ( ó mexico-americanos) tienen su origen en San Luis Potosí. Mi abuelo se llamó Valente Govea Maldonado y nació en Tierra Nueva, San Luis Potosí (ahi también nació mi madre: Ma. Matilde Govea Puebla). En ese pueblo, todavia hace algunos años, podias gritar Govea! y casi todos volteaban. Por alguna razón nuestros ancestros tomaron ese apellido, no creo que todos descendamos de la misma persona (aunque conociendo lo fértiles que somos...podría ser).

Re: Govea family

Posted: 30 Mar 2004 7:38AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Sanchez
I don't speak spanish, but when I read your post I noticed that you mention Chicago, I had an uncle who was married 7 times, who lived in Chicago. His name was Anthony Govea, he also liked to be called Tex. He was from Texas and had family from Mexico. I think he was born between the years of 1885 - 1905. If this is of any help please post a message' His mothers name was Tomasita Sanchez / Govea

Re: Govea family

Rich Govea (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jul 2006 9:22PM GMT
Classification: Query
I thinknot, my father was named Antonio and I believe that his family was from Mexico. I have to guess this because I have only met him once a long tome ago, and my mother never talked about him. Not a good situation. Thanks for answering.

Re: Govea family

Alexandra Negrete Govea (View posts)
Posted: 3 Aug 2006 11:49PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hola Tina!
Voy a escribir en inglés pero si quieres puedes contestarme en espanol! No se si habals espanol?
Ok, hi!!!
I´m another granddaugher from Salvador Govea! And cousin from Arnoldo Ochoa Govea. If i remember well, he was the first one to get in contact with you, is that right? He told us about it some years three? He gave us some pictures and I think some things you sent him about our family.

I ´ve always wanted to write and get in touch but ...i always forgot it! I was searching on the internet something about our family, when i found this message board and remember all about it.

My mother told me the story from my grandpa, or bits of it and the one of your father.
In these modern times is hard to imagine being separeted from your family in such a way and never hear from each other again. I´m glad we found each other.

My mom is the 8th, her name is Esther Govea Arreguín and my name is Alexandra Negrete. I´m now 29 and living in Germany. Are you an only child?
Well, as you now know we are a big family. Do you have any children? Grandchildren?

It would be nice if we could keep in touch and maybe exchange pictures.
Where in Texas do you live?
Please keep in touch and you can write me to

i hope your family is well.
Greetings, Alexandra.

Re: Govea family

tina reyna (View posts)
Posted: 4 Aug 2006 3:38PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Ochoa/Govea
Hi Alex!!
Yes, somehow we are related. Salvador Govea was my mother's uncle. Her mother Epifania Lomeli was
married to Alberto Govea, Salvador's brother.
I am 59 years old with 3 children and 5 granchildren.
By profession I an a schoolteacher but have worked as a bilingual medical secretary for a gastroenterologist for many, many years(29!), although I do teacfh English at a university on Saturdays.
I live in Houston, Texas---where in Germany are you?
I have traveled to Europe several times but never to Germany. Although my youngest daughter loves to go to Germany and especially loves Berlin--don't ask me why, lol!
Yes Arnoldo and I did touch base a few years back and he was so excited as was I..we communicated for a couple of months, then one day went he went home, he had told me he was going to send me pictures..then all of a sudden with that trip, he stopped writing to me. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that it was because I told him about a couple of aunts in Mexico City that must've been another, maybe illegitimate family of Salvador's. I'm sure they were surprised and couldn't handle it but at the time I told him I had no idea they did not know. Or maybe it was before he married your grandmother(?).
Nevertheless, I still occasionally send him e-mails although I get no reply, mostly I send him "forwards".
If that was the reason, I do understand, but by the same token, that was something that happened a long time ago, we, nor they have any fault in that, we are still blood, and I forgive Salvador, whatever the real story may be, we are all human, we all make mistakes and that should not stop family members from loving one another, don't you agree?
I am so excited you have found me!!!! My mother has been dead for almost 16 years now, and it took her many years to find her true family, since she was separated from them at 4 years of age, her mom and she came to the US, her mom remarried, then died when my mother was 9 years old and she was raised by her stepfather and stepbrothers's a long, hard story, it could be a novela, but it is very true. I will tell you more later.
So you and I are second cousins, maybe?
Whatever we are, we are Goveas--and that's a good thing.
One of the "other" aunts I was telling you about, lives in Mexico City, her name is Hilda Ochoa Govea, and She was Miss Colima back in the '60's....told me that Salvador and Alberto's father came from Portugal---do you have any feedback on this?
Now, write me back, it's your I said before, I am very happy and excited we have crossed paths.
Many hugs and kisses,
Tina R. Reyna
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