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can't get vital records

can't get vital records

Posted: 3 Feb 2013 6:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
How do I get a vital record if I don't know parents name.

I have the name of my husband's mother.
I know all her siblings, I know her birthplace and mother's surname.
But I can't order her birth info from vital records without knowing her parents names.

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 3 Feb 2013 8:23PM GMT
Classification: Query
Have you tried census records?

It's difficult to provide more help without having your mother-in-law's details, like name, date and place of birth.

If you have her mother's surname, perhaps that is enough information to order the record you need.

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 3 Feb 2013 10:18PM GMT
Classification: Query
I tried to fill out the order form.
It wants the mother's parents names.
If I knew that, I wouldn't need to get a copy of the birth certificate....

I just found a private investigator who says they can get me that information and the fee is reasonable.

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 3 Feb 2013 10:55PM GMT
Classification: Query
Give us a clue as to what country we are talking about, the rules and proceddures vary quite a lot....

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 4 Feb 2013 3:31PM GMT
Classification: Query
It's just here in the USA. California.

My husband was given up for adoption.
But we have the birth mother's name, birthdate, and I know her mother's maiden surname.
That info doesn't get me very far on ancestry. I also have all her brothers names and birthdates. I had hoped that listing her and her brothers, and having the two last names would get something but it doesn't.

I can click on order the vital record for births and fill
it out but it requires I give their parent's name.
And it's the parents name that I want.

I know I could just say unknown but there is a paragraph
that mentions that it's up to the clerk as to whether
or not they will send it to me.
I guess I could gamble that they send it.

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 5 Feb 2013 6:19AM GMT
Classification: Query
Does she appear in the California birth index on Ancestry, or in the California birth indexes & records on

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 6 Feb 2013 3:20AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 6 Feb 2013 2:41PM GMT
Surnames: Creamer,Caldwell
yes. I can find her name in both ... seems to be same exact information.

Cynthia anne creamer born 12/13/1944

mother's maiden name is Caldwell

that's as far as I have been able to find.
I would think I would be able to find out the name of
parents. Caldwell marries Creamer

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 7 Feb 2013 3:18AM GMT
Classification: Marriage
Edited: 7 Feb 2013 3:21PM GMT
This one is a stretch, but you never know:

Albert E. Creamer to Gertrude Colladay Stewart, 20 May 1944.
Caldwell sounded somewhat like Colladay to me.
When I checked the image, I was surprised to see that Gertrude's father is listed as David Caldwell Stewart.

Re: can't get vital records

Posted: 28 Nov 2013 10:51PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 28 Nov 2013 10:51PM GMT
Even if you can't order on line due to missing information, it is often possible to get a record by WRITING to the county or state that has those. So check the state/county website and find the address to write to and see how much it would cost.

It's also often cheaper to go direct than through one of the web services.
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