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Posted: 15 Apr 1999 5:47PM GMT
Edited: 9 Jul 2003 12:18AM GMT
I am Researching Magnan family history
If you have information on any on the names below please write
To Thank you.

1 Gilles Mignier, Dit Maigne, Magnan b: Abt. 1615
+Jeanne Dit Toucheteau,Touchetelle
2 Jacques Maignier, Dit Maigne, Magnan b: March 31, 1636 +Ambroise Doigt-Drouet-Douet
3 Madeleine Magnan b: November 17, 1676
3 Anne Magnan b: May 25, 1679 d: December 08, 1687
3 Marie Magnan b: March 02, 1681
3 Jacques III Magnan b: January 04, 1684
3 Marguerite Magnan b: July 20, 1670
3 Jacques Jr Magnan b: May 01, 1671
3 Anne Magnan b: March 14, 1672
3 Germain Magnan b: June 25, 1674
+Marie Dhery
4 Jacques Magnan b: Abt. June 28, 1714
4 Geneviève Magnan b: August 04, 1727
4 Marie-Françoise Magnan b: July 13, 1716
4 Marie-Marguerite Magnan b: July 22, 1719
4 Louise-Angélique Magnan b: March 27, 1721
4 Marie-Jeanne Magnan b: May 05, 1723
4 Jean-Baptiste Magnan b: March 09, 1725
4 Jacques Magnan b: February 02, 1703
4 Germain Magnan b: April 03, 1705
4 Michel Magnan b: Abt. September 02, 1708
4 Marie-Élisabeth Magnan b: Abt. October 01, 1710
4 Jean-Francois Magnan b: August 02, 1712
+Louise-Agnes Leroux
5 Jean-Baptiste Magnan b: February 09, 1743
5 Francois Magnan b: 1747
+Marie Elizabeth Bedard
6 Jean Baptiste Magnan b: 1792
+Rosalie Lamoureux
7 Augustin Magnan b: 1813-1835
7 Cyrille Magnan b: Aft. 1813 d: November 10, 1892
+Marie Julienne Robitaille
8 Almeria Magnan
8 Angeline Magnan
8 Clara Magnan
8 Hormisdas Magnan d: July 24, 1917
8 Rebecca Magnan
8 Valere Magnan d: July 1874
8 Arthur Joseph Magnan b: 1849 d: June 06, 1923
8 Adrien Magnan b: 1852 d: July 15, 1874
8 Eugene Magnan b: 1854-1862 d: November 27, 1925
8 Ferdinand Magnan b: March 15, 1859
8 Ovide Magnan b: 1861 d: October 09, 1928
8 Philippe Magnan b: January 01, 1867
Posted: 18 Sep 1999 6:33PM GMT
Edited: 3 Apr 2004 6:12AM GMT
I know that when my great grandparents came over to America their last name was Magnan. However, my Grandfather went to live with his Uncle, I believe, and changed his name to Breault. I can find out his parents names, perhaps they will match what you are looking for.
My grandfathers name was Ernest Breault born May 11, 1911 and died May 08, 1978.
Please email me if you need more information of have some info to share. thank you.
Posted: 9 Nov 1999 2:46PM GMT
Edited: 9 Jul 2003 12:18AM GMT
Hi Jennifer
I have two Ernest Magnan's the first was born in 1888, his father was Arthur Joseph Magnan,
The other was born 1889, his father was Modeste Magnan,
But I would like any information you can send thank you Nancy.

found ya

Posted: 24 Nov 1999 5:49PM GMT
Edited: 9 Jul 2003 12:18AM GMT
Hi Nancy,
Josh and I were playing around and we found you.
Love ya sis.


Duane Magnan (View posts)
Posted: 27 Dec 1999 6:00PM GMT
I saw your message and recognized some names that are in my family tree. I will dig into my files and get back to you. Have a nice day.


Duane Magnan (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 1999 7:03PM GMT
If you get this message let me know. I may be able to help with your search.

Magnan family ties?

BRENDA (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jun 2000 4:11PM GMT
Hi!! I do believe that The Magnan line that you're inquiring about is the same one that I belong to. Unfortunately the beautiful "Magnan Book" that a 3rd cousin's wife compiled was left behind in MN when I visited in April. I do have limited information regarding the Magnans' in my "Bray Book." FYI: I will go to the Family History Center to download info. on the Magnans again. In August we are having a Bray Family Reunion in the Twin Cities area, and there will be many Magnan family members present - hopefully if the turnout is as great as the passt two reunions. My email address is and my phone number is 480-988-1380 (I live in Mesa, AZ). Hope to hear from you soon.

Re: Magnan family ties?

Posted: 22 Jan 2004 2:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Magnan/Derosier
I to am related to Magnan Family. I am just starting my research. My family, came from Canada. The Three Rivers Area in Quebec, Moved to Mn. Crow Wing County close to what is now Fort Ripley. Iam Muriel Magnan Carlson granddaughter. I believe here father was Eugene Magnan. 14 siblings; Edward,Edmond, Henry,Theodore,Laura Mae, Claire,Lorraine, Ann,oh lord I can't remember the rest right now. Any info I would love. Any family trees started? Please contact. Nancy Norgren Stewart


Posted: 15 Sep 2008 11:37PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Magnan Lamoureux
I know you asked about this years ago, but I recognized several names, Augustin & his parents, Jean-Baptiste & Rosalie Lamoureux. If you haven't found his descendents by now, let me know. His daughter was my great-grandmother. I would like to know their ancestors!


Posted: 30 Sep 2008 10:23PM GMT
Classification: Query
Jean-Baptiste Magnan s/o Francois Magnan and Elisabeth Bedard
married 18 Jan 1813 St-Cuthbert, Berthier
Rosalie Lamoureux d/o Andre Lamoureux and Marguerite Arsenault.
Who was your Great Grandmother?
Email me at if you want further info.
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