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Edward Tureson, CA

Edward Tureson, CA

Posted: 27 Jun 2000 2:58PM GMT
Edited: 1 Sep 2005 7:39PM GMT
Am looking for information regarding my grandmother's family, Jennie Roth of Milwaukee, WI. Edward was her brother. She married John J. Roth in Milwauklee,WI. Had 3 sisters in IL. Please contact me with info. Thanks

Betty (Tureson) Nordgren

Sven Svenson (View posts)
Posted: 6 Feb 2001 4:22PM GMT
Betty Tureson Nordgren lived in Galesburg, Illinois around the 1850's to the 1860's. If Edward is a brother or other relative of Betty, then I might be able to help. Do you know any of the other parent or sibling names?

Edward Tureson

Posted: 7 Feb 2001 3:36PM GMT
Edited: 1 Sep 2005 7:39PM GMT
I believe that Edward Tureson was born aprx 1880. He had 3 sisters and lived in Rockford, IL. His parents were Cerie Nelson and James Tureson. Please let me know if there is any connection. Thanks! Debbie

James Tureson

Svenson (View posts)
Posted: 7 Feb 2001 4:12PM GMT
Any connection would be through James Tureson, so I'll see what I can find...

Re: James Tureson

Debbie (View posts)
Posted: 14 Sep 2001 6:07PM GMT
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James Tureson and Cerie had Edward, Jennie, Minnie and Esther, all from IL. Do you have any info on them?

Re: James Tureson

sven e svenson (View posts)
Posted: 14 Sep 2001 7:13PM GMT
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Hello Debbie!

Is there any chance that "Minnie" is a nick-name? I have several family members from around that era with Elizabeth as a given name, and they often used 'Betty' or 'Minnie' (sometimes both of these for the same person) to avoid getting each other confused. If "Minnie" is actually 'Elizabeth,' then I may have some more useful information for you. Do you have any spouse of living locations for Minnie? Otherwise, I do not likely have any information that is helpful. "Tureson/Turesson" is a very difficult surname for genealogy work...I was hoping we would be able to help each other...



Re: James Tureson

Posted: 8 Apr 2012 7:53PM GMT
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Minnie Tureson was my mother. I am Virginia Reinhold, maiden-name Anderson. My mother's full maiden name was Minnie Rebecca Tureson born in 1895. Minnie was not a nickname. Her sisters were Esther, Jennie and Lucille (the youngest). She had a brother named Edward. My uncle Ed married my aunt Ethel, and they had a son, Michael, I believe, who was in the navy. He may have had a son named Michael also. Their family moved from Rockford to Inglewood, CA, as far as I can remember. Minnie's parents (my grandparents) were Ceri and James Tureson. My mother and her sisters and brother, I believe were all born in the 1409 building on 7th street where grandpa James had a bakery, in Rockford, IL. Were you related to my grandfather, James Tureson, who would have been born in the mid- to early-1800s? I think he was 13 or 14 years old when he came with his father, my great grandfather (Lars Tureson) and his sisters.

Re: Edward Tureson, CA

Posted: 8 Apr 2012 7:58PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am Virginia Reinhold (maiden-name Anderson). My mother was Minnie Rebecca Tureson-Anderson, and her sisters were Esther, Jennie and Lucille (the youngest). They had a brother named Edward (my uncle) who married my aunt Ethel and had a son, Michael, in the navy, and possibly a grandson, also named Michael. My grandmother was Cerie and grandfather James Tureson, who had a bakery in Rockford on 7th Street.

I hope this is helpful, and I'd love to know the relations!

Re: Edward Tureson, CA

Posted: 8 Apr 2012 8:08PM GMT
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Jennie Roth was my aunt. My mother was Minnie Rebecca Tureson.
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