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Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Posted: 9 Dec 2008 5:22PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Yeubanks, Long
Howard Ransel Yeubanks (that is how I was told his name was) born 1908.

Any information on him I have a copy of a marriage certificate for him being married to my grandmother Mary Enoma Long from Oklahoma. This was her first marriage at that time she already had a baby girl (my mother) who was born in 1934 (the marriage was after that not sure of exact date right now as I don't have the paper work handy now). If anyone knows about this marriage and if this baby girl was his or not could you let me know? My grandmother never really said who my mother's father was but my mother did know Ransel and liked him a lot. I understand he died June 1983 and was in WWII I actually have a picture of him somewhere in the house (in uniform), and he does look like Indian just like my mother did ( she passed away).

Thanks for any information anybody might have regarding any of the people I've mentioned.

Please email me at as I don't get to the message boards often.

Re: Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Posted: 1 Oct 2012 5:56AM GMT
Classification: Query
Don't know if this is the right connection or not, but I have a Mary Elizabeth Long b. 1914 OK married to a Howard B. Yeubanks. Married in Craig Ok 1935. Could this be your family? Looking for more information on them also. Thx Brenda

Re: Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 12:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Saw your note.
Some of your information is the same, the name of my grandmother is not quite right. My grandmother was Mary Enoma Long b. 1914 in OK, not Mary Elizabeth Long but sometimes she shortened Enoma to Noma. and yes they were married in Craig County, OK 0n 26 Oct 1935.
Mary and Ransel were married I have a copy of the certificate I haven't been able to find divorce record as of yet, although she was 3 times after that marriage. When they married she had already had her daughter but she never told who the father was, but we do know he was an American Indian.
I have a picture of Ransel in his military uniform from WWll and my mother kept in touch with him up through the late 60's to mid late 70's as far as I know but I don't know when she had a last contact with him (no way to know as she died in 2001. I know on record Ransel put down he was white but I have to say from his photograph he looks very much like and Indian. My mother did mention that she liked hi, very much but she didn't know much about him even after knowing him so long.
What I wonder is it possible that he might have been her father, many years later a few relatives said it was a Charles Scott Welch but I have never been able to find any record whatsoever on someone with his name. All I know from hearsay was her father worked as a ranch hand on the neighboring farm where my grandmother grew up.
If you think this (or Ransel) may have a connection I have other information on the Long family. As it is my grandmother only had 1 child my grandmother she had several stepchildren by her 2nd husband Alfred Daniels and as for the man I remember fondly as grandpa Gene I have no idea they married late in life in 1969.
Anyway this is my info of Mary (Noma) and Ransel.
I do know that Ransel and my mother must of cared for each other to have kept in contact for so many years after my grandmother and him went their separate ways.
As said lots of infor on Long family and their past so just ask if you think they are the same people you are looking for.

Re: Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Posted: 20 Nov 2012 12:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Just replied to your note posted Sept 2012, sorry for grammer mistakes I've been up since 4:20 this morn, guess I still am half asleep. Sorry.

Re: Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 5:28AM GMT
Classification: Query
Would like to have any information on the long familys. Especially on William W. Long 1896 and his wife Betty Bell Falls 1878-1935 and their children.Fannie G. Long Price 1913,James W. Long 1911-2009.Ezbon W. Long 1816-1993 and Mary Enoma 1914. Thanks for your help! Brenda

Re: Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Posted: 21 Nov 2012 2:20PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Long
I can give you info on Mary Enoma Long as she was my grandmother she died in 1984 before my 21st birthday.

As to William W. Long and his wife Betty Bell Falls and children, those names are not in my family history that I am aware of. If you think you may know who William W. Long father might be I can/will search but as of now I do know I don't have their names in my data.
I do have a Warren William Long who was an older brother to Mary Enoma Long. Could your William W. be him do you think? I always knew him as Uncle Warren and every one called him Warren never William ( I have a photo of him as an old man), he died in Wichita, Kansas in 1983. Uncle Warren was born in 1896 in what was then called Indian Territory, Oklahoma (in around Ottawa County, Oklahoma), but I have no idea who his wife was, out of the siblings he and his brother John are the only ones I have no information on except for birth and death and I think draft info (don't have my papers in front of me right now).

My grandmother was one of seventeen children and many lived to be quite old and I did know or met many of them before they passed on (they use to hold a big family reunion up until the early 1980's, then it slowly ended after going since early in the century, there is story on the place it was held at for the Long's) Her last surviving sister Lahoma passed away in 2010.

Don't give up hope. I'll search more in my records and post another note with them but warning you it will be a lot of info. First I'll send the names and parents of Mary E. Long and then if any click for you let me know then I can send other info if you want.

By the way if you would like to send email my address is Look for my post with some more info unless you want me to email you with it, I'll wait for your reply.

P.S. Since my Long's are a huge family there are many out there searching on them. When I do my research I like to have some form of paper trail to have as fact (even though sometimes info on the paper has been wrong depending on who gave the information)but I do have some info that is hearsay but I try to let others know if I have paper trail or hearsay makes the research easier for others.

Re: Ransel Yeubanks, from Kansas

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 9:10PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello. Well as I said I'll post some more info for you on the Long family. I'll start with my grandmothers parents, siblings and marriages.
Thomas Melvin Long - B. 29 Aug 1868 hearsay say in Clarinda, Page County, Iowa BUt recently I found a 1885 Iowa Census that has Fremont County,Iowa. The one thing that everybody agrees on it was in Iowa.
D.13 Jul 1942 Melrose, Cherokee County, Kansas (have Death Certificate)
M.Abt. 1891 possible in OK or KS as they lived along the border. Married his 1st cousin, Mary Delana Moore B. 28 Apr 1876 Osage City, Kansas (hearsay on place, have never found written proof), D.15 Sep 1929 either in OK or Chetopa, KS
Both are buried in Russel Creek Cemetery in Craig County,OK Family reunions use to be held at what was once the one room school room their kids attended it is in front of the cemetery sometime in the 1980's it was sold and converted to a house. But it had been deeded to the Long family for $1 a year as long as they held their family reunions there and the last one took place sometime in mid to late 1980's after they didn't hold it there it was able to be sold. The Long's didn't own it but had been having the reunions there for several decades because of the aggrement betweent the owners and the Longs but I have no idea who the owner was when the aggrement was made or when excatly.
Children: 17
1. Ethan Wilburn Long B. 04 Apr 1892 Indian Territory,OK present day Craig County,Oklahoma or Nowatta County,OK D. 06 Nov 1982 Chautauqua, Kansas? (not sure of the place) Services held at Graves Memorial Chapel in Caney, Kansas. Burial in Havana Cemetery. He was blind and deaf/hard of hearing. I knew him not as well as others but did know him.
M. 31 Mar 1920 Bartlesville, Washington Co., Oklahoma to Mary Elsie Brown B. ? D. 15 Jul 1977
2. James Alfred Long B. 08 Feb 1894 Chetopa, Kansas per draft card D.06 Jan 1985 Eureka, California. I don't remember ever meeting him. He may have been a WWl vet but I'm not sure.
M.21 Sep 1923 to Grace Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell B.06 Feb 1900 D.24 Jun 1981 Eureka, California
3. Philip Melvin Long B.29 Jul 1895 Indian Territory, Oklahoma D.10 Oct 1896 Buried in Russel Creek Cemetery in Craig County,OK
4.Effie Ellen Long B.14 Feb 1897 Indian Territory, Oklahoma D. 02 Oct 1899 Buried in Russel Creek Cemetery in Craig County,OK
5.Warren William Long B.06 Nov 1898 Indian Territory, Oklahoma D.05 Nov 1983 Wichita, Kansas Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery Chautauqua,Chautauqua County,Kansas, USA
I think I wrote you before that he was born in 1896 but I was wrong by two years. I remember him he was a quiet man almost shy, he was nice I remember that. He was a WWll vet.
M. don't know
He was a WWl or WWll vet, I've seen his draft cards, two of them on one he had a broken foot and not taken then.
6.Emanuel Lesly Long B.17 Aug 1900 Indian Territory, Oklahoma D.23 Mar 1977 KS
M.Ruth Dorothy Winters
I don't remember him at all.
7.Nettie Emma Long B.04 Feb 1902 Indian Territory, Oklahoma D.1989 might have been in Wyandotte, KS or OK don't know.
M.Albert Gerald Daniel
I met her several times but don't remember her very well.
8.John Christopher Long B.17 Nov 1903 Indian Territory,Oklahoma D. Bet. 04 - 14 Dec 1971 (Ithink on KS but not sure). He may have been a WWl or WWll vet but can't remember excatly right now. His funeral was the first one I remember going to I know it was the first held when I was little but it was the 1st one I remember.
9.Alma Elzora Long (she was a twin) B. 04 Nov 1906 Indian Territory, Oklahoma D. 24 Aug 1974 Picher, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. I knew her and loverd her she was a nice lady.
M. 1st.? Deckman
2nd. Lenny ?
10.Elma Lavora Long B.04 Nov 1906 Indian Territory, Oklahoma D.21 Sep 1943
M.30 Apr 1930 Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri to Alfred Harold Daniel (he may be brother to Nettie's husband but haven't checked it out). B.12 Apr 1902 Altamont, Kansas D.16 Feb 1953 Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma. His second marriage was to my grandmother Mary Enoma, her second marriage as well.
11. Hattie Eclare Long B.18 Mar 1908 Nowata County, Oklahoma (Oklahoma became a state in 1907) D.Jan 2000. I met her several times but didn't know her well enough.
M. 3 times not sure I have them in the right order.
1st. Allen Jack Kilough
2nd. Lou Wesley Hamlin
3rd. Charles Orval Livingston B.1901 (Ibeleive this was the man she was last married to as I recall she was called Mrs. Livingston). 14 Dec 1928 Nowatta County, Oklahoma
12. Thomas Henry Long (He was called Uncle Henry) B.04 Oct 1910 Nowata County, Oklahoma D. 25 Aug 1990 Picher,Ottawa County,Oklahoma Buried in Baxter Springs, KS but not sure what cemetery.
M.03 Jul 1942 Juanita Dust (we called her Aunt Nita) B. 30 Jun 1923 Joplin, Jasper County, Missouri D. 04 Apr 1992 Picher, Ottawa COunty,Oklahoma Buried in Baxter Springs, KS by Uncle Henry.
Uncle Henry was my favorite uncle, he was tall over 6" I remember one of his hand was twice the size of mine. He was a kind gentle man, I adored him as a child and I still feel that way when I think of him.
13. Robert Samuel Long B.29 Nov 1912 Nowata County, Oklahoma. D.13 Jun 1944 Buried in Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial
Departement du Calvados
Basse-Normandie, France
Plot: Plot G Row 9 Grave 35
After his death the military present Aunt Dora with the Purple Heart awarded to him but I don't know what happened to it after her death. He was in the Tough Ombra (not sure I spelled that correctly) Division. He survived the D-Day landing but was killed a few days later while advancing through France.
M. Family (his brothers and sisters) said no, BUT my mom (she rememebered him) said she thought he had been and I found a WWll draft card where he told them he was married but that is the only evidence I have, my mother thought the ladies name was Thelma that is all she rememebred.
14. Mary Enoma Long (my grandmother) B. 14 Jul 1914 Nowata County, Oklahoma D. 29 Jan 1984 Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma Buried in GAR Cemetery in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.
M. wasn't married the first time, this is the man have been told was grandfather by one of my Aunts, his name was Charles Scott Welch. The only man I found with that name in census records for the place and time was a really old man about 50 years older than my grandmother and in a differnet area of the county, at that time so I don't think it was him, also my Aunt Dora told me she knew the man as he was a ranch hand on the adjoining farm to their father's land.
1st. M. 26 Oct 1935 Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma to Howard Ransel Yeubanks 24 Feb 1908 24 Missouri D. June 1983
2.Abt. 18 Dec 1943 to Alfred Harold Daniel (see above notes for Elma #10 my be brother to Nettie's #7 husband but haven't research that yet)
3rd. M. 10 May 1968 Columbus,Cherokee County,Kansas to Eugene Richardson B.01 Apr 1903 Granby,MO D.15 May 1971 Miami,Ottowa County,Oklahoma
This is the man we called grandpa Gene. I loved him very much and the only grandfather I knew.
15.Lahoma Lecretha Long B.04 Feb 1916 Nowata County, Oklahoma D.28 Mar 2010 Commerce, Ottawa County, Oklahoma Buried in Gar Cemetery in Miami, Ottawa County, Oklahoma.
M: 1st time not marred had a daughter 8 months after my mother was born hearsay she and my mother had same father Charles Scott Welch no one spoke of it in front og my grandmother or my Aunt. I saw a picture of her daughter Lela Long once and she and my mother looked very much a like the only difference was my mom was dark skin, dark hair-black, prominent Indian features where Lela had blonde hair and alittle lighter in skin tone. Lela died 5 months before her tenth birthday in a auto accident, long story.
M.1st.22 Apr 1939 Nowata County, Oklahoma. Charles Edwaard Deiley B.19 Dec 1912 D.02 Dec 1989 Picher,Ottawa County,Oklahoma.
Aunt Lahoma wasn't my favorite Aunt but I knew her well enough. Her husband Charles I wasn't to fond of and didn't like at all.
16. Dora Delana Long B.24 Dec 1918 Nowata County,Oklahoma D.06 Jul 2004 Picher, Ottawa County, Oklahoma Buried in GAR Cemetery Miami,Ottawa County,Oklahoma
M.1937 Afton,Oklahoma to Johnny Louis Southworth B.1906 D. 15 Dec 1966 Picher,Ottawa County,Oklahoma
Aunt Dora was my favorite Aunt. She was kind, sweet and gentle and didn't mind hearing or telling a few off colored jokes I think she got a kick out of making people blush sometimes, a church lady too never had a bad word to say about anyone and didn't judge anyone. She loved and adored children, her nieces and nephews and others she knew even if they were not family. She had one child but it didn't survive when she went into premature labor with him and she never had another one.
17. Mina Augusta Long B.30 Aug 1920 Nowata County, Oklahoma D.03 Oct 2007 Coffeyville, Kansas
M. 27 Oct 1939 Tyro, Kansas in the Tyro Christian parsonage to Kenneth William Casswell B.01 Sep 1918 Havana,Kansas D. 12 Nov 2000 Peru,Kansas

I hope this helps. If you need more I have several generations but like said just this family was/is large and I have some of their children and grandchildren of the sisters and brothers. I do have census records and some other paper forms for some people but not on all and in differnet generations. But I do hope this will get you started and if you need more let me know.
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