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Ann McENTEE - possible death at sea?

Ann McENTEE - possible death at sea?

Posted: 6 Mar 2012 8:20PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 10 Apr 2012 1:49PM GMT
Surnames: McEntee
i AM TRYING TO LOCATE INFO ON A POSSIBLE DEATH AT SEA FOR MY GREAT AUNT; ANN McEntee She was traveling over from Ireland1846 with, brother,thomas F. McEntee & mother,Bridget.


Posted: 6 Mar 2012 10:03PM GMT
Classification: Query
What record do you have that she boarded the ship? What ship?

Re: possible death at sea?

Posted: 10 Apr 2012 3:46AM GMT
Classification: Query
Have you checked all names that could have been interpreted differently due to language barrier? I have seen at least 6 versions on manifests and census of a family name, hard to believe its the right person but the first names match usually and dob. Good Luck.

Re: possible death at sea?

Posted: 9 May 2012 4:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
thank you for your time. I will double check .


Posted: 9 May 2012 4:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
I don't have the record. A relative who found the documents has since passed,so I have to start over.

Re:Ann McENTEE - possible death at sea?

Posted: 10 May 2012 1:02AM GMT
Classification: Immigration
Edited: 10 May 2012 8:23PM GMT
Surnames: McEntie
Name: Ann McEntie

Arrival Date:6 Feb 1849


Gender:F (Female)

Port of Arrival:New York

Port of Departure:Liverpool
Place of Origin:Ireland

Hi do you know how old your aunt was? Sometimes to get a discount on shipfees the traveling person may lie about there age to get a cheaper rate. I know this is 3yr later than you said she came but family history may have the wrong year, I found my greatx2 granfather arrived to a few years later than my great aunt had documented. Good luck.

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Re: Ann McENTEE - possible death at sea?

Posted: 20 Jun 2012 3:59AM GMT
Classification: Query
i don't spell well, but here goes. try to track down the microfisch of the ship manafest they were on. in one way you are in luck. she was traveling with family. it makes tracking down information a bit easier, sometimes. my ggrandma came over with her 3 very young daughters. The youngest was 4 months old, Marie, died, and was buried at sea. On the ship manafest they simply took a pencil, marked one thin line all across the line her name and information was on, and simply wrote 'died' to the left in the margin. You had to look carefully to even catch on to what it said. Also look for transcripts of the actual manafests, but know many errors happen. Typos. Also, sometimes if you know what names or information you are looking for it makes it easier to read once you find it. A real catch 22. But if often does work just that way. All we can do at this point is guess and wonder. I do know from reading that if a person was weak or ill to about any degree they stood a strong chance of not being allowed off the ship, and into the states. Could she have gone to Canada or South America or someplace else? Read about Ellis Island. Things like that were not just limited to Ellis Island either. "Give us your tired, your poor, your........" just read up on things like that for immigrants. Not our most shining hour, IMHO. Anyway, maybe look for your loved one in other country's ports about the time her family came here. Maybe canada or south america. read up. many countries were easier, and cheaper for immigrants to enter than the us. ALL immagrants to the us had to be strong and healthy. even babies. no kidding. read up on immigration to the us during those times. it was not easy, nice, simple, pretty, and I could go on and on... many people had to go to a 'plan b'. even if the rest of the family went with the 'plan a' My best to you and yours. Barbara

Re: Ann McENTEE - possible death at sea?

Posted: 2 Jul 2012 5:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thank you for your info. I will check it out.
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