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My Ancestry DNA results

My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 8:21PM GMT
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Feeling a little confused by some of my ancestry dna results. My understanding is that I should be getting 50% dna from each of my parents.
My father's parents are both Russian from a long line of Russian ancestors. My mother's father was Pure Italian, Her mother was a mix of German, Irish and English.

My results put me at 32% British Isles
31% Eastern European, 17% Scandinavian, 12% Persian/Turkish/Caucasus, 6% Southern European,
2% Uncertain.

Two things I am confused about, why such a high percentage for the british Isles and how does Persia/Turkey fit into all this? I know it borders part of Russia however my fathers side is from the opposite end of the Country and it's a huge distance.
My mother's Fathers side (the Italians) look to be the closest as far as distance, when looking at the map, they are almost twice as close to Turkey, etc. as anyone else.

Is there a connection/relationship in history between Italy and Persia? Any input would be appreciated.

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 4:37PM GMT
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Not sure about the Persia/Turkey link (I would just assume migrations into Eastern Europe/Russia, but I'm ignorant on any specific migrations), but keep the following in mind:

1. Missing branches multiply quickly.
2. Assumptions are dangerous.


So, when you (or anyone - not picking on you) say your grandfather was "Pure Italian," does this mean you have every branch of his ancestry documented for (say) the past 10 generations? I'm not saying all of his ancestors aren't from the region of Italy, but time after time when discussing their DNA results, people say "but I'm 50% this" or "but my grandfather came from a long line of..." and what they're thinking of is the paper trail they know and/or the cultural identity of more recent ancestors. They're forgetting about all of the ancestors they don't know and what those people contributed.

Few people have a full tree at 10 generations out (that's over a thousand ancestors), so all kinds of unexpected ethnicities, surnames, and locations may/will show up. Of course, it's not just those missing branches leading to surprises, either - there's also the matter of which traits you in particular have inherited. Maybe your DNA input from your mom just really favours your maternal grandmother. :)

And, in the end, there's also the issue of how the testing company chooses to label things, plus incomplete reporting from some who have done the test. (Those early BYU testers who reported their four-generation pedigree when the gave samples - did they really know enough with a four-generation chart to say where their people were from?)

Ancestry says our ethnicity results are likely to change, so I wouldn't really give the ethnicity much credence (fun as it is to ponder). :)

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 5:31PM GMT
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Thank you Shari!
Needed to hear that our DNA can "favor" one side over another. I was under the impression it was 50-50 from both parents.
Much like my DNA, my research and family tree are far more documented on my maternal grandmothers side (15 generations). Curious if our ancestry trees are viewed by or have any input as to the results of these tests?
I find it extremely interesting and learn something new every day.
Thank you again!

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 6:51PM GMT
Classification: Query
I too have 27% persian/Turkey a big mystery as I have a fairly filled in tree with over 75% Italian lines some back 10 generations and the only thing I can think of is one Jewish line? but I don't think that would show up as persian? Perhaps there was some italian/persian mixing. Curious if others with suspected italian decent have persian showing up?

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 8:18PM GMT
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We do get exactly 50% of our autosomal DNA from each parent. However, beyond them, the actual amount we inherit can and does fluctuate from the expected average.

For the "genetic ethnicity" portion on Ancestry's test, technically called a bio-geographical ancestry (BGA) analysis, we're not talking 10s of generations, but 100s or even 1000s.

The analysis shouldn't take the online trees into account at all! I've seen plenty of shoddy, undocumented, or downright fabricated trees on here.

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 8:30PM GMT
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Just ignore the misleading labels Ancestry gave to the various genetic components. Instead, look at them more geographically. Each component is probably highest in the area where the people live whom Ancestry named them after. It might be helpful to see maps created for this purpose from another BGA analysis, the Dodecad Project:

The names he chose for the genetic components are just as arbitary, but at least they don't imply specific, modern ethnicities. The component in the Dodecad Project that probably corresponds most closely to Ancestry's "Persian/Turkish/Caucasus" is "West Asian." From the map, you can see most Europeans have a detectable amount of it. On the other hand, Ancestry's "British Isles" and "Scandinavian" components don't have direct analogs in the Dodecad Project. They're probably both subsumed, to one degree or another, into its "West European" component.

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 31 Aug 2012 9:54PM GMT
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Thank you Nathan, I am sure I will utilize the map (link) you sent. As I gain more knowledge about DNA and the process (as well as my distant ancestors, I will most likely find the answers to my own questions..

Many thanks for the information!

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 1 Sep 2012 2:29PM GMT
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This post was deleted by a board administrator on 14 Nov 2012 1:36PM GMT

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 4 Sep 2012 12:31AM GMT
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Surnames: Sclafani, Martinetti
I'm in a similar situation. Father was Ukraninan Jewish, but Mother was fully Italian. However, my results came in at 65% European Jewish, 10% Persian/Turkish/Caucusus, 22% Scandinavian, and 3% undetermined. One of my mom's parents' families was from Benevento in Campagna, the other from Sicily. Sicily was conquered by the Arabs in the 800s and they stayed on for centuries, Jewish immigrants came to both Sicily in the 1400s and Benevento in the 600s. Vikings settled in Benevento when they defeated the Romans in 400. So take a look at the history of the towns your Italian ancestors were from and you may get a sense of the admixtures over the centuries, and where your Turkish/Persian/Caucusus piece of the puzzle was derived from. Good luck !

Re: My Ancestry DNA results

Posted: 18 Sep 2012 2:32AM GMT
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Edited: 18 Sep 2012 1:32PM GMT
Wow...I too have a grandfather from Benevento, and a grandmother from Sicily. My results came back 41% Central European, 17% Scandanavian, 15% Southern European, 22% Persian/Turkish/Causasus, and 5% uncertain. I did not know that the VIKINGS were in Benevento. Explains my results much better. The Persian threw me too, until I looked up some history. The Scandanavian I assumed was from my other parent (Welsh and Dutch), but could be wrong now. My grandfather was born in Benevento- but only 15% came back S. European. Could explain my Scandanavian mixture! Thanks for the info!
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