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Govenor Garrard of Kentucky by Anna Russell des Cognets

Govenor Garrard of Kentucky by Anna Russell des Cognets

Cathryn Bride Okasaki (View posts)
Posted: 8 Jun 2000 7:12PM GMT
I have a copy of the book. I also found a copy of this book at a Mormon Genealogical Library. I bet you could order this book through your local library. They would have to bring it in for you. I also have our line which is through Govenor James Garrard/Elizabeth Mountjoy > James Garrard/Nancy Lewis > Massena Garrard/Elizabeth Fry > Edward Hector Garrard/Susan F. James > Mary Slemmons Garrard/Albert Gallatin Johnson, Jr. > Anne Mary Johnson (who is in the book by Anna Russel des Cognets)/Charles Owen Bride > Kenneth Gregory Bride/Dorothy Elizabeth Henrich > to me Cathryn Anne Bride. I have our family genealogy on the internet.

I am interested in any family connections. Thank you!
Posted: 16 Jul 2000 2:40PM GMT
Edited: 16 Sep 2001 8:45PM GMT
Does the book mention if Gov. Garrard had a
brother by the name of John (Rev.) who married
Susan Van Meter or John Garrard who married
Mehetable ???

Gov. Garrard of Kentucky

Donald M. Bastian (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jul 2000 10:37AM GMT
Is there a family web page for Gov. James Garrard of Kentucky? I am a 6th-great granson(Govenor James Garrard/Elizabeth Mountjoy > James Garrard/Nancy Lewis > Massena Garrard/Elizabeth Fry > Ann Eliza Garrard/Samuel McMaster ...)

Massena Garrard's lineage . . .

Cathryn Bride Okasaki (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jul 2000 8:07PM GMT
Dear Donald, What a wonderful response to my inquiry. My great grandmother was Massena's daughter. She was Mary Slemons Garrard and she married in to the Johnson clan.

We are of the same line. Where do you live?
I am so interested in any Missouri family history. Do you know any?

If you go into the and look up James Garrard or Massena you will find his line. Actually I have it in place to the 1600 on the Mountjoy side. I have not entered it yet. I must do so.

I am also interested in your lineage. I would love to have it added into our family tree. If you send me your e-mail address I will forward you an invitation into the myfamily program where all of our family now resides in peace. Ha Ha Ha.

This is great! I look forward to hearing from you. Cathryn

Reply to Cathryn re Mary Slemons Garrard

Donald M. Bastian (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jul 2000 10:15AM GMT
Cathryn, your great grandmother wasn't Massena Garrard's daughter, she was a granddaughter and her father's name was Edward Hector Garrard (1827-1883). Do you have information re the Mount Lebanon home near Paris, Kentucky?

Massena Garrard's lineage . . . X 2

Cathryn Okasaki (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jul 2000 10:27AM GMT
You are soooooo GOOD! You are right. As soon as I sent that last e-mail I realized my mistake.

No, I want to go there. Actually there are Garrards still living there. I wrote them, but received no response. I imagine they get a lot of mail, and do not want to be involved/burdened/etc. We are a BIG clan at this point.

I was trying to figure out how far removed I am. Me, my dad, my grandmother, Mary Slemons, Edward Hector, Massena. So we are probably of the same generation.

Where do you live? I live in Sacramento, California. I was born in 1944.

You do not say if you knew any of the Missouri history. I am so interested.

I am so glad you responded. Your cousin, Cathryn

Governor James Garrards Mother

Janet Bonebrake (View posts)
Posted: 23 Jul 2000 10:16AM GMT
I am a 6th generation descendant of Governor Garrard and I am trying to find out who his real Mother is. I have found 3 books which give her name as Mary Lewis and 3 books which give it as Mary Naughty. Anna Russell des Cognets book has it both ways in different places. This really perplexes me.

My line is: Governor James Garrard/Elizabeth Mountjoy>Col. Daniel Garrard/ Lucinda Toulmin>Gabriel Winters Price/Elizabeth Ann Garrard>James D.G. Potter/Ann M. Price>Howard E. Bonebrake/Elizabeth Ann Potter>John H. Bonebrake/Myrtle D. Smith>Janet C. Bonebrake

Any information welcome.

Reply to Cathryn

Donald M. Bastian (View posts)
Posted: 24 Jul 2000 6:16AM GMT
If you will e-mail me at I will sent more information. I have more than will fit on this message board.

Gov. Garrard of KY

Posted: 30 Sep 2000 4:41PM GMT
Edited: 1 Jan 2004 3:39PM GMT
I am looking for information on who the parents of my Great-Grandmother Gabriella Augusta Hawkins were. I know she was a granddaughter of Governor Garrard of KY (how I received my middle name). Her first husband was George Washington, grandson of Laurence Washington (brother of President George Washington). Her second husband was my Great-Grandfather Leo Tarleton of Georgetown, Scotts County KY.
I would be interested in any info as I just discovered this connection.

Garrard Family

Posted: 30 Sep 2000 9:34PM GMT
Edited: 6 Apr 2006 5:18AM GMT
Cathryn, I am interested in the names and data of the children of James Garrard and Nancy Lewis. My husband is a direct line to this Garrard Family
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