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Healy Heritage

Healy Heritage

Maureen Healy (View posts)
Posted: 18 Nov 1999 5:41PM GMT
I know my dad - Joseph Healy (died 12/14/99) who was born in Queens Village NY, and most recently lived in Tampa, Florida.

Anyone know him? or my descendants?
Posted: 26 Nov 1999 6:14PM GMT
Edited: 3 Aug 2001 1:32AM GMT
Maureen, did you mean 12/14/1899? I'm also searching for Healys from the NJ area. My father was Joseph T Healy and I have a sister named Maureen! Strange. Joseph died in 1993. I'm looking for info on mt great grandparents. Good luck with your search.

Posted: 10 Dec 1999 8:46PM GMT
Edited: 1 Dec 2001 3:02PM GMT
My mother's maiden name is Healy. Her father was Elbert Jr and he had a brother, Jessie. Mom's grandfather was Elbert Sr and her great grandfather was William Healy. They all were from the Clifton, NJ area.
Posted: 13 Dec 1999 3:08PM GMT
Edited: 3 Aug 2001 1:32AM GMT
Rodger, Michael and Catherine Healy were brother and sister. They were born early 1890's apparently in the Jersey City, NJ area. Their parents were Bernard and Mary Healy (maybe Haley, or Mary's maiden name was Haley). Mary died in childbirth with Catherine. She may have been married before because Catherine and Michael had a half sister, Margaret Hughes. I have a suspicion that Bernard had a brother (name unknown), because Catherine and Michael had a cousin Robert Healey who was a tug boat captain in NY. Robert died in 1950s as did Michael. Catherine died in 1965 in CT. Michael married Nora Fitzgerald; she died in 1927. Catherine married Robert Costello.

Both sides of grandparents were orphanned at young ages, so this is where I'm stuck. If any of this makes any connections please let me know. Eileen


Jim Ford (View posts)
Posted: 16 Dec 1999 4:51PM GMT
My great grandmother, Mary Healy, b. 1814 in New York, married Charles Fiske, b. 1807, Lincoln, MA. Their children were Albert, Augustus, William, Hellen, Cornelia, Emma )my grandmother), and Charles Jr. Albert had children Virginia, Jessie, and Albert Jr. You Elbert and Elbert Jr and your Jessie seem mildly coincidental.
Posted: 21 Dec 1999 5:23AM GMT
Edited: 1 Dec 2001 3:02PM GMT
The commonality and simliarity of names may be coincidental. There may also be a parallel universe working here too. Anyway, if I find any connection, I will keep you in mind. I also remember a distant cousin Albert that I have to find out about as he may have been on my grandmother's side.


Todd Christopher Bloom (View posts)
Posted: 24 Aug 2000 11:01AM GMT
My father's mother's maiden name was Marjorie Costello. She was born in Perth Amboy N.J. in 1915 to Robert Aloysius Costello and Katherine Mary Costello. I've been told that my grandmother's parents were orphans and that her mother's maiden name was Healy.
Marjorie married Merlin Bloom and lived in Connecticut until her death in 1985.
Posted: 28 Aug 2000 9:38AM GMT
Edited: 3 Aug 2001 1:32AM GMT
Hi Todd, we've actually met. I'm your father Merlyn's cousin. Marjorie was my aunt. Her sister Agnes (everybody calls her Totty) is my mother. I think the last time I saw you was at your grandfather Merlyn's funeral.

I've been trying to do research on the Costello line for awhile now. Catherine and Robert Costello were both raised in orphanges in NJ, so its been pretty difficult to get past them. If you are interested I can give you all the info that I have. I have Robert's sisters and Catherine's brother and half sister. And I think we know the names of their parents but I have nothing documented. Let me know if you're interested.

Eileen Healy (was Eileen Horndt - got divorced)


T. Bloom (View posts)
Posted: 29 Aug 2000 9:58AM GMT
I'm sorry I didn't realize who you were. I haven't seen much of you paternal relatives for years. I had no idea that Aunt Totty's real name was Agnes.
I got a hold of a copy of Grandma's original application for a social security card through the freedom of information act. It was filled out in 1936. If you have any other information, It would be swell if you would share it with me. There's my E-Mail address up there. I would be happy to share any new information with you. Well it's been nice talking to you, maybe I'll hear from you later.
Posted: 29 Aug 2000 5:43PM GMT
Edited: 3 Aug 2001 1:32AM GMT
Todd, no need to apologize. I'm glad to find someone else in the family that's interested in this ancestry stuff.

Give me a couple of days to pull the info that I have together. I probably won't get to it until the weekend. I've got things entered in Family Tree Maker and will need to create some text files. Your email address wasn't listed in the Surname Board message. Here's mine: You can email me directly with yours and if you're interested I can send you some hard copies of baptismals, etc., if you also want to include your mailing address with the email.

It was good to hear from you.

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