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Posted: 14 Sep 2009 1:01AM GMT
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Lauri Piispane, dob Aug 14 1850? in Kivijarvi, died in West Quincy Ma around 1930 I think.
His father was Elias Piispanen dob Feb 16 1825
His mother was Ebba Kahelin dob Oct 17 1824
They were married on Feb 16 1881.

Elias Piispanen parents were
Johan "Henricsson" Piispanen & Caisa "Eliasdotter ?

Ebba's parents were:
Anders Kahelin & Maria Erickson?

Lauri was married a total of 3 times;
1) Eva Kinnunen, dob June 9 1849 , died June 4 1881
They had 2 children Werna, and Juho
Eva's parents were:
Johnan "Henricksson dob June 22 1832
Anna Sofia Kotilainen

Eva's sibblings were:
Lena Sofia June 3 1840
Henric March 8 1843
Margareta Dec. 12 1845
Eva* June 9 1849
Justine Jan 1 1853
Matilda June 8 1855

Anna Sofia parents were Thomas "Johansson"Kotilainen & Maria (Maja) "Pahlsdotter" Toikainen
Her sibblings: Anna Caisa, 2-2-1805, Lena Maria 6-21 1807, Thomas Henrick Aug 8 1810.

2) Karoline Kinnunen dob Oct 17 1854 in Kivijarvi. She died Dec 12 1856. Lauri had married her after Eva had died Their children were: Einar 1882, Wilho 1883, Aliina Elvira Aug 14 1886, Sylvia Maria Feb 17 188-died in Melrsose MA on April 22, 1978(my grandmother). and Impit Johanna Nov 7, 1890. Had married Onni Jutila, and died in CT USA in 1980.
Karoline's father was Henrik "Matson" Kinnunen & Lena "Benjamindotter" Hannien. Karoline's sister was
Maria Josefina dob Sept 9 or 19th 1856.

If anyone connects to any of above, I have more information, and more Surnames, too, that connect thru marriages to the above.

Sorry to be so long winded here.


Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 24 Oct 2012 10:22PM GMT
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Wonder if there is any connection between the above Lauri Piisapanen, and a Louis Piispanen born in 1836, that came to US with his wife Susan in 1893.? I believe Lauri came alone . Both settled in MA(Quincy area). My Lauri, I don't think had a wife named Susan. When he came his wife was still alive in Kivijarvi Finland. Her name was Karoline Kinnunen.
Thank you for any help

Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 9 Nov 2012 7:38PM GMT
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On Hiski I do see an Elias born in 1825 in Kivijarvi. But no indication he was a Piispanen, the farm name was Minnila, parents Henrik and Eva.
I have an Elias Piispanen in my tree but he was born abt 1700 in

Also on Hiski I see Kaisa Piispanen, married to Henrik Kinnunen giving birth to Lars Henrik in 1856 in Kivijarvi.

While you are checking into this, you might find Piispanen is a very interesting name in Finland. As far as I know, Piispanens were descendants of Simon Krook, the first Bishop of Viipuri. There's a very detailed genealogy on the net. Just type in Simon Marci Krook, you might find some of your people in there.

Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 9 Nov 2012 8:15PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thank you for that information about the Piispanen name.
I never heard that before-not suprising knowing my grandmother.
What else do you know about the decendents of your Elias?
Is Piispanen a common name in Finland?

Thank you

Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 9 Nov 2012 9:09PM GMT
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Hey Barb,
It's not a common name. Piispa always has something to do with the church. It either means pastor or church.
The Piispanens in Finland that I've researched were well educated even in the 1600s, studying in both Helsinki and Uppsala in Sweden. I really encourage you to look up Simon Marci Krook. Someone must have taken a long time to create such a detailed record. When I stumbled on it I was surprised to see my grandmothers name and her birth and death dates even though she died in the US.
My grandmothers female line goes to Laapajarvi with names like Pynttari and Skrabb. Here most distant direct ancestress was Malin Mansdotter.
Enjoy your Krook research and who knows, you may find your Piispanens in there too!

Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 10 Nov 2012 9:59AM GMT
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Edited: 10 Nov 2012 10:01AM GMT
It is not so uncommon name.
Official record says today in Finland:
------------------------Piispa Piispanen Piispala
As present name---------662-----1659-------69
As former name----------268------718-------17
As dead persons' name---424-----1006-------47

Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 11 Nov 2012 5:35PM GMT
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Barb, you've been on the right track! In the Krook genealogy I found Elias Piispanen born 1826 Karstula. It's table 32.
That genealogy is very tangled, I'm descended at least twice from Simon.
Congratulations. You knew all along!
I don't have more info, but I refer to the Krook paper often. I switch back and forth from Finnish to English. It's not that my Finnish is good, it's because I think the name changes.
I know you've been working on this a long time, so have fun with all your Piispanens!!

Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 1:24PM GMT
Classification: Query
I, like I think many doing Finnish research wish they spoke, understood, and could read Finnish. It would make this so much easier. Let alone writing it.
Its so frustrating. My grandmother never had the pastients to teach her 3 grandchildren including me, her native language which she spoke (to her friends, and family in Quincy, CT, and other places in MA)frequently.
until her death in 1978.
She could speak and understand English(self taught I think with fathers help) but writing it was a challenge for her.


Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 4 Jul 2014 8:02PM GMT
Classification: Query
i am looking for relatives of taavetti piispanen and sofia. had nine children three lived, matilda, anna vilhelimna and johan. They moved to canada in the early 1900s.Johan was my grandfather.thank you. brenda

Re: Piispanen,

Posted: 4 Jul 2014 10:49PM GMT
Classification: Query
Do you know where your Piispanens were from originally.
My grandmother Sylvia Maria Piispanen was one of several children. Vilheim( became William in MA ) Juho(became John in MA) Alina, and Impi(the only one I ever met--she married Onnie Jutila and lived in Niantic CT. My grandmother married Alfred Nelson, lived in Quincy MA all their married lives.
I don't know if there is any kind of connection, but It would be fun to try to determine this which is why I asked first of all where the family came from. Mine were from Kivijarvi Finland, All those that immigrated were here by 1900.
Settling in Quincy, Chester, Abington, and other communities in MA To my knowledge none went to Canada.
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