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cherokee McLemore

cherokee McLemore

Renee Perkins (View posts)
Posted: 16 Feb 2004 5:12AM GMT
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OK I need some help.
A william Mc Lemore ( related to Partridge ) listed as full blood on the dawes, and I have his miller application . he speaks of 1/2 brothers and " old settlers" in his family I would like more info about who the "old settlers are , I can't find a Mclemore that is on old settler roll but I can find a Mclemon and know very well that any thing visual close can be mis-transcriped, like on the drennen my Boots are transcribed as " Boats". so who was William Mc Lemore speaking of when he said some of his family were "old settlers"?
since it looks like the indian Mclemore's names can be spelled Macklemore and a few other ways , I sure figured McLemon sure looked visually simular. especially considering that the E may not have been put on there unless it was pronounced and it isn't . Like Clyne on the rollls is Pronounced like CLINEY in my lines.
the McLemore family I am searching landed in Lamar CO Texas very early 1800's ( 1818?-1824?) after a quick trip to LA or AL then MS.
and need info on william's mother sarah any and all 1/2 siblings and who in his family were " old settlers".
thanks for any leads. it may help clear up alot of identity info that seems to conflict . renee

Re: cherokee McLemore

renee Perkins (View posts)
Posted: 16 Feb 2004 6:31AM GMT
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william family card says . I thought he said his moms name was sarah but this looks like his mom or grandmother is Peggy Davis. I would like more info on her. thank you renee

Davis Peggie 0 F 688 P
Cherokee Dick 0 M 688 P
Cherokee McLemore Annie 18 F FULL 688 1939 STILWELL BB
Cherokee McLemore Cherokeeokee 0 F 688 P
Cherokee McLemore Dick 7 M FULL 688 1943 STILWELL BB
Cherokee McLemore Eliza 47 F FULL 688 1938 STILWELL BB
Cherokee McLemore Lee 13 M FULL 688 1941 STILWELL BB
Cherokee McLemore Mattie 10 F FULL 688 1942 STILWELL BB
Cherokee McLemore Robert 0 M 688 P
Cherokee McLemore Tom 15 M FULL 688 1940 STILWELL BB
Cherokee McLemore William 51 M FULL 688 1937 STILWELL BB

Re: cherokee McLemore

Renee Perkins (View posts)
Posted: 4 Aug 2004 5:26AM GMT
Classification: Query
well so far that didn't get a bite . so lets try this .
Ok we have a william with son john richard and brother JOhn ( is he a john richard also )?
and his father is a Richard is he also JOhn richard Mclemore from Lamar and fannine co texas pre and post civil war time frame. is this the John Macklemore family on the dawes and is it the same John mentioned as a second to Wattie during some fights with other native tribes.
this (? john?) richard was born abt 1796 to 1800 . don't know when or where died , their from the family history says during 1850's about 52 to 54. he is just gone /missing with son alexander and John and maybe Charles G is the( could G be gilliam?)
a charles son john married a cherokee called Quatsey wolf, . it also says they had VA connections
now william Mclemore son of robert says he has a (P) ( W? M? G ? GG ?) as Peggy Davis.
but richard/(dick? married a said Sarah A E Davis . now lots of davis's and mclemore and rodens in LA. AFter richard dies then Sarah married a Roden/ maybe written redden sometimes.
Now on the other side of my family I have a peggy who is sister of Turtle at home / shoeboots / white owls son etc etc .
this Peggy shoeboots sister is from Wolf clan and great granddaughter of Quatsey moytoy . I can't remember who she married or any of her kids , I will guess sanders for now , but I don't know that for sure . now what are the chances of these all being related?
these peggy and quatsey's were all wolves , they have to be related somehow? what are the chances of quatsey wolf not being related to quatsey moytoy of the wolf clan. probably a slim chances she isn't related to her. Now on the removal roll in 1817

168 John Mclemore sr with 8
169 john jr with 2, both from willstown

sign the removal rolls next to and on the same day may 20th 1818 as these men from the same towns
167toos-too or spring frog 6 willstown.

170oh- lick ah or sucker 5 at willstown
171soh yo can an teeskee ( something killer, ?? mankiller?? anyone know ?) 1 willstown
172Chu qua to kee 4 willstown ( all Chu are most likely from attacullculla 's family) this could be wattie or a sibling msybe.
173 wolf (canoe and shoeboots were wolfs clan also) 1 from squirlstown
174 Squirl 1 from running water town
now squirl always comes up in a few names from talontesky and or john jolly or nettle carrier etc they got to be related somehow.
all I can say is these Mclemores are running with the big boys it seems. and most of the big boys ran with their own. so that kinda leads you to say they had to be related to, or married into the family somehow.
my guess is that the Mclemores are related to maybe spring frog and wattie somehow. anyone know how? these men are all given land all over trying to seperate them and their from their tribes, clan etc . and It kinda worked too , so many were lost and dont' know what is what anymore.
I do have to say I think the Mclemores are related to my great the great grandpa somehow. anyone know exactly how ? and what was JOhn SR and JR native names , all of them ?
thanks for any leads?
my real intent is to find out who Sarah AE ( Im told it is davis) but with william H, robert's son claiming to a peggy davis I just think it is a little odd we have Davis's in both families of the Mc lemore's and there is no proof any of them either the davis's or the Mclemore's are related to each other , too freeaky . so how are they all related to each other and to know that I need to know who Sarah's first husbands was and who he married when and where he died ,
I just need some help please! renee

and then John probably jr is the one who rides with Wattie this could make them cousins or closer .
I am possitive that these Mclemore's are related to MY great .. Turtle at home and moytoy and or attacullculla's family. Turtle at home is from both so he has lots of relations!
does anyone know how? this would make John a good canidate for chief and thus a s good second man too Wattie!

Re: cherokee McLemore/Lynch

Barbara (View posts)
Posted: 5 Aug 2006 1:40PM GMT
Classification: Query
Elizabeth Lowery daughter b. abt 1805 was the daughter of Elizabeth "Ga-na-lu-gi" "Runafter McLemore b. abt 1769 who married William Lowery. Elizabeth "Runafter" was the daughter of Charles McLemore who married a full-blooded Cherokee Quatsey "Betty" Wolf.

Elizabeth Lowery b. abt. 1805 married Robert Lee Lynch abt 1894 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. I need to find info on William Lowery, Charles McLemore, Runafter McLemore and Quatsey Wolf. Hope someone can make some connections!

Re: cherokee McLemore/Lynch

renee Perkins (View posts)
Posted: 13 Aug 2006 8:35PM GMT
Classification: Query
does your family have any tales or any info on her at all.
I think she is in my family someplace and that is how I know that the mclemores and the lowery are my close relations..
what stories are known of betty just might help me put her in my family at least close her her place.. but someone somewhere has to know something about her.. but I think she is either from shoeboots or from oneof his brothers or sisters or from attakullakulla maybe Oconostota. but she is in my family someplace if anyone has any info about her specificly maybe we can get her into the right place. I am sure she is in there someplace. . renee

Re: cherokee McLemore/Lynch

Pat McLemore (View posts)
Posted: 19 Aug 2006 3:13PM GMT
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Surnames: McLemore
Barbara, go to the LDS family search website and you can find a complete line of your McLemore family. There are different spellings: Macklemore, Maclemore, and McLemore. My husband comes off of Partridge Nose through French and Chester.

Please feel free to e-mail me at:

Pat McLemore

Re: cherokee McLemore

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 9:58PM GMT
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I might have a little bit of information.
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