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Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Posted: 22 Nov 2004 9:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 27 Nov 2004 12:47AM GMT
Surnames: Carroll, O'Carroll, Lynch, Balfe, Lawler, Delmore, English, Ryan, Higgins
Looking for anyone out there who may be connected in any way to the Carroll family of Edenburt House, Cavan. Other names that may be connected are: Balfe, Plunkett, Lynch, Mulvaney. Other related nearby County Cavan townlands are: Dervor, Lisduff, Virginia, Rahard, or Carnaross in County Meath. Some members of this family emigrated to the U.S. as part of the Sweetman Irish American Colonization Program.

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Sharon Davies (View posts)
Posted: 23 Nov 2004 10:44PM GMT
Classification: Query
We have a Walter R Carroll who married a Mary Plunkett in my husbands' family line. He was the son of Charles and grandson of PatrickCarroll. We have been told that Patrick was from county Cavan. Do you have a Mary Plunkett in your line?

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Chris Carroll (View posts)
Posted: 24 Nov 2004 3:55AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: carroll,farrar,rayer
we may be, how do i find out?

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Posted: 26 Nov 2004 4:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Carroll, O'Farrell, McCarthy, Lee, Cosgrove, McDermott
Dear Mike,

Following you will notice some of the names mentioned in your post… Maybe this can give you some leads. There also is another family from County Meath but this would be for another discussion. I hope that you will consider joining the Carroll DNA project at Already five Carrolls have had their dna tested and waiting for results!!


Kevin Carroll

Philip Carroll father of Martin Carroll, lived on Lake Street leading to the shores of Lough Ramour ( spelling ?? ) in the town of Virginia. He died on 3 September 1840. His widow Ann Gibney Carroll with two boys ( Martin & Patrick ) and three girls ( Catherine, Ann, and Ellen ) immigrated to America in 1853.

One of the boys, Martin Carroll was baptized in Lurgan Parish ( now Bailieborough ) Witnesses were Thomas Lynch & Margaret Farly. Here is the obituary for Martin Carroll. You will notice that several postings before I have mentioned the obituary of his wife Catherine O’Farrell Carroll.

Following article taken from Dubuque Telegraph-Herald issue of Saturday, 7 May 1910 with captions of Martin Carroll called by death, Father of Bishop John Patrick Carroll passes away at Helena on Friday night and Pioneer held in high regard.

"Martin Carroll, father of Bishop John P. Carroll of Helena, Montana died in Helena on Friday night at the advanced age of eighty-four years. The death of Mr. Carroll marks the passing of a (pioneer or platonic, cannot read clearly) resident of Dubuque and a man whose death leaves in mourning a city of friends. (para) Born in Ireland, Mr. Carroll came to Dubuque early in life and for years he was one of the best known businessmen in the city. He conducted a bakery near First and Main Streets and during his long career was a man held by the highest esteem in the community. Mrs. Carroll died some years ago. Mr. Carroll is survived by his children, Bishop John P. Carroll of Helena, Miss Mary of Chicago, Philip Carroll of Joliet, James Carroll of East Dubuque, Mrs. Anne McDermott and Mrs. Catherine McCarthy of Helena, Montana. One son, Dr. Charles Carroll, died some years ago universally mourned. (para) The body will be brought to Dubuque on Tuesday morning to the residence of J. H. Carroll, 330 Locust Street from where the funeral will be held to the Cathedral. Announcement of the funeral time will be made later. (para) The passing of Mr. Carroll causes deep regret in Dubuque. He was resident here for many years and a pioneer of the finest type. Death in closing his career had claimed a man of splendid character and one whose influence in the early life of the city made for its upbuilding. Bishop Carroll will accompany the body of this father to Dubuque where it will be laid in Mr. Olivet."

NOTE: The J.H. Carroll mentioned is John H. Carroll, son of my g.g.g. Uncle James Carroll of Dubuque. We have not yet determined what is the relationship between the families because my Carroll family came from Mayo in early 1800’s and this family is from Cavan… yet there are many connections between the two families…

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Posted: 27 Nov 2004 1:48AM GMT
Classification: Query
Kevin...I believe I've come across your Phillip Carroll of Virginia while researching my ancestor of the same name/place. Unfortunately, there is no relationship. Through my research of the records of the Catholic Church of St. Matthew, Maghera, Lisduff, Co. Cavan, I've found the family of Phillip and his wife, Anne Gibney. I've located the baptismal records of their children; Patrick, Catherine, and Eleanor (sorry, but no Martin). I've also seen Phillip's death record in the same data. It shows a date of death or burial on July 3, 1840. I sure wish they'd been related to my Carrolls...I've never been able to locate anyone who is! I have identified one possibility though, an Irish couple whose O'Carroll ancestors lived in Edenburt. We are now arranging a DNA test through another company. It appears that my Phillip Carroll is the only one from his family to have emmigrated to the U.S.

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Posted: 27 Nov 2004 8:09AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 18 Nov 2006 10:55AM GMT
Surnames: Carroll, O'Farrell, Cosgrove, Brannan, Flanagan, Conlon
Thanks for the reply. I do have copies of the Baptismal entries for the five children but not with me right now. I wonder is this Church you reference in the parish of Lurgen? There is another family of Carroll's; The father was Thomas and the mother Margaret McMahon. They were from from the Northern Meath, South Cavan Region. Their Daugher, Mary Carroll McGoldrick was born in Bailieborough in 1839. She always said she was related the O'Carroll's of Ely and also to Bishop John Patrck Carroll. She had many brothers and sisters but no Phillip that I know of..

Finally, I notice that you mention Plunkett. My great grandmother's family photo album has a photo of an elderly couple with the name Mr and Mrs Plunkett. I think the Photo is from Dudley, England. I wonder if you have any photos of the Plunkett's you mention? I don't know what was the reason for the photo in the family album. Just in case, there is a similar photo of Mr and Mrs Martin Lee.

I guess the more we search the more questions we find....

I hope that it might be possible for you to migrate your dna findings into the Carroll project because the greater number of Male Carrolls who participate will enable us to establish relationships, family groups, tribes, etc... Thanks..

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Posted: 27 Nov 2004 2:34PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Carroll O'Carroll Lynch Balfe Ryan Higgins Lawler Delmore English
Kevin....Yes, Lurgan is the Civil Parish that St. Matthew's Church is located in. My Carroll ancestors were from the very area you are referring to in your question about Thomas Carroll and Margaret McMahon. Unfortunately, I have not seen any connection to this couple at all in my research of the church records. There is another Catholic Church very close to St. Matthew's, across the border, in Carnaross, County Meath. It too was used by the people near the borders of Meath and Cavan. You're right...the more we search, the more questions we have! With regard to the Plunkett family...I have no proven connection to that name, but I suspect that another family of Carrolls from the area and I may be related. The DNA test will prove or disprove that. There are Plunketts in their family. I mentioned it in one of my posting on the outside chance that I'd be able to make a connection through that surname to my Carrolls. Sorry, I don't have any photos of the Plunkett family. I do know that there was an Anne Plunkett of Westmeath who married a Richard Carroll of Edenburt in 1844. As far as I know, the Plunkett that married into the Carroll family had always lived in Ireland. The location in England doesn't seem to fit. Thanks for asking though!

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

JimDenning (View posts)
Posted: 12 Dec 2004 2:50AM GMT
Classification: Query
genetics is the best money i have spent in genealogy. and its the best way to determin which line is yours which john and mary is yours.
and the best part is this keeps working for you

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Posted: 19 Mar 2010 1:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: carroll
hello! just dropping in to report that i recently found that i am a descendent of the carrolls of edenburt and therefore, am likely distantly related to some of you. posting here in case more information becomes available in the future.

Re: Carroll family of Edenburt, County Cavan

Posted: 20 Mar 2010 1:07PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello, and thanks for your reply. I have quite a bit of information regarding the Carroll family of Edenburt. I'm curious, where does your family fit in? I've been able to identify my great grandfather's siblings in various Irish church records, but have never been able to trace any of them, or their descendants any further than that. In fact, except for my own branch of the family, and my g-grandfather's sister Margaret, all of what I've uncovered of the Carrolls pretty much stops in Edenburt in the late 1800s.

In doing my research of the family in County Cavan, I uncovered quite a bit of information on Carroll families from the area, that so far, don't seen to be related to mine. I look forward to your reply. Maybe a few loose ends can be tied up!

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