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regarding Andrew Baines, US Navy WWII

regarding Andrew Baines, US Navy WWII

Posted: 29 Sep 2011 3:06AM GMT
Classification: Query
My Mother received a letter (which I never knew about until after she passed away and I found it when going through her things in the house) from a friend of the above mentioned Sailor. They apparently was dating, I think they were engaged. The letter is handwritten, and has the "US Navy" logo on the top of the letter. It states that "Andy" died in a plane crash. The letter is not dated, nor do I have the envelope of which it was mailed.I do have a locket, it is heart shaped,with the US Navy logo on it, and it opens, but there is nothing inside.It took me a long time to figure out that fact that the letter and the locket, are probably pertaining to the same guy. However, I don't know who Andrew Baines is, and I am curious to know more about him, where he was from, what he looked like. I do not have much more information than what I have written here. Any help would be appreciated!! (by the way- my initial reaction was "Oh My gosh My mother had another life before she was married"!! LOL)I feel like this is something from a Lifetime Movie, or something...
Thanks for any help or ideas... I appreciate it!
Mary McConarty Hunt, daughter to Doris W.Brooke-McConarty

Re: regarding Andrew Baines, US Navy WWII

Posted: 19 Nov 2011 11:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Baines
Hi, Mary,

It's been a while since you posted this query, but I see you've gotten no replies, so I thought I'd take a stab at it. If you have, do a search on military records under the name "Andrew Baines." You didn't mention the date of the letter you found, but if 1946 is a viable date, Ancestry shows someone with that name serving from January through October 1946 on the USS Cape Gloucester, and in December 1946 on the USS Bougainville. By his service number, it appears all listings are for the same individual.

I tried Googling his name, but found there is a well-known person in the UK by that same name on the first several hits. However, with persisitence, you might find something there on the several pages of hits that come up.

Best wishes with your search. What an interesting find!


Re: regarding Andrew Baines, US Navy WWII

Posted: 21 Nov 2011 6:17PM GMT
Classification: Query
thank you so much for your response. I did not have a date for the letter, as it isn't dated :o( I wish it were. And the envelope that it was probably mailed in, is missing. My mother had placed it in a plain white envelope, and had handwritten "A Baines" on the front of it. That's all I have. I then found a beautiful locket that has the US Navy logo on it, (probably from him). I did see the USS Cape Gloucester listing, and I know that there are similar listings out there. I just wish I knew more. Just a mystery.. I have even asked some of my mother's neighbors from where she grew up... they did not know or remember. I thank you so much for your time, as I know just how valuable time is these days. I greatly appreciate it! Let me know if you can think of anything else- I just want to know what he looked like, how they met, etc-
Mary McConarty Hunt
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