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Indian Roots in Hickman families

Indian Roots in Hickman families

Jan Helms Hendricks (View posts)
Posted: 11 Aug 2000 6:03AM GMT
I am trying to compile the various Hickman families which have the tradition (and/or proof) of Native American ancestry. I know this tradition exists in many different branches of the Hickman family name. If you have such a family tradition and/or specific names, tribes, etc., please e-mail the information to me, or post it on the Hickman message board. Once the information has been gathered, I would be happy to forward it to anyone who is interested.

Hickman native american roots

Ian Feavearyear (View posts)
Posted: 11 Aug 2000 3:18PM GMT
Someone recently mentioned to me that Christina Hickman was Osage. My wife is her 5g-granddaughter. I have Jacob Hickman and Catherine Coomer as her parents, but no documented proof.

Christina Hickman/Osage?

Jan Helms Hendricks (View posts)
Posted: 12 Aug 2000 8:45PM GMT
Hi Ian,

Thank you for the information - One of my cousins (Vicki Bruce Gorby) had also mentioned Jacob and Catherine Coomer Hickman as possibly being Christina's parents, but I don't know the source of this. Some time ago I read about the Keelings possibly being Osage, but again, I was unable to find out where the information came from. The only Hickman/Coomer connection I have been able to find was (I think) James Hickman - and if the dates (marriage, etc.) were correct, it wasn't the right time period for them to be Christina's parents - anyone with additional information on this?

Native american Hickman's

Posted: 13 Aug 2000 10:33AM GMT
Edited: 22 Jul 2001 10:04PM GMT
I'm also trying to find native american blood in my family lines. My ggg grandfather
was David Ketchum who married Patey Hickman
daugther of Edwin Hickman. I believe there is
indian blood in the Ketchum line too. If you
have any info or get any, please email me at:

RE: Hickmans Native American

Sandy Lee (View posts)
Posted: 14 Aug 2000 2:58PM GMT
I to am looking for information on the Hickmans with Native American. I have been told by my grandmother that we were related to Pocahantas. I have not been able to make a connection. From the Hickmans side to the Aldridges, or could be spelled Eldridges. The grave stone has Aldridge on it. Her name was Elizabeth Aldridge that married H.D. Hickman. I am not sure if his name was was Harland or not. I you have some informantion on this please let me know thanks Sandy (Hickman) Lee

Native American Hickman's

Posted: 14 Aug 2000 6:47PM GMT
Edited: 22 Jul 2001 10:04PM GMT
I have a book written by Hope Hilton about the Hickmans. It starts with the early pioneers and takes them from Virginia, North
Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri and Utah.It has
a lot of information and names. I don't see
any for an Aldridge, Eldridge, or Harland (H.D.) Do you have any other names?

Native American Hickman's

Posted: 14 Aug 2000 11:12PM GMT
Edited: 30 Aug 2002 1:17AM GMT
Kathleen R. could you please give me the name of the book you have about Hickman's I'd like to get it.

Cherokee Family Tradition

Posted: 14 Aug 2000 11:23PM GMT
Edited: 30 Aug 2002 1:17AM GMT
My Grandfather was Charley Erskine Hickman and his wife was Elizabeth Mae Holloway who was supposed to be one half Cherokee. My g-g-grandfather was Thomas Hickman from Sevier Co. It is said that the Cherokee there called him Cat Hickman and that he had a cherokee wife. I am not sure of this but I do know that there are Cherokee with the last name of Hickman in Cherokee North Carolina


Kathleen Rogalla (View posts)
Posted: 17 Aug 2000 11:09AM GMT
I don't know if it has a name, but it is written by Hope Hilton. She is deceased but you can order it from her husband. I think it was $12.00. His phone number is: 801 487-0527. Fax: 801 485-3385
Posted: 17 Aug 2000 1:37PM GMT
Edited: 30 Aug 2002 1:17AM GMT
Thank you Kathleen for the information.

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