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Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 25 Dec 2011 11:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: grant
I am trying to find possible relations between Glengarry and a Grant family in Lachine, c. 1780-1840
This family came from Scotland and attended the St. Gabriel Street Presbyterian Church in Montreal, where many of their records are found.
They also were involved in the establishment of the first Presbyterian Parish of St. Andrew’s in Lachine.
The family included five brothers:
1. John, described as merchant and forwarder, c. 1749 – died 1817
2. Donald, fur traders with the North West Compan, died 1816
3. Peter, also a fur trader, died 1848
4. Duncan, fur trader, owned land in Charlottenburg with brother John
5. Alexander (from an incomplete source): 23 June 1829: At Charlottenburg, U.C. on 9th ult., aged 72 Alexander Grant, a native of Inverness-shire, and brother to the late John Grant, of Lachine.

From various unconfirmed sources:
1. John could be a nephew of captain Alexander Gran, b 1734 Glenmoriston, son of Patrick Grant and Isobel Grant.
2. Peter, Donald and Duncan could be related (uncles or cousins) to explorer Simon Fraser, whose mother's name was Mary Elizabeth Grant.

Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 27 Dec 2011 12:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
You may be related to a wing of the Grant family from which I am descended. There is some mention of Simon Fraser to an Alexander Grant in a book published from a Grant Reunion in Maxville ON in 2008.
You may get in touch with Evelyn Westgate at " She should be able to get you a copy of this book in CD format

Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 27 Dec 2011 7:54PM GMT
Classification: Query
My sister Margaret has done some research on John Grant of Lachine. If Simon Fraser is mentioned in with an Alexander Grant, it would be Hon Alexander Grant of L'Original. They would be first cousins. My 2nd Gr grandfather, Alpin Grant of South Branch in Charlottenburg, is another first cousin.
We have wondered at the connection to the John Grant of Duldreggan family and the Grants in Lachine. We think we know the relationship but still need the proof to say it is so.
Anne Heath Neuman UE

Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 8 Jan 2012 8:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Re read my note from December 27th. Simon Fraser, first cousin to Hon Alexander Grant of L'Original, and Alpin Grant of South Branch, Alpin Grant and Hon Alexander Grant - half brothers .... same father different mother.

In first message, Margaret and I feel confident to say that Peter and Donald are brothers ... first cousins to Simon Fraser, Hon Alexander Grant and Alpin Grant. Peter's and Donald's mother a sister to John Grant of Duldreggan, and a sister to Isabella Grant Fraser.
Anne Neuman

Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 14 Feb 2014 9:10PM GMT
Classification: Query
I have identified, gleaned from primary sources, John Grant of Lachine and his kin Peter Grant of St Annes & later Lachine. Anne you might want to reach me at cloudbanks(at)

Objet : Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 15 Feb 2014 1:42AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have been looking for these Lachine Grant for some time, and woud be delighted tp know about the family connections regarding John and Peter

Hélène Lamarche

Re: Objet : Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 17 Feb 2014 4:32PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello Helene:
My sister Margaret and I are back at sorting out these Grants. A Peter Grant and Janet Grant, Duldreggan, married about 1752 and had as children Angus died at 12 years, Alexander, Mary, Peter, Donald and Henrietta. We have also seen on one listing a Janet who also died at 12 years.
One piece of information has Alexander out to America in 1766 if this is so and he is the Alexander in the obit mentioned earlier (d 1829) he would have been 9 years when he came out. My next question would be who did he come out with. Also this piece of information also states that Alexander was a prisoner for 3 years and visited by his Uncle Lewis Grant of Sheuglie. Well this Lewis Grant would be his grand uncle a sister to his grandmother Hannah Grant of Sheuglie then Duldreggan. As we sort out these Grants more questions arise.
Anne Neuman

Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 18 Feb 2014 2:07PM GMT
Classification: Query
Re: John Grant of Lachine being a nephew of Captain Alexander Grant b 1734 son of Patrick Grant and Isobel Grant. (1) Patrick Grant is 7th of Glenmoriston, Isobel Grant dau of John Grant of Craskie.
(2) being a nephew of Alexander Grant would tell us a brother of Alexander had a son John.
From my listing I am having some difficulties seeing a nephew John born within the timeframe we need. Alexander's brothers are (1) John Roy killed at Flanders, (2) Patrick 9th Glenmoriston had a son John 10th Glenmoriston 1758-1801 remained in Scotland, (3) Captain Allan 1730-1808 do not know if he had a son John but did have a dau Barbara, (4) Alpin known as Major Alpin no son John listed in family, and (5) Lewis died in Jamaica.

Anne Neuman

Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 21 May 2014 12:23PM GMT
Classification: Query

I am researching the McNaughtons of the Breadalabane area of Scotland. Alexander McNaughton - born on Lochtayside - was a doctor in the Royal Navy before settling in the Glengarry area. He married a Helen Grant and one of their sons was Alpin Grant McNaughton. I wonder if there is some connection to your ancestor Alpin Grant? I don't know any more about Alpin Grant McNaughton but his elder brother was also a doctor but died young.

Fiona McNaughton

Re: Grant connection to Lachine and Glengarry

Posted: 22 May 2014 11:51AM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello Fiona:
I am aware of this family. Helen Grant had a sister Penelope Grant whom married a Minister of the now St Columba Presbyterian Church, Kirkhill, Ontario .... John ??. He later left to minister to folks up L'Original way. Helen's and Penelope's father was an Alpin Grant and I believe at one time Sheriff of Cornwall. I do not know this family well enough to state that they are related to the John Grant, Duldreggan family. John Grant, Duldreggan being the father of my 2nd gr grandfather Alpin Grant.
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