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Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 14 Apr 2012 9:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: McDonald/McGillivray

I am researching Ronald and Anne McDonald and associated families. Ronald died in St. Polycarpe in 1852. He married Ann McDonald at St. Francis Xavier in Brockville in 1866. They lived and raised their family in St. Polycarpe. His parents were Ronald MacDonald and Mary McDonald. After Ronalds death Anne followed her Children to Montreal. Ann's parents were Alexander MacDonald and Margaret Scott. Alexander died in Scotland prior to 1848. His father was a John MacDonald who died prior to 1850. Anne's daughters married into the Rawson, Keyes and Smith family. Margaret Jane "Jennie" McDonald married Arthur Francis Rawson and their daughter Mary Rawson married Andrew Keyes. Mary Ann married an Alexander Gould Smith. Margaret married a Joseph Christopher Joy. Alexander Scott McDonald married Mary Hickey. John 2nd married Christina McKinnon. John married Isabella McGillivray from St. Polycarpe. There seems to be a few McDonald and McGillivray marriages.

Margaret Scott remarried Samuel McDonald who was a blacksmith in Arnprior and had a 2nd family consisting of Duncan and James. They lived on lot 4 of Daniel St. purchased from Daniel McLaughlin. Duncan married Julia Keyes and operated a hotel in Arnprior. He died in in 1940. I would like to be able to go back as far as possible. Right now I can't get past 5 generations with any of my Mc/MacDonald connections. I would like to know how Alexander died? If anyone could help me I would be grateful. Thank you,

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 16 Apr 2012 8:18PM GMT
Classification: Query
Is Ranald's death date of 1852 incorrect? Or is his marriage date of 1866 incorrect? what have you found in the censuses?

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 3:41PM GMT
Classification: Query
Ronald Macdonald b. 1768 Scotland d. 1852 St. Polycarpe
Spouse: Mary McDonald b.1781 d. 1856

Son: Ronald Joeseph Mcdonald b. abt.1869 District Number 189 Soulanges, St. Polycarpe d.1939 Spouse: Anne Mcdonald b. abt.1834 in Scotland. died 1914. 1871 Cencus

Wedding of Ronald/Ranald and Anne/Ann (different spellings) "Canada Marriages, 1661-1949", Alexander Mcdonald in entry for Ranold Mcdonald and Anne Mcdonald (1866.) Alexander is Annes father.

Marriage date: 05 Nov 1866
Saint Francis Xavier, Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Groom's Father: Ranold Mcdonald
Grooms's Mother: Mary Mcdonald
Bride's Father: Alexander Mcdonald
Brides's Mother: Margaret Scott
Indesing Porject(batch) number 102288-3
System Origin: Canada-EASy
Source Film Number: 1301767
Reference Number: 8

I am related to Anne daughter of Alexander MacDonald and Margaret Scott. Last name gradually became McDonald

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 3:07AM GMT
Classification: Query
How do you specifically descend from Ranald and Ann of St. Polycarpe? Or is it a sibling of Ann's that you descend from? How does Penelope MacDonell married to Ranald of 1/16 Lochiel fit in with the St. Polycarpe couple (Ranald and Anne)? My understanding is that Penelope's husband Ranald's parents were John MacDonald and Isabella, nee MacDonald of Sandpoint? I believe that Ranald (husband of Anne)'s parents were Ranald MacDonald(of Alexander of Ranald)and Mary, nee MacDonald (of Donald of Ranald). They were married in 1806 at Montreal. I do agree that Ann the wife of Ranald of St. Polcarpe is likely a sister to John who married Isabella MacGillivray (of St. Polycarpe).

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 8:37PM GMT
Classification: Query
I descend from Ann's brother Alexander Scott McDonald who married Mary Hickey. John 1st who married Isabella McGillivray is Ann's brother. Margaret Scott(Ann's mother) had 2 siblings named John. John 2nd married Christina Mckinnon. Isabella and John 1st were the parents of Ranald who married Penelope McDonell.
Ranald and Penelope had Flora who married John Brennan and John R. who married Helen/Ellen Toner. Most of these people are buried at Sand Point at St. Alexanders Cemetery. I found their graves last summer.

Ranald and Penelope lived at 16-1 Locheil and must have moved to Sandpoint to work in the lumber industry.


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Posted: 19 Apr 2012 8:50PM GMT
Classification: Query

This is a letter written by the son of John 1st McDonald. It is written to Robert and Ruth and outlines the family history of the McDonalds of Arnprior. It was the foundation for the McDonald of Arnprior family tree that was online by John R. McDonald. There is a mistake in the letter in that Margaret Scott remarried a Samuel McDonald who is listed as Samuel McDonnell in the 1851 cencus.

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 10:17PM GMT
Classification: Query
When you read the letter to Robert and Ruth you should note that 1)Alexander was Margaret Scott's first husband not John.
He is listed in all announcements as Alexander. His father's name was John according to the family tree The McDonalds of Arnprior.
2)She remarried Samuel McDonald/McDonnell who was a blacksmith.They lived on lot 4 on Daniel St. in Arnprior. They are listed in the 1851 and 1861 Cencus.
His son Duncan married Julia Keyes. They were the parents of Mary Henrietta who marrried Maurice Jeremiah Buckley. Olive Carmen Mcdonald and James K. McDonald who married a Miss Lafferty.

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 10:56AM GMT
Classification: Query

I read your family letter. Cool stuff! Just to clarify...John 1 and John 2 are sons of Alexander MacDonald and Margaret Scott (and both siblings of Anne)? If this is the case than age-wise John 1 could not be the father of Ranald who married Penelope MacDonell? Ranald's and Penelope's marriage record is found in 1851 at the mission of St. Alexander of Lochiel(reg A). Ranald's parents are given as John MacDonald of Sandpoint and Isabelle MacDonald (not MacGillivray). Ranald's father John would have been born est. 1780 or so. Please correct me if I'm still confused?

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 2:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
The letter to Robert and Ruth clearly states Isabella McGillivray being in the family. Margaret Scott and Alexander are the parents of John 1st McDonald.

John McDonald (1939- died Nov. 18,1909 Braeside)
Isabella Mcgillivray (1844-1916)
Ranald McDonald (1815-1892) and Penelope(1822-1904)

You are right. Further researh needs to be done. The connection of John 1st to Margaret Scott is accurate.
thank you for steering me in the right direction.

Re: Ranald McDonald of Soulanges, St. Polycarpe

Posted: 20 Apr 2012 3:43PM GMT
Classification: Query
James: If you send me an email I will send you a file of all the McDonald/McDonell tombstones at St. Alexanders in sand point or you can look them up at:

John and Isabella McGillivray had a son named Thomas Dodd.
His tombstone is also there with their names on it. Maybe you can help me figure out how all these McDonalds who intermarried connect?
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