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Quanah Parker

Quanah Parker

Dale J. Hope (View posts)
Posted: 16 Jan 2001 11:24PM GMT
I have been told all my life I am related to Quanah Parker, but I am having a tough time finding the relationship between Quanah and Parley Pratt Parker (Utah). If anyone can help, it would be greatly appriciated. My Grandmother would tell me stories of my Quanah. Please Help.

RE:Quanah Parker

Posted: 26 Jan 2001 9:44PM GMT
Edited: 8 Jul 2001 6:53PM GMT
Quanah Parker Comanche Allottee 2246

Email me directly so I can remember your email addy, And Tuesday I will type up the info I have on Quanah, I have the names of his wifes, their children, and so on....

Quahno Parker

Jane Parker-Bailey (View posts)
Posted: 27 Jan 2001 9:51AM GMT
I am interested in knowing about Quahno Parker. Whatever you could provide me with would be appreciated. I am almost certain that I am a decendent of his.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide me.


Jane Parker-Bailey


susan richardson (View posts)
Posted: 28 Jan 2001 8:20AM GMT
i am looking for information on his wifes and kids tring to find which kid my husband family come form any info would help

Quanah Parker info

Lisa Parker (View posts)
Posted: 30 Jan 2001 6:55PM GMT
Hi Dale. I have a bit of information on Quanah Parker. Not sure how far back I can go, but anything helps, right?
I'm new to this board, and don't know the ins and outs yet...but if you will provide me with an email address, I'll provide you with what information I have.

Quanah Parker

Posted: 31 Jan 2001 10:47AM GMT
Edited: 11 Jul 2001 4:03AM GMT
I know that my ggrandmother was descended from Quanah Parker but not exactly how. Her name was Flossie and there seems to be disagreement in the family as to whether that was a nickname or not. Any information you have on Q. Parker's wives, children and any of their last names would be great.

quanah parker

janice moon (View posts)
Posted: 1 Feb 2001 8:14AM GMT
my ggreat grandfather was john t. parker on the 1860 census in whitfield county,ga. He had a daughter named mary c. parker, my mother said she was indian. there is no wife listed for john t. parker, he had 4 daughters listed on the census, no name that you are searching. i am now search the parkers in ga. no answer as yet.

Birth Years for Daughters

Posted: 1 Feb 2001 8:41AM GMT
Edited: 11 Jul 2001 4:03AM GMT
Do you know birth years for the daughters?
Or how old was John in 1860? It seems he would be too old to be Flossie's father.
Also, I am wondering if Flossie was only a nickname. One of my aunts is called that because her first name is repeated through the family and her middle name is Florence.

quanah parker

janice moon (View posts)
Posted: 1 Feb 2001 8:44AM GMT
lisa, i read your message to dale and am also interested in info on the parkers as my gggrandfather was john t. and no wife. i would so appreciate any info you might have on quanah parker. i have a researcher working on this in whitfield co. ga. if you would email me with info it would be sooo appreciated.

birthdays of john parkers daughters

janice moon (View posts)
Posted: 1 Feb 2001 8:57AM GMT
i have no exact birthdays but on the 1860 census mary c. was 8 - emeline-7 - rhoda t.-5 and martha a.-3.
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