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coat of arms: family crest

coat of arms: family crest

David McKelvey (View posts)
Posted: 18 Feb 2000 4:11PM GMT
I'm looking for the McKelvey coat of arms or family crest. Please email me with any information.

Thank you!

McKelvey Coat Of Arms!

Posted: 9 Jun 2000 6:30PM GMT
Edited: 12 Jul 2003 1:48AM GMT
Hi David, I have 2 versions of the McKelvey Coat of Arms, at my website. on the McKelvey Photo Album main page! is the best one! Check it out, if you have not found a version of the Coat of Arms!

Coat of arms

Anita Mckelvey (View posts)
Posted: 13 Jan 2001 1:36PM GMT
you web page no longer works is there is another please let me know thank you

Coat of Arms and my genealogy websites.

Posted: 13 Jan 2001 4:12PM GMT
Edited: 12 Jul 2003 1:48AM GMT
hi, Anita, In response to my website! I have several indeed. I don't know which one you may have not been able to access.

Still no go

Anita Mckelvey (View posts)
Posted: 13 Jan 2001 6:37PM GMT
Sorry but the pages stll refuse to open can you just send me the link by email not sure why iy refuses to work
thanks for responding

My Genealogy Website Url's

Posted: 14 Jan 2001 3:50AM GMT
Edited: 12 Jul 2003 1:48AM GMT
Hi Anita, The, does not provide me with your email address. It just sends an acknowledgement that someone replied to your messsage. I don't know why the url's not working for you. They are accessible from my computer. Make sure you copy and paste, and make sure, the ~ is in front of rdmj1 or robertdmckelveyjr in either url. To go to either site. Can you also try a search of my name. I believe my sites have been on line, for enough time to find them via the search engines. One find should allow them to be accessed, from any site once you get to one of them.
Ok, send a direct email to to send me your email address.

Re: My Genealogy Website Url's

Posted: 20 Dec 2011 2:01AM GMT
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Folks, please STAY AWAY from Coats-of-arms that you cannot PROVE belonged to your direct male ancestors!

COAs do NOT belong to everybody that shares a last name. Just because some huckster found a coat-of-arms of somebody with a similar name (Usually McAvoy - a different family entirely) does not give YOU the right to use those arms!

The only thing that taking "family history company" COA's gets us is silliness.

There is a better alternative - design your own COA and register it with the United States Heraldric Registry of the American College of Heraldry. There is nothing wrong with this practice and it is more ethical than simply finding an image on the internet.

There is at least ONE legitimate McKelvy coat of arms that I am aware of - and that is because I designed it myself and registered it in the name of my father. I encourage everyone else who reads this thread to do the same.

Re: About Coats of Arms

Posted: 20 Dec 2011 12:32PM GMT
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"snip".....Throughout history in England and Scotland,
a coat of arms signified an individual, and not a family.
A traditional coat of arms, during this time, was considered legal property and was passed down from father to son. Descendants of a coat of arms would typically be differentiated through a color change or with the addition of a distinguishable charge, such as the coat of arms' label. The images are the same whether on a crest or a coat of arms, but the place where they are displayed distinguishes them......"snip"....

Message board for Heraldry

Posted: 20 Dec 2011 1:04PM GMT
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there is a Heraldry message board that would be a good place to get information about Coats of Arms ->
And also there is an online organization that can be checked into for much information on the dos and don'ts of your own COA/Crest->
per page

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