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Rudolph H. Smith family

Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 19 Dec 2011 8:28PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith, Laird, Robinson, Allen
I am looking for any Smith descendants that are left in Kooskia and the surrounding areas. Please read the information below and take note of the names.

My great-great-great grandparents were Rudolph Harrison (21 Oct 1840 - 20 Jan 1930) and Anna Louise Springer Smith (6 Feb 1942 - 25 Jan 1925). Both were born in New York State. They are buried in Pine Grove Cemetery in Kooskia.

They had a total of nine children, two of which are also buried in Pine Grove. Those two are Herbert Bertrum Smith (7 Mar 1875 - 13 Jul 1946) and Anna Louise Smith Laird (26 Apr 1884 - 23 Mar 1913).

Herbert was married to Grace Ethel Allen (1880-1950) and I know of at least one child, Leona Mae Smith Robinson (1912-1978).

If you are related to this family or know someone who is, please contact me

Re: Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 12:28AM GMT
Classification: Query
Have you looked up living family members in or Do you need help in finding other family members?

Re: Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 1:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
My great-great grandfather was George A. Smith, he married Emma Jane Sherman. I know more of this line, just not much of his siblings and his parents. What I do know I mentioned in the first message. So I do not know if Herbert had any other children. I do need help finding more about my gg grandpa's George's sibling descendants.
I just hope that someone has a photo of my gg grandpa's parents.

Re: Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 4:43AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
With a surname of Smith it's VERY important to be sure you've found the correct people and made the correct connections. In 1880 the Smith family was living in Ridgefield, Bergen, New Jersey.
Rudolph H. Smith, b. NY, 39, no occupation.
Louise Anna, wife, b. NY, 37.
Harry R., b. NY, 14.
Eugene M., b. NY, 12.
Maggie, b. NY, 10.
George W., b. NJ, 7.
Herbert M., b. Nj, 5.
Cornelia E., b. NJ, 3.
William F., b. NJ, 9/12ths.

In 1895 the family was living in Girard, Otter Tail, Minnesota.
Rudolph H. Smith, 54.
Louise A., wife, 51.
George A., 22.
Herbert M., 19.
William A. 15.
Anne L., 12.

Note that Herbert's middle initial is M on both Census records.

Name: Herbert Bertrum Smith
On Sept. 12, 1911 was living in Kooskia, Idaho, ID
Born: 7 March 1875
Occupation: Laborer ____, Kooskia Milling ____
Wife: Ethel Smith

I don't know if this is the same person as Herbert M. Smith or not. I looked up in the Western States Marriage Index and there was no marriage for Herbert M. Smith.

Name: Herbert Moses Smith
Born: 7 March 1875
Died: Kooskia, Idaho Co. per 149914
Source: Idaho Death Index 1911-51.

I didn't find any death info for Herbert Bertrum Smith.

What that all means is unless you know them to be the same person there's no point in concluding Herbert Moses Smith married Ethel.

Herbert Moses Smith died in 1946 and his obituary won't have current enough survivors to be able to find current survivors in Kooskia.

Anna Louise Laird b. April 26, 1883 and died March 23, 1913, Kooskia, Idaho, ID. Source: Brigham Young University-Idah Death Index.

I couldn't find her marriage to Harry A. Laird.

I did find Harry, Anna and children in 1910 in Stuart, Idaho, Idaho.
Harry A. Laird, b. KS, 35, marr 10 yrs, mail carrier government.
Anna L., wife, b. NJ, 26.
Heloise R., b. ID, 7.
Doris E., b. ID, 6.

An Harry Arthur Laird
Born: Nov. 4, 1897
Died: April 19, 1920 in Kellogg, Shoshone, ID per death cert 030266.
Source: Brigham Young University-Idaho Death Index.

However, this Harry can't be the one married to Anna because the one above was born in 1897 and her Harry was born abt. 1875.

I didn't find any other entries for their daughters.

You don't have any related persons who died late enought to look up their obituary and then try to contact their survivors.

You can access spokeo or zabasearch and look up Smith and contact each one and ask them if they're descended from Rudolph. Kooskia is a small town so maybe that would work.
Successful Searching!

Re: Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 3:12PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 15 Feb 2012 3:29PM GMT
Surnames: Smith
Thank you for your response!
I am also wondering about Herbert and Anna now.
I have the number for the closest library to Kooskia, given to me in an email. I will probably be calling them to see if I can find any obits for Rudolph, Louise Anna (Anna Louise), Herbert and Anna via the library.

What I do know is that my gg grandpa George Smith and grandma Emma lived in Big Timber, MT and later on his daughter and her children lived in Sun Valley, ID. I am not sure if that is a coincidence or not, I will have to ask my living relatives on that one.

Update: I just looked at the 1920 Idaho Census that was taken in Kooskia for Bert Smith. I think it's the right one as it lists him being born in NJ (he was) and his parents being born in NY (they were) and it seems he got married in MN to Ethel Allen and there oldest daughter was born in MN and also in their household lives their niece Doris Laird. It lists Doris's father has being from the US and her mother being born in NJ.

Re: Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 16 Feb 2012 5:02AM GMT
Classification: Query
Be EXTREMELY careful when reviewing information from volunteers. I would recommend verification of any information provided. Mistakes are common, I can send you a list of errors.

Re: Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 12:09AM GMT
Classification: Query
VERY impressive family tree. When you post, you should post the link so volunteers having access via Ancestry can see the Big picture of the person(s) you seek:

Find-a-grave has Rudolph and Anna identified with the grave of Herbert Bertrum (Bert) Smith. I don't know if this is your written tribute or that of another. Most tributes were composed by those persons that take gravestone photographs; but, this one has family information. I have found tributes on this site that are NOT accurate. I have found persons listed that were actually buried elsewhere.

Re: Rudolph H. Smith family

Posted: 18 Feb 2012 3:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith
I apologize that I did not post a link to my tree. I will keep this in mind when I ask a query again. I don't use the boards very often.

My original request was to find people that may be on, that are related to this family...well just the descendants of Rudolph and Anna, since I really only know about my gg grandfather George's line.

I know about the find-a-grave sites for my ggg grandparents. I did not know about the tributes. There is another listing for "Bert" Smith too, it's the same as Herbert. Couldn't figure out why it wasn't changed the first time around.

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