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Hecla Cemetery

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alicia (View posts)
Posted: 21 Sep 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 7 Sep 2008 9:40PM GMT
I was out at the Schoolcraft Cemetery on the Calumet northern border looking for ancestors.While there i made myself useful and copied down some (not all) surnames and dates.In my list i have the following Surnames.
Pascoe, Trezina, Hocking, Trewartha, McDonald, Pope, Ednie, Mcclean, Tunander, Shears, Ross, Martin, Phillips, White, Baer, Dahl, North, Hanschka, Green, Wilcox, Gray, Gattin Von Jacob Messner, Trevarrow, Wormington, Brown-Champion, Jones, Erickson, Johns, Martin, Harris, Beswitherick, Rowling, Vivian, Hodge, Gesche and Keast. The Vivian should be listed as Vivian-Hodge.Some of the stones have more than one person listed on them.I did not of course get to them all , some need cleaning to be read properly.I have not read up yet about the effects of taking etchings from markers to make the writing stand out so i dared not touch them for fear of them tumbling over or my putting my foot through a grave.(I still cant get over my fear of that!)It seemed to be alot of English/Cornish names with some mixed
nationalities also. The local Cornish Society is going to do the whole thing but i thought that i could do a little while i was there. Some of the markers are beautiful. There is one on the south end, it is white stone, draped with white stone carved fabric, two lambs are sleeping atop it.
It states, Children of GW and Clara Shears.
"Feed my lambs"
Georgie died Oct.11, 1871
age 11 months,23 days
died Aug23,1869
age 1 year and 17 days
If any of you locals have a chance before winter roars in, go out and look at the cemetery..It must have been quite lovely in its day.

Hecla Cemetery

alicia (View posts)
Posted: 21 Sep 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Cemetery
I attended the presentation last evening on "Where have all the bodies gone?"by Loraine Richards.She had a wonderful slide show and narrated the program as she showed the pictures of all the local cemeteries.
I had the opportunity to talk to some of the attendees during and after the program.
I was told that there is no burial records for The Hecla Cemetery on Cemetery Street in Laurium.Apparently the list was lost in the Catholic Church fire some years back.Also, most of the markers are gone and the few that remain are kept up by a family who has an ancestor buried there.
Again, there is no burial list for The Schoolcraft Cemetery on US41 on the Calumet/Kearsarge border.The company that once owned it and then gave it back to Calumet was asked to provide a burial list but one was never provided.The Cornish Society does plan on going through it and writing a new burial list for the markers that remain.
The cemetery that is located about a mile into the woods in Kearsarge is an Indian cemetery.It must be quite old, i would like to go there,but i was told time also has taken it's toll on the burial grounds.
The Jewish cemetery that i explored this summer on Tamarack Waterworks Road outside of Calumet revealed the following names,
Earl Arne
b.Sept 18,1904
d.Feb.1, 1905
Broken stone
Sept5, 1905
Harold Warshawski
B.July 24, 1902
D Nov.15, 1902
Abraham Rosenbaum
B 1916
D 1918
Sophia Fink
B.Dec 31, 1901
After some of the leaves are off the trees and the underbrush has died off, i would like to further explore it.
It may reveal more markers than i could previously find.
I must say that i was disappointed to find more cemeteries without a burial list to add to the lost list which includes the Eagle River Cemetery.It's original list has been lost too.How sad and frustrating for those searching for their ancestors.

Local Cornish Society

Posted: 23 Sep 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 26 Jun 2001 8:53AM GMT
Surnames: TREVENA
How would I contact the local Cornish Society that you mention above. I am trying to locate informatio regarding my family, Trevena, who came to Calumet, MI from Redruth, Cornwall in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Thank you.


Re: Hecla Cemetery

Posted: 25 Jun 2001 8:53PM GMT
Hi, Alicia!

I'm interested in the Pascoe, Wormington/Warmington, Hocking and Messner entries you have for the Hecla cemetery. THANKS!

Re: Hecla Cemetery

Posted: 26 Jun 2001 1:10PM GMT
Classification: Immigration
Surnames: Pascoe,Wormington
Ok, here is a list to start with.My old notebook is not organized so it may take some time to go through it.
It is so hot here, the birds are using hotpads to pull the worms out of the ground! heehee
John Pascoe, died, Dec.13,1889 age 40 years
Martha Pascoe,died Dec 26,1882

Clarence James Hocking, died Aug 25,1892 ,age 1 month and ten days.
Heinrich son of John and Helana Messner,
Beb. June 5,1888
Gest Aug 28,1888
Andrew Aug. 2,18? Oct? 1886
Agatha, daughter of J and C Messner

Kathrina (Gatten von) Jacob Messner,Oct16, 1850 born
died May 13,1890

Plot with Wormington on plaque,
James Henry , son of Edward and Mary Jane Wormington
Born Sept 21,1879, died, July 30, 1880

Re: Hecla Cemetery

Posted: 26 Jun 2001 3:40PM GMT
Thanks for the info, Alicia! I'll pass it along to fellow researchers. We'll try to verify if it fits with the folks we are researching. Thanks again!

Re: Hecla Cemetery

Posted: 26 Jun 2001 4:40PM GMT
Classification: Query
Woops, this is from the Schoolcraft Cemetery on the border of
Calumet on U.S. 41 across from the Northgate motel heading
The heat has fried my brain.

Re: Hecla Cemetery

Pat (View posts)
Posted: 28 Jul 2001 2:27AM GMT
Surnames: Warmington
Thanks Alicia for the info on the Schoolcraft cemetary. Edward and Mary Jane Warmington were my great-grandparents. I now know where I have a great uncle buried. I will have to try and find the grave some time when I am up that way. We live in Negaunee but my mother in law has a house at Boston Location so I do get up there and know my way around--a little. Thanks again. Pat

Re: Hecla Cemetery

Posted: 18 Sep 2010 2:09AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: warmington,reavie
Pat, if you are still out there...would love to communicate as Edward and MaryJane were my gg-grandparents.
Julie Warmington McCarthy
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