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Donna-Marie Mills (View posts)
Posted: 29 Dec 2000 7:44PM GMT
My family used to own "Spivey Mill". Here are some names I will throw at you to see if any are related to you...

Isaac Spivey
John Dewey Spivey married Fannie Mae Brewer
their children were: Howard Lester Spivey, Robert, Charlie Clifford Spivey, Victor, Clyde and Frances "Marie" Spivey of Darlington, SC.

I am related to the "Spivey's, Ford's, Brewer's...) from Lakeview Darlington, SC. My grandfathers brothers (he had alot) are from North Carolina.

Spivey's from Lakeview and " Spivey's Mill"

Sharon Spivey (View posts)
Posted: 2 Jan 2001 6:13PM GMT
My father is Gene C. Spivey, his father was Edward Manila Spivey, his father was Wingate Edward, and his father was Isaac Spivey...My family also owned the Mill Pond.... There is no doubt in my mind that we are related....

Spivey Mill Pond

Donna-Marie Mills (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jan 2001 2:02PM GMT
Hey Sharon! It was great to hear from you. This is exciting. My grandfather was John Dewey Spivey and his father was Isaac (or my ggrandfathers dad was) I'm not sure yet. John Dewey Spivey married Fannie Mae Brewer and they had 4 boys and 1 girl (my mother) Marie Spivey McManus. My mom told me that my grandfather owned Spivey Mill and then traded it for something to his brother Edward Spivey. My grandfather had a lot of siblings but I don't have much to go on. Did your Edward Spivey have brothers John Dewey Casey as well as a sister named "Nic"? If so, THEN WE ARE RELATED. I mentioned Bear Swamp Baptist church to my mother and she said that's where everyone went back then. Write back. I'm waiting in anticipation! :)

We are COUSINS Sharon!!!

Donna-Marie Mills (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jan 2001 2:27PM GMT
I just got off the phone with my mother and ran down some of the names you mentioned and we are cousins. Your dad is my mom's 1st cousin!!! She even has a picture of him. He had curly blond hair and his brother was named Aubrey! I believe they were close to my uncle Clyde Spivey. Johnny Dewey Spivey was my grandfather. My mom was the only girl along with 5 boys (Clyde, Robert, Clifford, Howard and Vic. I would love to have some of the information you have on the family. You apparently have found out much more than I have (i've just started). This is so exciting isn't it!

Donna (Spivey's) Cousins

Sharon (View posts)
Posted: 3 Jan 2001 4:34PM GMT
Donna, It is very exciting to find you at this web-site..Donna, what is your mother's name? Yes, my father and Aubrey , had curly blonde hair....There is Bryant(W.E.) Spivey, Edward, Edwin, David(Deceased), Camilla.(only one girl), Gene, Aubrey...Their father was Edward Manila ...Edward's father was Isaac..Rumor has it, that a Spivey Reunion is in the making..Is that true..I live in Columbia, South Carolina...You can E-Mail me at Hope to hear from you soon...Sincerely, Sharon.....

Spivey's in NC

Posted: 29 Jan 2001 6:58PM GMT
Edited: 29 Sep 2002 5:24PM GMT
We they in Moore Co., NC area?

Spivey Connection

Posted: 14 Mar 2001 1:20PM GMT
Edited: 4 Jul 2003 2:27AM GMT
My grandfather was George Ford Spivey. His father was D.E. (Edward) Spivey. His wife was Mary Bullock. I am just beginning to search my family tree. Any information will be appreciated. I would love to find out about D.E. and how many children he had. he and his wife are buried at Bear Swamp Cemetary in Lake View.

Spivey- Brewer

Posted: 4 Apr 2001 8:20PM GMT
Edited: 27 Jun 2003 9:49PM GMT
strange my Grandfather was Coleman Spivey my Grandmother Was Martha Brewer Jackson,co. Ky.

spivey connection

Posted: 3 May 2001 4:35PM GMT
Edited: 4 Jul 2003 2:27AM GMT
my great grandfather was D.E. (edward) Spivey. He married Mary Bullock. they are buried in the Bear Swamp cemetary in Lake View, S.C. my grandfather was george ford spivey and my father was edward martin spivey. i do not know anything about my father's family. his father died before i was born and daddy didn't know his grandfather. the only thing he knew was that he was named after him. do you think we could be in the same family. thanks, janet
Posted: 19 May 2001 3:25PM GMT
Edited: 29 Sep 2002 5:24PM GMT
Do you know the names of your grandfather's brothers you mentioned in NC or where in NC they were located?
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