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Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 19 Mar 2009 11:48AM GMT
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Laba diena.

I thought I would post the surnames and places I am researching in order to see if we all can benefit from pooling our information resources. The surnames I am
researching include:


Locations include:

Gudeliai (Preinu r. sav.)
Zubelai (S^irvintu r. sav.)

Hartford, Connecticut
Kulpmont, Pennsylvania
Manchester, Connecticut
Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
New Britain, Connecticut
Rockville, Connecticut
South Chicago, Illinois

Let me know if there's any matches of interests.

Tom S.

Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 5 Apr 2009 3:03AM GMT
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Edited: 5 Apr 2009 4:50PM GMT
Surnames: Zwycewicz, Dobozinska
My grandfather, Frank Zwycewicz, was born in Skaruliai in 1890. He immigrated to New York in 1913. His parents stayed in Lithuania and were named Henry Zwycewicz and Barbara Dobozinska. I have just begun to research and have no more information.

John S.

Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 6 Apr 2009 2:02AM GMT
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Edited: 6 Apr 2009 7:42PM GMT
How can I help you in South Chicago? What exactly are you hunting for?

Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 6 Apr 2009 12:32PM GMT
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Edited: 6 Apr 2009 7:44PM GMT
Surnames: Steponavicius, Steponaitis, Baltramonaitis, Buckler, Manakas
Thanks for the response.

My grandfather's sister and her family emigrated from Lithuania and settled in South Chicago. Her name was Agota Steponavicius/Steponaitis and her husband's name was Jonas Baltramonaitis.

I found Jonas's Declaration of Intent info on the Cook County website. It said he was a ship builder at the Chicago Ship Building Company.

His wife, Agota, died of a miscarriage at Cook County Hospital in 1916 and I got her death certificate via the on-line Cook County Clerk website. They had a son (Kazys) born in 1913 in Chicago but those births are not yet on line so I may need to write for it.

Some time after 1920, the father (Jonas Baltramonaitis) took the son and an older daughter back to Virbalis, Lithuania, to live.

I found a displaced person (DP) record for Kazys indicating that he had fled Lithuania and made it to an American DP camp in Germany in July 1945. His registration card said he was born in Chicago and that he didn't want to return to Lithuania while the Communists were still there. The notation at the bottom of the DP card said he was turned back to the Russians on 15 Aug 1945. Looks like no one believed his claim of U.S. citizenship.

Jonas also had two sisters that also emigrated and settled in South Chicago.

Jonas Baltramonaitis arrived 28 May 1905 in Quebec aboard SS Lake Michigan which sailed from Antwerp, Belgium on 16 May 1905 - headed to brother-in-law (Jacob Buckler) in S. Chicago

1905-1907 - Jonas Baltramonaitis resides in S. Chicago - per 9 October 1909 EIDB entry 9Jonas returned a second time)
For the 1910 Cenus, Jonas was living with his sister Ann/Ona and her husband, Jacob Buckler at:

ED 460, Sheet 3A, Lines 31-39 - taken 25 April 1910 - Ward 8
8634 Baltimore Avenue, Chicago IL

In 1911 my grandfather arrived at Ellis island and was headed to Jonas Baltramonaitis at 8929 S. Escabana Avenue, Chicago

For the 1920 Census, Jonas was with Agota Manakas and her husband Alex at:

1920 Census taken 19 & 21 January 1920 by Rosalie ????,
ED 511, Sheet 13B, Lines 75-80
8730 S. Commercial Street, Chicago IL - Ward 8

What's a mystery to me is that there is no entry for his two children (Kazys - born 1913 and Marija - born 1910 in Lithuania). I don't know if they had already gone back to Lithuania or were living with other relatives in the U.S.

So are you in the Chicago area?


Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 6 Apr 2009 12:35PM GMT
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Thanks for responding.

I have been to Skaruliai twice. Sadly, it no longer exists as a village since it is right nexct to the largest chemical plany in Lithuania, Achema. The last around the plant was bought up for health/environmental rerasons.

The church is still there, St. Ann's. It was built in 1622 and survived all the wars. Someone was able to find a record for the baptism of my ggrandfather there in 1862.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Tom S.

Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 18 Apr 2009 11:27AM GMT
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Hi Tom

I am looking at my great grandparents

Joseph Ilgunas 1877-1942 and Magdalen Kalwinski 1881-1940
possibly originating from Klaipeda or Suvalk.

Joseph is said to have had brothers and sisters living in the States but I have no record of their names.
I have found records to show that he landed in New York in 1899 aged 22 and his return to Glasgow in 1900 Aged 16, my impression being he failed to make his fortune and couldn't afford the adult return fare.

They married in Scotland in 1901 and produced a family of 14.

I have found both sets of parents names from the death certificates,which makes my GG grandparents
Joseph Ilgunas married to Elzbeta Astrauskas
Antanas Kudlinskas married to Elzbieta Lipsciute

Any tips on how to proceed

Thanks Scott

Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 18 Apr 2009 3:25PM GMT
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Thanks for replying.

The Ilgunas names that I have records for originated from the area around Marijampole, Lithuania. That area was part of the Suwalki/Suvalkija gubernia (Russian for "province" during Russia's occupation of Lithuania from 1795 to 1918.

During that time Klaipeda/Memel would have been under Prussian/German occupation.

What is the source of your info that gives "Klaipeda or Suvalk" as possible places of origin?

I will check my records to see if there are any entries for Joseph/Juozas.

I'd suggest getting the church marriage records of the 1901 marriage to see if it lists more info about their parents and where they might have originated from.

I also see there's another Josef Ilgunas arriving in New York City from Liverpool (age 26) on May 22, 1904. His last foreign residence was "Middlesbro(sp?)".

Hope this helps as a starting point.

Tom S.

Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 18 Apr 2009 5:59PM GMT
Classification: Query

One of my fathers cousins, Joe Gilgunn (his father Daniel changed the family name) recalls "Klaipeda or Suvalk" as places discussed.

His sister Therese has the followng to say
"All I know is that our grandparents came from Klaipeda which is on the Baltic coast, grandma Ilgunas was either Prussian or from a Prussian background her maiden name was Kudlinskas I am not sure if that is the correct spelling. I went to Klaipeda 15 years ago (1993) to try and trace relatives but unsuccessful."

I've spotted the other Josef from Middlesborough and am trying to find a link, another cousin of my fathers has some information placing the family in Middlesborough at the turn of the century (1900)

Guess I just need to keep plugging away at talking with the cousins, aunts an uncles, I seem to find out a little more each day.

Thanks for your time and help


Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 18 Apr 2009 6:47PM GMT
Classification: Query

Let's stay in touch about regarding the Ilgunas line. I'll check my other info while you search the UK records.

Let me know if the church marriage records yield anything.

I was in Lithuania in 2008 and met one of my second cousins who is an Ilgunas (sadly, he died just a few months after I met him). I believe his father had settled around the Virbalis area which is just 3 miles from what was the German border.

Good hunting.

Tom S.

Re: Anyone researching These Surnames & Places?

Posted: 18 Apr 2009 7:52PM GMT
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Thanks again for your help, to be honest i've probably read most of your posts during the last 6 months since starting to compile this family tree, it seems to me that the only people researching the name are you, me and Daina, who I have been in contact with.

Maybe, if I can escape past Scotland, we may find a family link in Lithuania

stay in touch

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