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Posted: 17 Mar 2000 7:14AM GMT
Edited: 12 Apr 2005 6:55PM GMT
I am searching for my ancestors. My grandfather was Michael Uhrin. He came over from the old country thru Ellis Island in 1904. He married Margaret Erdek in New Jersey and they lived in Pennsylvania. My grandfather had a brother named George who lived in New Jersey I believe.

Anna Uhrin

Posted: 27 Oct 2000 5:10PM GMT
Edited: 6 Sep 2001 5:58AM GMT
My great-grandmother was Anna Uhrin, b. April, 1975. Married to George Vuksta. Both were living in Pittsburgh in 1900 Census. Any connection, sibling, parentage information would be appreciated.

Ron in California


Pat Derrow (View posts)
Posted: 10 Nov 2000 4:05PM GMT
My grandfather Mike Uhrin, b, November, 1891, had a brother named George who lived in New York. I do not know of any sisters at this time. Mike was from Austria-Hungary and came over on boat in 1904 or 06. Mike lived in Sagamore, PA till his death in 1965. I am attempting to locate relatives of George Uhrin who may shed some light on siblings. Pat in Indiana

Uhrin Surname

Posted: 27 Apr 2001 8:10PM GMT
Edited: 24 Sep 2001 2:05AM GMT
My Grandfather, Paul Uhrin (1890-1981), from Uzharod, Austria-Hungary, is the son of Paul Uhrin (first wife, Elizabeth Zeros [1869-1901]) and the grandson of Mike Uhrin. Paul Uhrin, Sr. had a brother, Mike. Mike had a son, Mike, Jr.(Carteret, NJ). Mike had three children, George, Mike and Anna. George I think had four sons: Mike (1920-2000), John, George (Linden, NJ), ?; and two daughters: Mary Niemiec, Anna Maldanis (Colonia, NJ)

Paul Uhrin, Sr. had three sons by his second wife: Mike, Paul and George.

I am trying to fill in the blanks also.
Posted: 4 May 2001 6:30AM GMT
Edited: 15 Nov 2001 2:30PM GMT
It looks like George and Mike may have had a sister Anna. I'm Pat's daughter. Read Elizabeth's message.
Posted: 4 May 2001 6:57AM GMT
Edited: 15 Nov 2001 2:30PM GMT
Hi, I;m Pat's daughter.I'm confused on how many generations of Mikes there are. Your gggrandfather Mike had Paul and Mike.You descend from Paul. Did that Mike have Mike who had Mike, George and Anna,or did Pauls's brother Mike have Mike,George,Anna?The George that had 6 children is his wife Julia?Thanks
Posted: 6 May 2001 8:13PM GMT
Edited: 24 Sep 2001 2:05AM GMT
You were right the first time. That's why I numbered them. My gggrandfather was Mike I. He had four childen, Paul (my great grandfather), Mike II, Elizabeth and a female. Mike II had one son, Mike III. Mike III had three children, George, Mike IV (your mother's grandfather) and Anna.
Posted: 6 May 2001 8:20PM GMT
Edited: 24 Sep 2001 2:05AM GMT
I don't have a name for George's wife, and I am not sure if they had five or six children.

George's son, Mike

Posted: 6 May 2001 8:30PM GMT
Edited: 24 Sep 2001 2:05AM GMT
I have the obituary for Mike who died 4/28/2000, at age 80. According to the obituary he had only four sibblings, John, George, Mary and Anna.

Above three messages

Posted: 6 May 2001 8:38PM GMT
Edited: 24 Sep 2001 2:05AM GMT
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