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Wellons family name

Wellons family name

Kathi (View posts)
Posted: 20 Dec 1999 8:32AM GMT
My aunt's middle name was Wellons. I wonder about a connection. Below is listed the family history. At the bottom of the page is listed Lelia Wellons High. I know that my family has a history of using old family names for middle names. Does anyone know of this connection?
Hattie Lee Cole
Junuis L. Cole b. 12-19-1860
Joseph L. Cole b. 8-13-1862
Euretta E. Cole b. 2-18-1867
Aurell Pendleton O'Kelly Cole b. 7-26-1869
Mary Sue Cole b. 4-1-1871 (There is a notation here by Mom: It reads
"Aunt Mattie"
William C. Cole b. 12-26-1873
Eugenia P. Cole b. 5-25 (no year)
She then Lists "children" with an arrow pointing to the above list,
however it does not say whose children. The arrow points directly at
Eugenia, but could be children of all of the above.
Joseph Benson Cole b. 12-21-1831
married Mary Jane Hearndon b. 1-29-1838
Joseph and Mary married 1-29-1858
by John R. Holt, minister

ok, here is the connection...My grandmother's maiden name was High. The
Coles married into the High family. Listed below is the connection.
Columbus Anderson High b. 7-18-1866
married Hattie Lee Cole b. 2-18-1866
They married 12-18-1889
They were married by a Patric Massey

Their Children include my Grandmother, Iola Mae High (married a Hall)
Herbert Olive High b. 2-19-1891
Iola Mae High b. 4-11-1896
****Lelia Wellons High b. 7-26-1899***
Mary Frances High b. -3-2-1903

Do you know anything about the High family. If so, do you know where the
Wellons name originated?

Again, thanks for your help. Let me know.

wellons line

Cheryl (View posts)
Posted: 21 Dec 1999 4:55PM GMT
Hi kathi, im a direct line of the Wellons. My dad was Jeffery Warren Wellons, his father was Thomas Wellons, etc.... I have noticed that some have middle names as family names. Such as William Townsend Wellons, Townsend was the last name of his mothers fathers last name, I think.
Junius (name) is in my line also, he was my great great grandfather. I think we are of the same line. There are not many Junius around i dont think. Write back and maybe we can help each other! Thanks!

I dont know anything about the Coles, Sorry!

Cheryl Wellons (originally from Salem, VA)


Bill Facenda (View posts)
Posted: 24 Feb 2000 12:23PM GMT
Hi Cheryl and Loretta. I ran across your postings
for the Wellons line. The Junius you speak of
is my grandmothers dad. I am in Cheaspeake, Va close
to where they started. My file goes back to Wilson.
I didn't know how to do a direct e-mail to you

Junius all the way to Wilson

Cheryl (View posts)
Posted: 3 Mar 2000 2:19PM GMT
Yep thats the one. I have most everything as far back as Wilson but thats where it ends. If you know anything about Edith Odell Upton and her father Paul and mother Ruth please email me at Thanks so very much and if you need any files ask in my email and i'll try to get thm for you.

Wellons Family

Phyllis Wellons- Campos (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jun 2000 3:40PM GMT
My maiden name is Wellons. My father is Robert Odell Wellons and his father was Joseph Wellons. Most of my family is from Arkansas and Chicago area. My father had a brother "Julius" Wellons in Arkansas, sisters Helen and Velma and another brother, Eugene. My grandmothers maiden name is Mary Robertson.

wellons in the civil war

gene wellons (View posts)
Posted: 8 Sep 2000 6:04PM GMT
looking for any wellons who served in the
confederate army. my gg grandfather was erastus wellons from goldsboro, n.c.. he
served in co. k of the 66th n.c infantry.

Wellons in Civil War

Jessica Wellons Williams (View posts)
Posted: 9 Sep 2000 4:32PM GMT
Hello, the name Erastus Wellons was familiar to me from my family tree. If he was the son of Westley Freeman Wellons, I am descended from his brother, Larkin Monroe Wellons. I am curious to know if this is the same person???? Also, the only other entry I have on this family tree re: The Civil War was Charles Enoch Wellons b.1842 d.1862 (Battle of Shiloh). This was one of Larkin Monroe Wellons' sons. Not sure at all how accurate this is because I have been to Shiloh and cannot find any records, etc? Please let me know if any of these names are familiar?
Jessica W. Williams
Collierville, TN

Jeff Kevin Wellons

Posted: 15 Apr 2001 12:35PM GMT
Edited: 12 Jul 2001 5:25PM GMT
Your dad and my husband are first cousins. Drop me a line. Maybe there are some blanks you still have. I know I have blanks on Jeff and his family. Your Aunt Bonnie told me she had given you info that I had compiled and given to your two uncles. If I can help let me know. We're listed in the Roanoke Valley phone book or just ask one of your Uncles.
Soule' Wellons

Re: Wellons family name

Posted: 30 Jun 2001 1:08PM GMT
where is you family from ???
(wellons/high/cole ???)

Re: Wellons family name

JUDY (View posts)
Posted: 14 Jun 2006 3:27AM GMT
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