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Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Posted: 8 Mar 2005 1:01PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 9 Jul 2005 3:16PM GMT
Surnames: Pennington Gap WWll listings scrapbook
Here is a list of the names in the WWll Pennington Gap scrapbook. There are 396 listings....some names are duplicates but the article IS NOT. If an explaination of a 'note' after a names is needed, just ask me.

I hope this helps family researchers.

Adams, C.W. Jr aka "BOY"
Adams, Edward G. Brother TERRY C. ( West Point )
Adams, Eva Ruth
Adkins, Benjamin S. wife Addie Osborne Parents SKEGGS
Allen, Paul E.
Anderson, Lawrence T.
Anderson, Loyd Lawson brothers HUGH D and HENRY JESS
Arnold, Carl L.
Arnold, John Brent
Arnold2nd, Carl L.
Bailey, Clifford
Baker,Hayden son born
Ball, Clifford E., O.F, J. Kelly, Robert N. ( brothers )
Ball, J. Kelly ( principal )
Barker, Aubrey T., P.J.,Arthur,Oscar brothers
Barker, Fred
Barker,Palmer J., Oscar L., Arthur W. brothers
Bartley, Garland R.
Barton,Carl H.
Bays,Austin D.
Benfield, Fred wants to free POW brother Paul
Benfield, Fred another article
Benfield, Paul S. telegram of POW release
Bess, James E. B-29 crew photo
Biggs, Clyde
Blackwell, Richard B ( Annapolis )
Blankenship,Paul E. wife Faye Calton
Bledsoe, C.W. Jr
Bledsoe,Dillas H brotherof C.W.
Boatright, Charles L.
Brewer,Hobart brother Edgar E.
Brooks, Curtis C.
Brooks, Curtis C.2nd met Hubert Ty Brooks after surrender
Bruce, Jack wife Oneida WILLIS
Brummett, Walter
Brummett,Lionel C.
Brummitt,Lionel C.
Bryant, Wm L. Aka Loyd
Burchette George E.
Burden, Wayman E. ( photo of him getting PH )
Burgan, Charles E.
Burgan, Eulis
Burgan, Virgil
Burgan,Billy R.
Burke, William B.
Bush, Clarence THUNDER BIRDS
Carroll, Clifford W.
Carroll, WM E
Carter, James R.
Carter, James V aka Hall, Buster lived with Hall A&A
Carter, Perry Jr. details of marker of KIA in GUAM
Carter,Elijah C.
Chadwell, Joseph Jr
Clark, Eugene
Clark, Harold brother of EUGENE
Clark,Eugene (LPOW)
Clawson, Alonzo brother Norman
Clawson, Patton W. wife Stella McConnell son Larry
Cobb, Roy V.
Cobb, Thomas M.
Coffman,Lee McKay
Coffman,Paul,Earl E.,Hubert J ( Roberts ) step bro.
Coldiron, Henry C. Jr.
Coldiron2nd KIA ( accident ) letter to wife before
Collier,Jack 4 India
Collins,Elton "SHEIK" BB
Collins,WM. Fred
Cooney, Patric "Harold" wife Iris HUGHES
Copeland, Alvin L.
Couk, Robert A. ( wedding ) Virginia R. ( Mickey ) Greene
Cox, Charles A.
Cox, Donald L. Wife Billie Daugherty
Cress, Oscar parents: O.Z. Cress and buddy Baker
Crowell, Rpbert P.
Daugherty, Walter B.
Daugherty,George wedding bride TRESA WILSON
David, Elmo Dillon
David, Hugh W.
Davis, Claude C.
Davis,W.R. b-I-l Howard BUSH & W G Higginson
Denny,Harold marriage Margaret WYNN
Driskill, George W.
Duncan, E.F. Jr
Dye, Ernest M.
Edens, John R.
Edwards,Isaac S. buddie Willis Clarence
Eisenhower, son photo
Eldridge,James H.
Elkins, H.F. Dwight
Elkins, Ronald O.
Ely, Eugene
Ely, John N.
Ely, Southgate
Ely,A.J. Jr
Ely2nd, John
Engle, Phillip D. sis: Audrey, Pat Denton --M&M Oval Engle
Engle2nd,Phillip D.
Estep, James W.
Fannon,Harold C.
Flanary, Ballard S.
Flanary,Harry E.
Flanary,Woodrow wife Anna Lee Boy
Flanary2nd, Ballard M & William R.
Foster,Salty BB
Fugate, Harry M.
Fugate,Clyde M life home of 4
Galbraith, J.W.Jr brother James J.
Garber, Fred C.
Garrett, Roy H.
Garrett,Hugh L.
Gibbs, Joseph
Gibson, Baylor P. Jr
Gilbert, Harold G.
Gilbert, James M.
Gilbert, WM A. ( wedding)
Gilley, Walter/brother Maurice
Gilliam Dudley & wife
Glass, Ernest H.
Goins,Bill Jr widow Mildred Reasor brother Denver
Grable, Rex Harding
Graham, Claude sister Mrs. O.E.Willis
Graham,Dillard L.
Graham2nd, Claude sis O.E. Willis
Green, Ardath Jo
Green,Robert J.
Greer, Frank J.
Gregory, Alonzo V. AKA "BILL"
Hale, Sydney Clay
Hall, Clyde 7 kids
Hall, Harold mentions brother Forrest
Hall, Rex
Hall,Jack E.
Halstead, E.R. Jr. /daughter Sammie Rhea
Hamm, Wm.
Hamm, Wm.(LPOW)
Hamm2nd, Wm.
Hammonds, Hubert
Hammonds, Hubert
Hammonds, Marrison parents: W.M s-I-L Luther Davis & 4 grandsons serving
Hammonds,Glenn, Carol, ( father (WWl) s-I-l Huff Carl
Hampton, L.P. Moms day greeting
Hampton, L.Paul married in ENGLAND
Harris, Joe S.
Hawks, Frank M.
Hedgecoth, Kenneth Freeman ( brother )
Helbert, Wm. Carl wife Reba Hickam
Henderson, Charles H
Hensley, Glenn BB
Hines,Walter R.
Hobbs, Murphy
Hobbs,Clyde ( LPOW)
Holman,Conn BB
Hounshell, J. B. Wife Gaynelle Penley
Housley, Tom
Housley,J.R. Jr wife Fern Kelly
Housley2nd, Tom brother J R JR
Howard,Willie ( Bill ) wife Nina Hedrick
Hubbard, Wilburne
Huff, Carl s-I-l of Hammonds
Huff, Junior H. son not seen BARRY wife: Gladys Parsons
Hughes, Robert ILLINOIS heaviest
Hurd, A.H. Jr
Hurd, Kyle wife Gladys Tonker Hurd
Ingle, Oscar R.
Irvin, Clifford Mr & Mrs
Irvin,Clifford wife parents Arthur Jones ( new son )
Jackson, Quenton MRS. Former Mozetta Bellamy
Jensen, Ed
Johns, Mike Jr. wife Virginia Hall
Johnson, Lyle F --son Harold Franklin
Johnson,Claude M.
Johnston, Earl C.
Johnston, Fred E.
Jones, Anlie E.
Jones, Charlie E. Wife Mary McConnell
Jones, W.C. ( LPOW)
Jones, W.I. Jr "Billy"
Jones,W.C. ( Iowa?)
Kelly,Orville P.
Kennedy, Eugene lived with a&a W.P. Calton
Keys, Clarence E.
King,Wm. L. ( Billy )
Kinney, Earl E. sister Vivian RAY
Kinser, Homer
Kirk, Stanley son
Kirk2nd,Stanley and Chester met France
Lambert brothers Dainer C,Gay,Warren,Ben
Lambert,Ben H wife Flossie Price
Langley, Alfred
Langley, Emory A.
Laningham, Bill B.
Laningham, John Wynn wife: Betty Rosenbaum
Lawson, Lucius sister Mrs. T R Clark dedication wrote
Ledford, McGarvie
Lewis, Marion D.
Lewis, Neal W. sister H.T. Elliott
Lewis, Smith
Lewis2nd, Smith
Liberated POW's WW Livesay,WC Jones,Andy Stanley,Clyde Hobbs,Eugene Clark,WHamm
Light,Kenneth E. Lived with Pearl ZION ( Mrs. )
Like, Clyde
Lipps,Wm D.
Litton BB
Litton, Harry Y & Jack D. Met overseas
Litton,John brothers Bradley and Lester
Livesay, Wayne W.
Livesay,W.W ( LPOW )
Livingston, Gerald
Lyttle, Damon wife Iva Hedrick daughter Joyce Ann
Marcum, Peter W., Homer, Dainer brothers
Marsee,Marl E.
Martin, C.H.
Martin,Fred E.
Maxfield, Harold E.
McCracken, Walter
McElyea, Truman E. and Hobart I.
McFarland J.E. St Peter's Tomb
Middleton, Talmadge
Middleton, Virgil
Miners BB TEAM 1945
Moore,Gilmer A. twin Axley G bro. Roma I inc.James Edmond
Moore,James Eubank
Moore,Nathaniel M wife Rebecca Grabeel
Morley,Joe B.
Mosley, Charles E. brother Roy M.
Mosley, Roy M.
Mosley,Ray V.
Mullins, Kermit L.
Mullins, Quinten F
Musick,Lawrence A. Son born, Patton etc.
Musick2nd, Lawrence, E.J.,Holly F., Warren G. brothers
Myers, Roller T.
Myers,Clyde life home of 4
Napier, Robert
Napier,Lawrence/Clarence( twins),Tunis married Anna Lou Garrett
Necessary, Gerald A.
Necessary, Harold L. Twin of Gerald
Neff, J.O. wife Virginia Jones
Neff,David R.,James E.,Jeff
Oaks, Robert W.
Oaks,Legette life home of 4
Oaks,Paul brother Charles B.
Olinger, Billy
Oliver, Clifford /wife/son Clifford Douglas
Osborne, E.M.( NIEL ) ZOE brother and sis serving
Osborne, John E.
Osborne,George wife Anna Mae Williams
Osborne,Robert C. With MCCONNELL daugh. Carol Sue
Pannell,Dame BB
Parkey, Daine O. ( twin of Dennis )
Parkey2nd, Daine
Parks, L.C.
Parsons, Arnold O.
Parsons, Edward daughter Thelma Kay
Parsons, Eugene P:M&M Robert Stapleton/M&M Rhea Parsons
Parsons, Harold L.
Parsons, Hershel ( promoted )
Parsons,Charles C sis's Mrs JC Stapleton/Mrs.Lora Wynn
Parsons,Hershell record flight
Parsons,William E.
Pendergraft, Charles T.
Pennington, Clyde L.
Pennington, Jay R.
Pennington,Ess BB
Pochodzay, Marx Dayton 17 years old
Poe,Charlie brothers Clyde, Earl
Pope,Hack BB
Poteet, Samuel
Powell Valley News 1/25/45 4 pgs.
Price, Davis N (parents SMALLWOOD )
Province, James Ray
Rasnic, Emmet Tyler
Rasnic,E.T. Brothers R.S. & Carl J.
Rasnic,Ralph S. and Emmette Tyler, Carl Jacob
Ray,Innes C.
Reasor, Carl E.
Reasor,Jackson E.
Rhea,John life home of 4
Rhodes, Charles ( Sandy ) W.
Riddle, Carl J.
Rivers, Earl F.
Robbins, Hagan G.
Robbins,Carl B Jr Buford F brothers
Roberts, Hubert J. step of Coffmans
Roberts, Lewis B. Include wife/daughter
Rogers, Eugene R.
Rogers,Dearl(?) POW died brother of Jasmes and Robert L
Rogers,James I
Rowlette, F.B. wife Edith KING
Rutherford, Harold
Rutherford, Roy Only brother Harold KIA
Rutherford,Ray Carl
Sage,Kermit Q.
Sage,Ralph D.
Salley, James Jr.
Salley, Robert Jack brother Bill serving
Satterfield, Robert L.,Lewsi H.,Willard K.
Scott,Pearl BB
Sewell,Winston G and David C lll
Sexton, Campbell R.
Shelburne, Jimmy BB
Shelburne,Billy S.
Shelton, James R. Buford P. GP's: Walter A Arnold
Shepherd, Jasper Paul
Shuler, George V.
Skidmore, Bobby W.
Skidmore, Virlin "Buddy" Fiancee Clara Olinger
Skiles,Red BB
Slemp, Vivian P. Sent PH
Smith, Garvie T. MOM Martha COX
Smith, Pearlie E. Letter to editor
Smith, Rando Lee
Smith,Carnell married Virginia Johnson
Smith,Edgar M aka Jack HUGHES 4 India
Smyth, Lee S.
Smyth/Smith, Edgar M.
Smyth/Smith, Edgar M.aka HUGHES, Jack ( adopted )
Sprinkle, Jack
Stallard,Herman BB
Stanley,Andy ( LPOW)
Stapleton, LeRoy E.
Stapleton, Ted "KING TUT" BB
Stevens, James W. ( marriage )
Stewart, Chilton
Stewart, WM. R.
Sturgil, Ray E. Wife Peggy HALL
Sullivan 2nd, five brothers
Sullivan, five brothers
Surber, Howard
Sutphin, Hubert J. /wife Carrie Lu Smith
Sutton, Bob A.
Sword, Burleson
Terry, Leslie wife Marion Lee HINES
Thomas, Floyd Eugene 17 years old
Thomas, George
Thomas, K.J. Wm. W. WM. Sent home PH
Thomas,William W.
Thompson, Howard L.
Thompson, M.J.
Tiller,Tom 4 India
Tomlinson,Billy G.
Tonker, Everette C.
Trigg, Louis wife Vera Barker
Tritt, WM E. ( Billy )
VanDeventeur J.B. 4 India
Wacks, Virgil Q.
Wacks,Virgil Q. BB
Walker,Red BB
Wallen, Fred K.
Ward, WM H.SR. Wife Elizabeth MILLION
Ward,Billy J.
Warf,Joe E.
Warner, Sherman A.
Warsham, Clarence wife Hester Haynes
Watkins,Griffith Z. Wife Mossie Garrett baby Mary Patricia
Weatherly, Charles W.
Wheeler, Herbert M.
Wheeler,Herbert M.
Wilcox,James E.
Williams, Clarence aka "TETE" 1 of 4 serving
Williams, Glen M.
Williams, H.M. Brother Glen
Williams, Jack E.
Williams, James I.
Williams, Pete brother Carl
Williams,Jack E.
Willis, Kenneth mother Cora STIPES
Woods, Henry
Wooliver,Charley BB
Wynn, Browning /sister Mary
Yeary,Ralph MIA with buddy ZION, Wm A.
Yeary,Zenis R.
Yoakum, Donald D.
Yost, James ( age 15 )
Young, Tyler J.
Young2nd, Tyler J
Zion ( OTT ) WM A change status
Zion, WM A. MIA with Yeary, Ralph

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Jo (View posts)
Posted: 8 Mar 2005 11:25PM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks for all your work. A GREAT job and much appreciated. However this is not a complete list as five (5) of my family is left off and my neighbor's dad is not listed. I thought you would like to know. Thanks again .

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Posted: 9 Mar 2005 10:52AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 9 Jul 2005 3:16PM GMT
Surnames: Pennington Gap

RE: >>
However this is not a complete list as five (5) of my family is left off and my neighbor's dad is not listed. I thought you would like to know. <<

Thank you for the input. I know nothing of the Pennington Gap area nor the people who lived/live there. I was most touched by what I read about them and of course very moved to see their very young faces.

I listed what is in the scrapbook. I have no idea how long or from what sources that the lady who ( lovingly ) created the scrapbook found the articles. Never the less, it is an important/valued documentation of many who served from the Pennington Gap area. I hope many families do find their ancestors on the listing.

Once again thank you for the input.

All my best,

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

shirley (View posts)
Posted: 12 Mar 2005 10:02PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi, is this scrapbook in the lee co library? thanks for any help...shirley

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Posted: 14 Mar 2005 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 9 Jul 2005 3:16PM GMT
Surnames: WWll Pennington Gap
At present the scrapbook is in the possession of a lady who is very involved with Pennington Gap history and of course families. It was always my intention that the scrapbook would be preserved either in a library or town clerks office.
( Not in MA but in VA, of course ) :-)
This lady has told me that it will eventually be in the library. At present she is sorting thru all the articles / photos documenting the surnames etc of these very young, brave, proud men and women.
I am passing your email on to her.
Have a good day.

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

shirley (View posts)
Posted: 14 Mar 2005 12:43PM GMT
Classification: Query
thanks....the burke and oaks are in my family line..

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Posted: 15 Mar 2005 12:36PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bays, Burgan, Hall, Sprinkle
Are copies of the articles that mention these soldiers from World War II available in some manner?

A number of the young men named are related to my wife, and we would love to be able to have transcriptions, photocopies or scanned copies of the articles that name them.

Is this possible? We would be more than willing to pay for the cost of the copies.

Thank you.

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Posted: 15 Mar 2005 1:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 9 Jul 2005 3:16PM GMT

I have given the scrapbook to a lady who is from the Pennington Gap area.

I know what a treasure it is. It belongs in VA and not in MA.

It should be used to help people such as yourself. It should be preserved. That is what this lady will be/is doing. In time, it will be donated to a library.....that was my personal intent all along.

I have sent your message on to the lady who now has possession of the scrapbook. I am sure she will get back to you. Just have some patience, please....last week she/they had a death in the family.

All my best....

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Norma S. (View posts)
Posted: 15 Mar 2005 11:08PM GMT
Classification: Query
This scrapbook is truly a treasure but not more so than Patty, the lady who rescued it. She was wonderful to let this scrapbook find it's way back home.
It is now in my possession and I am in the process of trying to organize and scan. This will take quite a bit of time ( I work full-time and am involved in other activities). When all information is collected, it will be donated to the Pennington Gap Library.
In the meantime, I will be happy to do look-ups and send scanned articles by email. There will no charge for scanned articles.
The scrapbook does not list all the names of those who served from Lee County. It is just a collection that one woman kept.
Click on my name with this message and you will see my email address. Please put WWII scrapbook in the subject line. I hope that this will be of some help to you.

Re: Pennington Gap scrapbook ( WWll) NAMES

Posted: 5 Feb 2009 5:59PM GMT
Classification: Query
Dear Ms. Mielke, I am reseraching the deaths of US army personnel in the UK in WWII. One of the names I have is Pvt. Henry C. Coldiron Jr, of Virginia. I see he is on your list, with mention of a letter he wrote b efore his accident. I would be most grateful for a ny information you can give me. In particular, I need to know the name of his unit in the US army, and the date of his death, in order to fit him in to the chronology of the whole US presence in the UK in WW II. With best wishes, Nigel Lewis (I am in London, England).
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