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Family Register-Document

Posted: 28 Dec 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Bible
Edited: 23 Jun 2001 7:54PM GMT
Surnames: Bardwell
I forgot to have my Email noted, if you want a photo copy of the document, not the best but funtional, Email the request, also if your Surname is Bardwell and you have a geneology site, I am willing to donate the Document to you it is in very fagile shape, it's 150+ years old! Ink is fading and it is tattered. Note, I also have no other knowledge relating to Bardwell's family!


Beth A Austin (View posts)
Posted: 28 Dec 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Bible
Edited: 23 Jun 2001 3:32PM GMT
Surnames: Bardwell
Document Titled: FAMILY REGISTER, dated in the 1800's, family William Bardwell.

Purpose of the document, a parchment was used to record the family's vital statistics! The parchment was updated, framed and hung on the wall of the family's home! It contains 4 columns of information:

(Column #1) Family NAMES

(Column #2) Born, WHEN and WHERE

(Column #3) Married, WHEN, WHERE & BY WHOM

(Column #4) Died, WHEN AND WHERE

William Bardwell, B: 11/25/1803, D: 04/18/1888 Married: 09/14/1830 by Rev. K. Fleming (best guess)!
Savinia Cogswell, B: 11/16/1811 D: left blank, married in Otisco, Onondaga County, NY!
((( Note: Most have wife name as Lavinia Cogswell, should be Savinia Cogswell)))

William H. Bardwell, B: 08/22/1832, D: 08/27/1832 (Baby), Death noted in Otisco, NY
James S. Bardwell, B: 09/18/1833, D: 08/02/1854, Death noted in Otisco, NY
Mary Cardelia Bardwell, B: 04/14/1835, D: left blank, Married: 11/13/1856 by Rev. M. Pomeroy
Ann Emerett Bardwell, B: 06/16/1837, D: 01/02/1839, (child) Death noted in Otisco, NY
Harlington T. Bardwell, B: 10/09/1838, D: left blank, Married: 04/10/1875 in Syracuse, NY
Augusta M. Bardwell, B: 11/07/1840, D: left blank, Married: 04/02/1859 by Rev. M. Pomeroy
Frances E. Bardwell, B: 12/16/1842, D: 01/01/1858, Death noted in Otisco, NY
Gertrude T. Bardwell, B: 05/19/1846, D: left blank, Married: 11/07/1867 by Rev. A. K. Strong
Florence L. Bardwell, B: 11/05/1847, D: left blank

NOTE: ODD/No marriage spouses names were noted on the Family Register.

I have photo of the Document, if you have a Bardwell Geneology and If your surname is Bardwell, I am willing to give you this document, Contact me Eamil noted!

Re: Family Register-Document

Posted: 2 Nov 2001 1:08PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bardwell,Carpenter, Bostwick,
If possible still---I would like a copy of this parchment--My g g g grandfather was Orrin Ely Bardwell who was from Otisco,NY
He was born in 1805 first married to Arvilla Bostwick and then kezia Cooke.



Re: Family Register-Document

Posted: 3 Nov 2001 6:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 9 Mar 2002 6:52AM GMT
Surnames: Bardwell
Hi, Beth

If you contact me at my Email address:

First I'll send you a photo copy.

Then if you provide me your postal address, I'll mail that lovely 150 Year old document to your attention. My mother wants a family member to have it. You qualify.

I just wish you seen it when it was hanging on the wall in our former home's parlor at 1962 Preble Road, Preble, NY. When we moved into that huge house it was 100 years old year 1957 still had outside John and no inside plumbing, my father fixed that in a hurry!

I'll be waiting for your reply.

Re: Family Register-Document

Posted: 13 Oct 2012 9:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
My grandfather was named Maynard Sincebaugh, Ithaca NY. According to My Ancestry you made an entry correcting his name, because the census wrote it as Mainard. I would like to share info about the Sincebaugh family.

Jean Benward
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