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Any hint will help......

Any hint will help......

Posted: 13 Jan 2012 7:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Pindar, Pinder, Reed, Barker

I'm fairly new to this, and I'm trying to find information on my biological mother's side of my family. The trouble is, I have very little to go on. I think the easiest is to relay what I've been told and hope that someone recognises the story.

My Grandmother was Patricia Pindar (aka Pinder, Barker, Reed). She was born in Barbados around 1937 (I think) and died in Toronto in 1998 from Breast Cancer. She has a daughter (my mother) and a son still living in Toronto both fathered by Douglas Reed (beleived to be deceased also). I know that at some point my grandmother, mother and uncle lived in Oshawa, ON.

Her mother was Miriam Pindar (Pinder). She was born in 1908 (in Barbados, I beleive)and died in Toronto in 2000 of natural causes. To my knowledge she had two brothers. St. Clair Pindar who lived until he was 102 and also died in Toronto (can't remember when, but it was likely in the 1990's some time) and Oliver Pindar (who I only met once). I'm not 100% sure that uncle Oliver was her brother, it just the only conclusion I've been able to draw. St. Clair was Secretary of the Toronto United Negro Association in 1963.

I also know that Miriam Pindar was a servent to a married black man with the surname Barker in Barbados in the 1930's. She became his mistress and fell pregnant with Patricia.

My Grandmother and Great-Grandmother were of olive complexion, but definetely not black.

I know almost nothing about Douglas Reed, other than it's been said that he went "off the deep end" at some point and ended up in the Whitby Psychiatric Hospital. I also know that he was a Rosicrucion at that time. That would have been in the mid to late 1960's. I also heard a rumour that he started another family in Western Canada. I was told that he had died around the late 90's.

Does anyone have any information that might point me in a good direction?

Re: Any hint will help......

Posted: 13 Jan 2012 8:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
Am not related, but did find the following:

St. Clair Pindar, arrived in Canada aboard the SS Chignecto in September 1922 from Barbados; aged 30 years, married, a teacher by profession; going to assured employment as an accountant in Toronto; bound for a cousin, Richard Mungul(?), 26 Bellair Street, Toronto; gives his mother, Mrs. Constance Pindar, Culloden Road, Barbados, as his next of kin at home.

You should take the time to go through the archives of the Toronto Star where I'm sure you'll find references to the family, especially if St. Clair had a public post. It is freely accessible through many libraries (including the Toronto Public Library, among others), or you can obtain a fairly cheap subscription here:

Re: Any hint will help......

Posted: 15 Jan 2012 4:22PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi This comes from C31, The Toronto Star, Monday, October 21, 1991

Hope it helps. Good luck in your research!

Re: Any hint will help......

Posted: 17 Jan 2012 1:53AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thank you so much.

That is very helpful. I really appreciate it.

Re: Any hint will help......

Posted: 17 Jan 2012 1:55AM GMT
Classification: Query
Wow, That's fantastic. Thank you so much.

I will definetely take your advice.

Re: Any hint will help......

Posted: 24 Feb 2013 12:11AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Pindar
Hi Bluevelvetbutterfly I am your cousin living in California. I met you once a number of years ago in Toronto. It was a very short meeting, it was during a time when a baby shower was being held for your mother. I am also trying to research our family tree. My email is I would like very much to make contact with you,and maybe we could exchange phone numbers. I come to Toronto to visit a cousin, so on my next trip we could possibly get together. I might be able to shed some light on the family history.
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