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Family listed twice

Family listed twice

Posted: 5 Oct 2012 11:50PM GMT
Classification: Query
On the 1910 census I found an entire family listed twice. Once on page 8, and again on page 9. Anyone else ever seen this?

Indiana>Montgomery>Crawfordsville Ward 2> District 0171>

Re: Family listed twice

Posted: 6 Oct 2012 9:37AM GMT
Classification: Query
If the family was on the bottom of the page and it was to continue to the next page. Generally they just list the remaining people left and thats all you will find. I would imagine the only exception to the rule and this is guessing. The Census taker or the enumerator. Thought it to confusing and broughtthe whole family over; but I amsure if it was done. You will see some code on the page or look and see if there is more than one family duplicated. Then the whole page was duplicated.

I would definately check the entire page and that is both pages for any codes or markings in the margerine. I would also check very carefully the spelling of each name and concentrate on initials. It can be in the case of European names and the difference is whether it is "Sky" and SKI" and if the numerator made sure he wrote in the right one or made them all the same.

You find that is true when you find a last name ending in "y, i, e, c, s, &k. If they get the slightest misprint. You will swear they are the same people.

Re: Family listed twice

Posted: 6 Oct 2012 1:19PM GMT
Classification: Query
It's definitely a repeat, in the middle of the page, not carried over to the next page. A couple of other families were repeated as well, but not all of them.

On both pages 8 and 9 the house number and family number are the same. But on one page they transcribed the surname Jolley as "Jossey" and misspelled another first name. But it's a six-member family and all the names align, so it's definitely the same family.

Since there are no other markings in the margins, I guess we just have to chalk it up to human error. Whenever you have humans doing these things, errors are bound to happen.

Re: Family listed twice

Posted: 7 Oct 2012 5:24AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 7 Oct 2012 7:48PM GMT
We are not perfect; but remember when you point one finger. Two points back at you.

Is every name re-copied from the original page or just so many names. Don't count on it being a misprint unless you know for sure.

You have to look at the page at the very top and read from left to right as you look at it. (1.) Make sure it is the same state,county, city, same census date and year,and Enumerator. (2.) In the top right hand Corner as you look at it. That it is the same Page No., Sheet no, Enumerator District and Enumeration Date. You especialy want to look at the sheet No. and page no.. (3.) If all that is the same. Then it is a duplicate. (4.)If any of those are different. Then this is not a duplicate.

I am pretty sure of that. Especially the page numbers. If there is another Enumerator also that could mean he was the one who made the duplication. If it is a duplication.

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