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Posted: 15 May 2001 11:59AM GMT
Edited: 25 Feb 2003 4:51PM GMT
I am looking for any ancestors of the Baker family that may have Dutch roots. If anyone can help me, please let me know.

bakers with dutch background

Posted: 15 May 2001 4:53PM GMT
Edited: 29 Oct 2002 11:49PM GMT
angie.. my dad told me that we had black dutch in our background..wherever or whatever that is.. any more info on your family to work with??

Dutch Bakers

Posted: 15 May 2001 7:01PM GMT
Edited: 25 Feb 2003 4:51PM GMT
My grandfather, Peter Baker came over from the Netherlands around 1910 along with his mother and brothers and sisters. His father, also named Peter Baker came over around 1906. Does that help any? I have no idea what black dutch means....

dutch heritage

sheila (View posts)
Posted: 15 May 2001 7:37PM GMT
my family is from the midwest and of dutch heritage...if i remember right from when i was younger, my great grandfather's name was peter. my grandfather, who i never knew was named andrew. i was told that those two names were transfered back and forth every other generation

dutch heritage

Posted: 15 May 2001 9:00PM GMT
Edited: 25 Feb 2003 4:51PM GMT
What was your grandfather's name? Do you know of the other names in the Baker line? Siblings, children, etc.?

Dutch Baker

Barbara Milam (View posts)
Posted: 19 May 2001 6:42PM GMT
I have always heard that our family was part black dutch but I never have known what it means. Am a descendant of Archibald Baker who was in Meriwether County, Georgia in approx. 1830. Cannot find where he came from or who his parents were.

Dutch Baker

Posted: 21 May 2001 1:43PM GMT
Edited: 25 Feb 2003 4:51PM GMT
My Baker ancestors didn't come over to the states until around 1907. I don't think there's any relation. What is this black dutch thing?

RE:blk/dutch blk/germ.

Posted: 22 May 2001 8:28AM GMT
Edited: 25 Jun 2001 6:19PM GMT
We are blk/dutch blk/germ.I've been told it is of mixed anstr.I always thought it was a region but me and a lot of other people are trying to find out what it is.My fam.came over very earlie,could say we gteeted others.Sin.Dawn

Black Dutch/Irish/German

Posted: 22 May 2001 8:34AM GMT
Edited: 6 Jul 2001 2:27PM GMT
It is my understanding that sailors from southern and Mediteranian ports visited northern ports and intermarried with the primarily fair-haired northerners producing dark-haired and sometimes dark-eyed children, hence the reference to "black."

black dutch

Posted: 24 May 2001 8:12PM GMT
Edited: 22 Aug 2001 7:46AM GMT
Black Dutch usually means Native American but could be black or other group except white. This term was used to hide bloodlines when it was not p.c. to be Indian, etc. There is lots of interesting info on the web.
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