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Bottoms family

Bottoms family

Posted: 29 Mar 2000 5:40AM GMT
Edited: 3 Nov 2001 5:26AM GMT
still trying to find anything on "samuel" bottoms--have since learned that they may have been from around "geneva" alabama. would love to be able to find other relation-

Sarah Bottoms

Jeanette Cuthriell (View posts)
Posted: 5 Jul 2000 6:25AM GMT
What info do you have on Samuel Bottoms. Sarah Bottoms, w/o John Henderson and mother of Richard William Henderson, died I believe in Henry Co, AL. Could Samuel have been maybe a brother or related some other way to Sarah?

samuel bottoms

Posted: 5 Jul 2000 7:36AM GMT
Edited: 3 Nov 2001 5:26AM GMT
samuel bottoms...full name..thomas samuel bottoms..born in 1890-oct died 1963 of sept...buried in tallassee,alabama....

bottoms geneva cty al

billy seay (View posts)
Posted: 26 Sep 2000 12:35AM GMT
my mother was a bottoms (mcknight)from geneva county. large family. find that there were two branches. relationship not known.
Posted: 26 Sep 2000 5:56PM GMT
Edited: 3 Nov 2001 5:26AM GMT
hi billy. thanks for responding. was talking w/ my dad again, here are a few more names--he's thinking that his grandparents names were bill and catherine. also there was a brother names john L bottoms. could be that they were from ozark, alabama. my dad's name is homer. hope that can shed some more light. also, there was indian decent in this background. thanks for your help.

Samuel Bottoms

Curtis (View posts)
Posted: 9 Mar 2001 6:44PM GMT
Did he have a son named homer

samuel bottoms

Posted: 10 Mar 2001 6:54AM GMT
Edited: 3 Nov 2001 5:26AM GMT
yes he did. and is this curtis bottoms who lives in florida!!! if so, this is your aunt wanda!!!!!!!!

see ya

Re: bottoms geneva cty al

Posted: 3 Nov 2001 5:36AM GMT
Classification: Query
hello: got sidetracked on working with this, but some of the family names for the side i'm looking for are: Thomas Samuel Bottoms,Vinnie Mae (crawford) i think was her maiden name. there children were james mac, mary and homer.and a daughter mildred who died. hope this will help a little.

Re: bottoms geneva cty al

William Bottoms (View posts)
Posted: 3 Nov 2001 7:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bottoms
Hello, Thomas Samuel Bottoms was my grandfather. If you will go to website then look under topics, then Ye Olde Bottoms, and also Bill Bottoms Family, you will the data that I have. Also some pictures of Wm Henry, Mary catherine, and young Sam at 6 years old are under photo section. My father was Mathis Samuel "Mac".

Re: bottoms geneva cty al

Posted: 5 May 2005 1:09AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 6 May 2005 6:53PM GMT
My name is Shannon Muir, granddaughter of John Zenus BOTTOMS and Robbie (nee SMITH or WHITE, not sure which) Bottoms of Hartford, Geneva County, Alabama. Both my grandparents have since passed away and I've had difficulty getting much information from what few relatives I have contact with. Mom has told me for example, that my grandfather was one of 10 kids, two of which were twin girls. I don't remember the rest, most of this Mom told me at the time for a high school project when I was less interested in genealogy. And now her memory is less focused than in the past.

I'm hoping people can help me fill in the blanks and learn more about where I came from. If anyone who sees this can help, please feel free to write me.
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