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Behrendt Family, Possibly from Russ, Germany, Research Suggestions

Behrendt Family, Possibly from Russ, Germany, Research Suggestions

Posted: 19 Sep 2008 9:11PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 20 Sep 2008 2:58PM GMT
Surnames: Behrendt, Frisch, Frish, Stasak
I am new to German research. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some research suggestions? I would like to learn more about my 4th great grandfather's family. This is what I know so far:

August Behrendt was born 16 Apr 1847 in Germany. He married Lina Frisch/Frish sometime around 1878. Lina was born 30 Aug 1856 in Germany. We believe they had eight children; Therese 1878, Ernest 1881, Franz 1883, Ida about 1886, Emil 1887, Paul 1888, Lina 1890 and Walter birthdate unknown. Walter was born and died in Germany.

August was an officer in the Prussian Army and a baker. I believe he emmigrated from Bremen in 1892 on the ship Gera heading for Baltimore. He arrived in April. His wife and children followed the next year. They left from Hamburg 4 Jun 1893 on the ship Russia going to Baltimore. They arrived about the 19th. They listed Josef Stasak as someone they were connecting with. I don't know how they knew him, or anything about him. There were several passengers that also listed his name that day. Lina and the children joined August in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lina and the children's place of residence on their immigration records was Russ. I had thought that was short for Russia. The daughter Lina's birthplace was also recorded as Russ, Germany on her death certificate. I've recently learned that there is a town named Russ, and more than one.

I was wondering if anyone might know more of this family or have any advice on what I need to do next.

Any help would be wonderful!
Thank you,
Heather Shepard

Re: Behrendt Family, Possibly from Russ, Germany, Research Suggestions

Posted: 20 Sep 2008 6:39PM GMT
Classification: Query


What was their denomination, while living in Germany?

Is it for sure, that he was a prussian officer, no privat?

During which years he was in the prussian army?


Re: Behrendt Family, Possibly from Russ, Germany, Research Suggestions

Posted: 20 Sep 2008 7:21PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Behrendt
Thank you so much for replying!

According to the immigration record, August was Protestant. I think the family went to Lutheran churches over here.

We don't have any papers to prove whether officer or private, but according to family stories...

August was an officer in the Prussian Army. Because of his service he was given a tract of land which he built a home and bakery on. They supposedly were wealthy and had thirteen servants before the bakery burned.

I hope this helps. We don't have much to go on.

Thank you!

Re: Behrendt Family, Possibly from Russ, Germany, Research Suggestions

Posted: 20 Sep 2008 9:15PM GMT
Classification: Query

German village directory says, that in 1871 there were only two villages in Germany named Ruß (ß is a special german character, so called "scharfes s" ( sharp s ).
One Ruß was located in Elsass-Lothringen, Alsace Lorraine. Elsass-Lothringen was french until franco-prussian war of 1870/1871, than it became german. You wrote, that Lina Frisch Behrendt was born in Germany in 1856, so I assume it was not the one that was in Elsass -Lothringen.

The second Ruß, sometimes written Russ, was located in former german state of East Prussia ( Ostpreußen / Ostpreussen) nowadays located in Lithuania and named Rusne.
I found a german homepage on which is metioned, that in former times, when Russ was german, prior to 1945, Frisch and Behrendt was a familiar name in Russ. On the page is mentioned an Ida Frisch, born 1858.
On LDS microfilm library are some films available from Ruß, timeframe 1774-1863, baptism books from protestant church are available from 1848-1857. You should take a look in this film. You know Lina Frisch`s date of birth.If you find the baptism entry you will know from which part of former Germany your ancestors came from. I also found a printed book about ranking list of prussian officers of the Year 1868. There is mentioned an Second Lieutenant Behrendt, which served in the 2.Ostpreußisches Landwehr Regiment Nr.3, 1. Battailon, Infanterie, Reserve, in Insterburg/ Ostpreussen. The first name of this soldier is not mentioned. The name Behrendt is not printed there, only handwriting. Its not for sure that this one was August Behrendt. But Ruß,or Russ was in East Prussia and this Regiment also, in town of Insterburg.
Google picture has a wonderful picture of nowadays Rusne,made out of a plane.


Re: Behrendt Family, Possibly from Russ, Germany, Research Suggestions

Posted: 20 Sep 2008 9:37PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Behrendt, Frisch
Thank you so very much! I really appreciate the help. I did not know where to begin looking.

Thank you, thank you!

Heather Shepard
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