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Am Ende/Battenfield lineage

Am Ende/Battenfield lineage

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 6:59PM GMT
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Surnames: Am Ende, Battenfield
I don't know much about my family tree. Most of my research seems to point to the fact that Battenfield was not the original surname of my family but that Am Ende may have been. The Am Ende name seems to have been dropped from the Am Ende-Battenfield link around 1650-1700, about the time the family immigrated to the United States on the boat, Two Brothers. The primary male name listed on the registry appears to be Johannes Battenfield (also seen as Johann Paul Am Ende Battenfield on some papers and documents it seems like).

As per my direct Battenfield knowledge, here is my lineage:
Jeri Battenfield (me) - father: Jerry D. Battenfield, mother: Kimberly A. Battenfield

Jerry D. Battenfield - father: Jerry G. Battenfield, mother: (Edith?) Louise Duggan

Jerry G Battenfield - father: Earl Battenfield, mother: Mavis Battenfield

Earl Battenfield - father: Maddion(Mattison?) Battenfield, mother: Sarah M(atilda) Battenfield

Maddion(Mattison?) Battenfield - father: Phillip Battenfield (possibly Am Ende? He was French/German I know that much), mother: Debra (Rouse?) Battenfield.

Earl had MULTIPLE siblings (upwards of 13!). Prior to Phillip, what I know is that Johannes/Johann Paul was one of potentially 3 Am Ende names that appear to be on the ship registry at the time of immigration. The other two may have been a Hans Adam/or just Hans Am Ende and a Phillip(Johannes Phillip?) Am Ende.

Any help would be appreciated! :)

Re: Am Ende/Battenfield lineage

Posted: 11 Jun 2013 8:54AM GMT
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My name is Mike Oliver. I too am a Battenfield descendant. Adam Battenfield's daughter Margaret was my great great grandmother. Lately I've been doing some genealogical research and came across the surname Am Ende. I was kind of puzzled by it. I would love to know what it means. I can't find much imformation as to it's meaning.

Re: Am Ende/Battenfield lineage

Posted: 11 Jun 2013 2:17PM GMT
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~Am Ende simply means "at the end" as in "am Ende der Strasse" = at the end of the street. I think you also have a small problem with Battenfield. "Field" does not exist in German. It is more likely that the original was Battenfeld - "Feld" has a variety of meanings, including "field", "meadow". I do not know what the Batten stands for only that it is not unknown as in Battenberg - the family name of Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip (husband of Queen Elizabeth) until it was changed to Mountbatten during WW1 because of prejudice against the German element in the British Royal family. It is a literal translation as "Berg" means "mount" or "mountain". Hope this is useful.

Re: Am Ende/Battenfield lineage

Posted: 11 Jun 2013 6:20PM GMT
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Battenfeld is the name.of the town they're from.
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