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New Book Out..... with pictures of

New Book Out..... with pictures of

Posted: 4 Feb 2007 10:07PM GMT
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New Book Out..... with pictures of
old mines, some buisnesses and some have names and dates.
I will scan and send by email photo if requested.
the book is.....
Staking Our Claim
To the History And Heritage Of The Silver Valley
A Publication Of The Shoshone News-Press
Kellogg, Idaho..... cist was 39.95 at the Kellogg IGA Store.
I can not purchase book for anyone, but they may be
able to Contact Kellogg News to find out where they may purchase it.

some photos are a little blurred, probably from age.
dates (if there is one) and names and where it was taken.
H.V. Edwards earky 1900.s Climax Mine, Revenue Gulch, Silverton Idaho

P 3
Eugene Day George Gulch, Burke Canyon Idaho

P 6
1915 H.V. Edwards Jr. Climax Mine, Revenue Gulch, Silverton Idaho

P 10
1897 Lem Wilson Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mill Kellogg/Wardner Idaho

P 15
1961 Boyd Green Bunker Hill Kellogg Idaho

P 16
1937 Morris Williams and "Dutch" Deeders Bunker Hill Kellogg Idaho

P 17
Jim Patrick Bunker Hill Kellogg Idaho

P 18
1976 Ed Pommerening Bunker Hill Kellogg Idaho

P 20
Keith Morgan Bunker Hill Kellogg Idaho

P 32
Aug.16,1913 Van Norman, Bob Brainard and Billy Smith Kellogg Miners picnic

P 35
1885 Dan Sager, Paddy Moran, Dixie Wentz, Uncle Billy King,
Albert Otto and Frank Sager Mother Lode Mine, Murray Idaho

P 37
June 21, 1928 Group Photo {old timers dinner, Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mine and Conc, Co, Kellogg Idaho
Swinnerton, C.W. Simons, Fred Bradley, S.S. Easton, Lew Warner, Ed Harring,
Mr. McDougall, Zeb White, Bert Timby, Chas Bottinelli, Mr. Wayland, Geo. Mason,
Mr. Blackman, Nick Hardy, Lee Plemmens, Joe Barker, Bill J. Simmons, Henry huber,
Dick Nemeyer, Henry McClain, Bill Emmingham, Dr. Kenneth, Jack Edwards, Bill Sandow,
Van Norman, Cy Garber, Dick Blackwell, Bill Hall, Geo. Braham, Fred Porter,
John Rock, Howard McBride, Candy Jones, Mr. Sanford, Joe Glassen, C.W. Brown,
Bill Huff, Archie Furnish, Mr. Schultz and Jim Orr.

P 40
1930 Bud Horne sunshine Mine {Big Creek} Kellogg Idaho

P 46
Loula Forbes kellogg Idaho

P 47
1940 Manne Tenhonen McPhee Gulch, Enaville Idaho

P 50
1914 Vang Siblings-Lloyd, Victor, Irene, Alice and George kellogg idaho

P 51
1924 Phil Cox, John Chisholm, Lloyd Vang, Walley Hull, Elmo Thomas
and Zeke Orlandini. Kellogg Idaho

P 52
1924 Lloyd Vang, Walley Hull, Elmo Thomas, John Chisholm Kellogg Idaho

P 53
Oct. 7, 1918 Herschel V. Edwards Jr. WW 1 Service Uniform

P 54
1918-1919 Franz, Franz, R. Brown, T. Strope, Coach Bangs. Tom Richardson,
L. Campbell, R. Gundlach Wallace Idaho

P 55
Mary Sciuchetti [ married to Julia Bobby Vons, then later to Gerome "Jack" Goslar]

Jim Taylor, John Ferguson, Ray Williams and Ed Wood,

P 61
1930 Raymond George Harring Burke Idaho

P 62
Iris Ogilvie, Bob Ogilivie, and Patsy (Ogilivie) Sala Sunshine Mine, {Big Creek} Kellogg, Idaho

P 66
Around 1920's/30's Josh Pannebaker, Alva Strope Silverton Idaho

P 67
1959 Carol Barker Kellogg Idaho

P 69
1922 Anderson Ranch North Fork Coeur d' Alene River.

P 84
Fred Ellis, Bill Schaeffer, Bryant Threnhill

P 85
1887 G. Scott Anderson Wallace, Idaho

P 93
April 12, 1954 Deputy Seriff All Tofte Kellogg, Idaho

P 96
1911 Walter Chisholm, Albert Derbyshire, John Nunamaker Kellogg, Idaho
[In Front of Ed Millers Store]

P 97
McCauley, Swarts and Moe

P 102
1917 Canyon Creek Dairy owned by H.O. solum Woodland Park {Burke Road} Wallace Idaho

P 103
1912 Coeur d' Alene Dairy operated by Solum Bros. Silverton Idaho

P 109
Friday April 15, 1908 Charles H. Strope, Henry E. Howes, Mr Lawrence Nelson and Frank C.Strope
standing near the Howes and Kind Buildings.
Owners of Bldg. were Horace G, King and Henry E. Howes Wallace Idaho

P 110
1918 Ole martin Vang and son Lloyd W. Vang in Vang Shoe Shop. Kellogg Idaho

P 122
George McKuen and Bill Rullman owners of McKuen-Rullman store Wallace Idaho

P 127
1905/1906 Group Photo (Kelloggs first school near Pleasant Home
Teacher- George Edmonston. Students included
Maffy collins, Fred Jacobs, Lathurn Boyle, Raymond Cain, Rose Cairs, Irene Mason,
Millie Hde, Louise Rullman, Nettie and Irene Gehools, Lulu Losie, Mable Surham,
Jennie Bilbert, Ralph Jefferson, John Jacobs, Raymond McKinnis, Mammie Gilbert,
Mary mcRae, Mable Jones, Frank Mason, Ed Linney, Will Linney, Jim Bollenette,
Myron Ross, Lois Wilson, Frank Russell, Les Gay, Effie Hyde, Hazel Losie,
May Furbush, Jessie Kearney, Henry Ziegler, Dora Jones, William Boyle, Emma Boyle,
Charles Russell, Mike Bottinelli, Frank Jones, Jesse Bottinelli, Evans Gay, Elva Fowler,
Kattie Zeigler, Ora Faust, Rose Caro, I da Caro Thompson, Hazel Starkey, Ethel Starkey
and Ida Jefferson......Kellogg Idaho

P. 129
Mrs Catherine Cook as a Baby in John Brayers Bakery , Wardner Idaho

P 133
1928 A.V. Greer, Anne Greer, Dot Snyder, Maude McCabe, Nancy Griggs,
Corbet Griggs, Alma S. McCoy and Ray Scott taken at Saddle rock cafe Kellogg Idaho

P 134
1914 Earl Chilcott, Otto Clements, Myrtle [strom]Clemnets, Mrs E. Redding,
Leonard Gardner, Helen Gardner and Ann Gardner.....large group photo
of first church in wardner Idaho. St. Peters Episcopal Church.

P 136
1930 Abram Ogilivie and Uncle Masi Hunt, Sunshine mine [Big Creek] Kellogg, Idaho

P 137
Lou Horn, Othel Hunt Sunshine mine [Big Creek] Kellogg, Idaho

Re: New Book Out..... with pictures of

Posted: 28 Aug 2007 2:28PM GMT
Classification: Query
Truly interested in obtaining a copy of the book. Could you send me the address of the Kellogg News so I may inquire. The photo of the first church in wardner contains my grandpa at seven years old!

Re: New Book Out..... with pictures of

Posted: 28 Aug 2007 9:29PM GMT
Classification: Query
you can email to [Kellogg News Paper]
to get the info you need.

Re: New Book Out..... with pictures of

Posted: 28 Aug 2007 9:31PM GMT
Classification: Query
the book is.....
Staking Our Claim
To the History And Heritage Of The Silver Valley
A Publication Of The Shoshone News-Press
should have added that, sorry.

Re: New Book Out..... with pictures of

Posted: 7 Oct 2013 10:13PM GMT
Classification: Query
I may have pictures of three names you have listed. Lulu Losie is the only one I'm not sure of as I have pictures of Lulu, but don't know her last name, but I do know pictures were taken in Idaho.

More certainly I have picture, maybe more, of Frank Jones and more than one photo of Lee Plemmons (who would have been my grandmothers nephew).

Surnames of my family living in Idaho would have been Jones, Black and Thatcher with relatives that were (married to) Cummings, Venard and Lee.

Jones and Black originated in MO, and Thatcher from VA.
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