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shipwreck The Miracle- May 19 1847

shipwreck The Miracle- May 19 1847

Posted: 9 Oct 2002 4:24PM GMT
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Edited: 21 Oct 2005 1:30PM GMT
Looking for any additional information like, passenger/crew list and type of vessel, illustration, ownership etc. The Miracle was 636 tons, carried 408 passenger, mostl y emigrantsfrom Liverpool to Quebec when it shipwrecked in Magdelen Island, 61 lost plus at least 20 to fever later on, survivors were pickup by th Mahone Pay Packet and Sophie to Pictou. The Miracle's Master was named Elliot. My ancestor was part of The Miracle's crew, John Scofield, any info would be appreciated.Thanks in adv.CarolG

Objet : shipwreck The Miracle- May 19 1847

Posted: 9 Mar 2013 3:47AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Brophy
I am interested in anything that concerns the Miracle, wrecked in the Magdalen Islands in may 1847.
Special interests: Passengers named Brophy. My children's great-great-great-grandfather is John James Brophy (c.1835-1867) who had three children with Mary Eve McLean of Entry Island. Family legend is he was an orphan of twelve after the wreck, raised by the islanders. Other legends say he had a brother who was sent to Pictou.

Jean Lemieux

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Posted: 5 Dec 2013 1:40AM GMT
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John James Brophy did have a brother who I suspect was shipped to Pictou with the other
passengers. His name was Martin and he married a Mary Walsh in February 1854 in Antigonish,
Nova Scotia. He had one child that I am aware of - John born in 1855. James Brophy as you say
was married to Eve McLean, daughter of John McLean and Margaret Turnbull. She is related to
my mother. John James Brophy was drowned August 4, 1867 a short distance from where I live
and is buried here in the Anglican cemetery even though he was a Catholic. His wife Eve died in
1876 at the age of 36 and is buried in the Catholic cemetery about 30 miles from where I live.
I knew some of the descendants of J> James Brophy.

Re: shipwreck The Miracle- May 19 1847

Posted: 5 Dec 2013 1:50AM GMT
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I have the crew list for the Miracle, but John Scofield was not a crew member, however, he was
probably a passenger as there was a John Scofield who lived on the Islands many years ago.
He was married to a Mary Ann Pellington. They had a son John born in 1854. THere was a hill
at Point Basse, Magdalen Islands called "Scofield's Hill" by the older people who lived in that
area. Apparently he was from Manchaster, England

Re: Objet : shipwreck The Miracle- May 19 1847

Posted: 11 Sep 2014 5:37PM GMT
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I am the great great granddaughter of Eve McLean - she had a daughter, before she married James Brophy, named Ruth who married Howard McPhail - their daughter Annie Ruth McPhail Dunn Robinson (buried on the islands) was my grandmother. My grandmother spoke of visiting relatives that were the Brophys over Amhurst way - all being children and then grandchildren of Eve Mclean.
I am currently doing research on the Islands and have spent the last four summers there. Ruth is buried in NS. Howard on the Islands. And Eve's grave cannot be found in the old Catholic burial ground that predates the one at the church in what was called Grindstone. James Brophy's grave is at North Grosse Isle but unmarked. It is my opinion that he was buried there because it was August and he was not retrieved for a number of days after drowning so he was perhaps already showing the signs of long being in the water. With no roads it was best to bury him as soon as possible for health reasons and that was the burial ground nearest.

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Posted: 12 Sep 2014 1:33PM GMT
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In the census of 1861, Eve McLean, 20 years, is lsited in the children of John McLean and Margaret Turnbull. After the death of John James Brophy, on the 4th of July 1867 in the bay of grosse-Isle, Eva McLean "méthodiste", makes a catholic "profession de foi" in the church of Amherst on may 31st 1868. Her first child Ruth is raised in the english community and later married a McPhail. The three younger children of Eva, from her union with John James Brophy, Margaret-Elizabeth, Patrick and James were raised by french acadian families. There is no act of marriage between Eva and John James, one protestant, one catholic. I don't know where they actually lived.
In 1871, Eva and her daughter Elizabeth were living with Father Charles-Nazaire Boudreau in Amherst, probably at the presbytery. Eva was buried on novembre 30th 1876 in Étang-du-Nord, Magdalen Islands, "two days after her death". No member of her family is listed in the witnesses of the burial. I don't know where her grave may be.
Ruth McLean-McPhail died on may 19 1847, "aged 89 years and 21 days". In her death certificate, her father is said to be "John McLean, of Gairloch, Nova Scotia". It is difficult to know if this McLean has any relation with the McLeans of Entry Islands.
When I was living in the islands, I personnaly met Viola McPhail, who was the grand-daughter of Ruth McLean-McPhail. My children's grand-grand-mother, Frances Brophy, daughter of Patrick Brophy, passed away at an early age, but her sister, Elizabeth "Elley" lived in Amherst into her nineties, and was in relation with Viola, "a cousin".
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