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The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

John Quigley (View posts)
Posted: 9 Jun 2001 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Quigley
My name is John Quigley, and my great Grandfather, at the end of the 1870's, brought his family to Pembina County in the then Dakota Territory to homestead in Carlisle Township on the south east quarter of section 33. His son, Patrick, my grandfather, was a couple of years old at the time, and has recorded that he was born in Quigley's Corners, Lochiel, Glengarry Township in 1872 - My great Grandfather's wife was Sarah, born in Ireland and accompanying them was a 60 year old Sarah Irvine which I expect was the mother of Patrick's Sarah, also born in Ireland.

I understand that the Quigley's operated a Hotel and restaurant at Quigley's Corners for many years in the 1800's and there remains an abandoned cemetery of the same name at that location.

Can you tell me where I might get more information about the Quigley's of Quigley's corners.


Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 27 Jan 2003 2:47PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 18 May 2003 9:49PM GMT
There is a cemetery there at Quigley Corner. It's called Quigley Corner Cemetery. I believe it's Presbeterian. I know that someplace on the Internet I've seen a list of those burried at Quigley.

Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 19 Feb 2004 3:08AM GMT
Classification: Query
The book "Butternuts and Maple Sugar" by Elsie MacMillan has an extensive look at the area where Quigley's Corner is located. Very worthwhile to get a copy through interlibrary loan. Do not think a copy can be purchased. A letter from Ms. MacMillan to my great aunt, in the early 1980's, indicated that it was sold out and no additional copies could be sent.
Hope this helps you.
Sincerely, Rebecca

Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 2 Feb 2013 6:15AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Quigley
I found your message just now and believe we are related somehow. My great-great grandfather,Owen Quigley,was from Locheil Ontario and his daughter married and moved to pembina county and was post mistress there for many years. Her son, and my grandfather,Patrick McDonell was born in the pembina area in ND. We were at Quigley's Corners a few years ago and have pictures of the cemetery, could not find any Quigleys in that cemetery- it looks like it has been vandalized and is unkept. We live in Alberta Canada and have very little info other than what is on the internet. Although I do have one good story about Owen if we find he is your relative as well. There was a picture of his hotel on the web, not sure if it is still there. Looking forward to your reply.

Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 2 Feb 2013 6:10PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Quigley. McDonell, McCormick
If your grandfather was Patrick "Perry" McDonell and he was the son of Catherine Harriet Quigley, then you would be related to me. I am a great-grandson of Perry's older brother Duncan ("Dakota Dunc")who returned to Glengarry County to take over lot 28/4th Lochiel for his uncle.

Our ancestor Owen was a rather prominent citizen in Lochiel Township during the nineteenth century. The following is the entry on him from Royce MacGillivray's excellent "Dictionary of Glengarry Biography" p. 658:

QUIGLEY, OWEN (died 8 or 9 Aug. 1878, aged 61 or 66, or c. 59), entrepreneur. Owen Quigley, Esq.) Born in Ontario of Irish descent. Parents: John Angus Quigley and Mary C. McCormick (d. 23 Jan. 1874, aged 87. Owen Quigley lived at Quigley's Corners (now known as Lochiel), Lochiel Township, GC. At this location, he opened a general store and a hotel, and he or his family operated a grist mill, sawmill and potashery.He is described in Lovell's "Canada Directory" of 1857 as a resident of Quigley's Corners in GC, and as postmaster, township clerk and treasurer, superintendent of schools, and general dealer. He was clerk of Lochiel Township from 1851 to 1871. Quigley's Corners was named after either him or his family. The Quigley's hotel, used for township council meetings for many years, was demolished in 1932. Roman Catholic.He was married in St. Finnan's Church, Alexandria, 10 June 1848, to Catherine McDonell or McDonald. (children: at least three) She predeceased her husband, her burial taking place on 30 Jan. 1862.

Source: The Dictionary of Glengarry Biography by Royce MacGillivray, Alexandria, GHS, 2010.

His family is kind of hard to track down and verify. I believe that he was married twice. He had a son Charles born in 1840 when he was married to an Elizabeth Robinson. I have no details on her at all.

He married Catherine McDonell in 1848 and had the following children:
1. John Ranald (10 March 1849- 23 Feb 1871) died out West.
2. Helen Mary (16 August 1850 - after 1901) m. John B. Warren of Vankleek Hill.
3. Donald (20 March 1852 - ?) Also called Daniel
4. Catherine Harriet (1855 - 17 November 1927) our ancestor. Married John Duncan McDonell 28/4 Lochiel. I think that he died about 1920.
5. Charles (28 January 1856 - ?)Either this Charles or the first Charles inherited the eastern half of 26/5 Lochiel in 1878 from his father.

I'd be very curious to hear the story you have heard about Owen. I understand that he might not have been a particularly easy person to get along with. Any other details you have would be of great interest and of course, any questions you may have, feel free to contact me.


Gary McCormick

Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 3 Feb 2013 7:27AM GMT
Classification: Query
You might already have this but there are some of your Quigley's in St. Alexander Cemetery in Lochiel. If the stone was hard to read then the dates might be wrong, so more checking is advisable.

#30 - Quigley
In memory of Owen Quigley died Aug. 8, 1878 aged 61. Also his son, John R. Quigley died Feb. 25, 1876 aged 24 yrs. Erected by his son Charles.

#31 - Quigley
In memory of Charles, son of Owen Quigley of the parish of St. Alexander, who died on 26 Sept. 1853 aged 13 yrs.
Erected by his father

Catherine McDonald wife of John Quigley is buried in St. Finnans, Alexandria. Let me know if you want this inscription.

Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 3 Feb 2013 9:06PM GMT
Classification: Query
There are also about 17 entries in St. Finnan's Church records under the name Quigley (variations in some of the spelling).

Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 3 Feb 2013 11:05PM GMT
Classification: Cemetery
My name is Linda and Patrick (Perry) McDonell is my grandfather. Patrick's mother is Catherine Harriet Quigley. Patrick's father is John Duncan McDonell. John and Catherine homesteaded near Provost, Alberta. John is buried at Sacre Coeur Cemetery near Chauvin, Alberta. (born June 1843 died Feb. 24, 1921). Catherine is buried at the Provost Cemetery(she died Nov. 17, 1927 aged 73 years). This information is obtained from their headstones. Due to the harsh weather at the time of Catherine's death her body could not be transported to Chauvin to be buried with John. I do not know the cause of Catherine's death, I would like to know, but John had a corn on his foot which he was paring off with a knife of some sort, he got an infection in it from the dye in his socks, must have been really bad as he died either on the operating room table or soon after having had his leg amputated. At his wake, Patrick and one of his brothers, decided that their father did not look his best with a missing leg so they saddled up some horses and rode into the hospital in Provost and retrieved the missing limb. This was also in Alberta's cold winter weather! As told to me by my aunt Enid Adele McDonell, nick-named Bonnie. Another story my aunt told me was about Owen Quigley - when he decided to enter local politics, he held a gathering and he went upstairs to his establishment's outdoor balcony to deliver his speech or whatever to the townspeople. Apparently alot of the people did not like what he was telling them as he got a whole bunch of rotten tomatoes thrown at him!
We have pictures of John and Catherine's gravestones and entrances to the cemeteries if anyone would like them, also their family history which is printed in the local Provost History book "Early Furrows". We too, also found that Owen Quigley and Elizabeth Robinson had a son, Charles. At St. Alexander's Church cemetery in Locheil we found a grave. The headstone is engraved "In Memory of Charles Son of Owen Quigley of the Parish of St. Alexander who died on the 21 Sept. 1853 Aged 13 years Requiescat in Pace Erected by his Father". We had to clean the headstone prior to taking pictures but it is readable, so can also get you a copy of that as well. It must be the same Owen Q. that we are all researching.
Thank you so much for everyone's help so far.
Regards Linda

Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 4 Feb 2013 3:45PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hello Linda,

Thank you for the reference to the McDonell family in the book "Early Furrows." I found an electronic version of the book via (

If you could send me some of the photos you've mentioned that would be great.

By the way, there is quite a bit of information on my great grandparents (Dakota Dunc McDonell and Mary Ann McCormick) on the ourroots website as well. ( The title of the book is "Butternuts and Maple Sugar" by Elsie MacMillan. It is truly amazing the amount of local and family histories that are now becoming available online.



Re: The Quigley's of Quigley's Corners

Posted: 5 Feb 2013 4:55AM GMT
Classification: Cemetery
Here is an intial group of pics. More to come. The lady is Catherine Harriet Quigley, wife of John Duncan McDonell. Date unknown.

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