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Terry G. Peden (View posts)
Posted: 7 Nov 1999 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Looking for BINGHAM and MONTEITH of Macon County researchers.

Joel BINGHAM b. 1793 Wilkes Co, NC - Lydia Miller b. February 23, 1802 Watauga Co., NC

Samuel MONTEITH b. 1756 York Co., Pennsylvania d. May 13, 1840 Macon Co., North Carolina

Binghams of Macon Co., NC

Posted: 6 Jan 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bingham, Shope, Hodgins, Ledford
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Bingham genealogy

Gail Brannon (View posts)
Posted: 21 Mar 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Robert Bingham, Sarah Essie Walker Bingham
Robert Binham was born June 2, 1872. He was married to Sarah Essie Walker Bingham (some native american heritage is reported to be here). Robert and Sarah lived in Macon County, North Carolina and family history recalls Cartoogajay and natahala Gorge as possible homesite. Robert was buried in Gillespie Chapel Cemetery in Macon county on 2-16-1949. He lived in Gaston County for several years. Family stories were told about Oscar Bingham (I don't know if he was an Uncle on which family side).Oscar was married to Mammie Ledford in Macon county. Any informatio will be of great help! thanks


larry shelton (View posts)
Posted: 29 Jun 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: bingham, passmore, walker
hi gail,

I'm researching, the passmore family. does robert lee
bingham's parents, happened to be, cicero l. bingham, and
rosetta n. hodgins? FRED HENRY PASSMORE, BORN MAY 1920, macon co., n.c. married mary marie bingham frazier.her mother, was minnie bingham, which we cannot fiquire out who her parents are? ROBERT LEE BINGHAM,and sarah essie, had 9
children, maggie, 4-1900, hattie, 1902, mary, 1904, charles, 1906, walter, 1908, reid, 1910, lucy, 1913, edna,
1917, who I met this past friday, with her husband claude,
and helen, born september 13, 1920. I have cicero l. bingham, born abt. 1855, macon co.,n.c, married august 10, 1887, he married rosetta narindon hodgins, she was born, june, 1861. they had 5 children: SARAH A., 6-1883, OSCAR,
7-1885, MINNIE,6-1887, WILLIAM R. 5-1892, AND WILEY M.5-1895. Edna bingham told me that their, was a lot of
bad things going on in the family. a lot of that went on, in those days.plesar excuse me for putting it that way.
if I could talk with you again please, contact me.

thank you,



larry shelton (View posts)
Posted: 29 Jun 2000 12:00PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: bingham, passmore, walker
hi dawn,

I 'm researching a passmore family from, macon co.,n.c.
fred henry passmore, married mary marie bingham.her mother was minnie bingham, according to the passmore family minnie never married, she had a number of children out of wed lock.the father was supposed to have been charles hastings.
robert lee bingham, born july, 1872-1876., macon co.,n.c.,
married sarah essie walker, may 15, 1898, sarah born,december, 1880, macon co.,n.c.died sometime, 1920's.
they had 9 children: MAGGIE, born, april 1900, Hattie, born
1902, married wade hampton frazier, when minnie bingham died, they adopted mary marie bingham, who married fred henry passmore. wHEN THEY ADOPTED MARY SHE TOOK THE FRAZIER I'll continue with the bingham children, mary,born, 1904, charles, born, 1906, walter, born, 1908,
reid, born, 1910, lucy, born, 1913, edna, born 1917, I met
her last friday, and her husband claude, and last but not least, helen, born september,13, 1920. who was roberts father, and mother?

Thank you,

larry shelton

Re: bingham

Donnie (View posts)
Posted: 26 Jul 2004 5:36AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bingham
Cicero and sarah bingham are not Robert Lee Bingham's parents. Robert Lee married Sarah Essie which is cicero and Sarah daughter. Robert Lee being my great grandpa born July 2 1872 and died Feb 16 1949. Sarah Essie born Dec. 12 1880 and died Sept. 8 1929. Robert Lee re-married my great grand mother Mary Lizzie ????? Born Oct. 9 ???? They had 3 kids Sarah (1933) Francis (1937) Anna (1941) Robert Lee and Sarah Essie had Charlie (named after Essie's brother Charlie Oscar), Walter, Reid, Robert Lee Jr.(died at about Age 8) Haddie, Lucy,Mary, Helen, Edna, Maggie, Tommy and Jessie which were twins died at birth and Annie died as an infant. Which gives Robert Lee and Sarah Essie A TOTAL OF : 13 kids. Plus Roberts other 3 kids from a second marriage for a total of 16 kids. Please reply I want to share information to learn more about my family. Reply at:

Re: bingham-passmore

Donnie (View posts)
Posted: 26 Jul 2004 5:46AM GMT
Classification: Query
According to my Aunt Edna Bingham Harris who is the only child living by Robert Lee and Sarah Essie Bingham, Robert Lee Bingham's Parent are Lewis and Missouri Bingham. I have been looking for 4 yrs. for them. There is a rumor I heard that the Bingham's of Macon Co. NC decend from some where in Pennsylvania. Edna moved from Copperhill ,Tn to Belmont, NC with Claude A couple of Yrs. Ago.

Re: bingham-passmore

Posted: 30 Jul 2004 6:18PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 21 Jun 2006 7:24PM GMT
Here are some census and marriage records that may help on this Bingham line. Census spelling will be as it appears on the original census microfilm. Where unsure of spelling, I have put a question mark.

R. H. Bingham married Altha Griggs on 20 Nov 1861, Macon Co., NC. (Note that they were living together in 1860 census and she was listed as Altha Bingham. Obviously, she was a second wife.)

R. L. Bingham (25) married S. E. Bingham (19) on 15 May 1898.

It appears that Sarah Essie was a Bingham and married a Bingham, or else she married a Bingham before she married Robert. (I doubt this since she was only 19 when she married Robert and I find no Bingham marrying a Sarah E. in the Macon County marriage book.)

G. W. Bingham (21) married Louisa Hodgins (18) on 4 Feb 1884, Macon Co., NC.

William A. Bingham (21) m. A. E. Fulcher 918) on 10 Apr 1882, Macon Co., NC.

Bart L. Bingham (20) to Nerva Gregory (20) on 22 Oct 1903, Macon Co., NC

1860 Macon Co., NC - Tennessee Valley - 118/122

BINGHAM, Robert, 40, b. Buncombe Co., NC
BINGHAM, Altha, 17, b. Macon Co., NC.

1870 Madon Co., NC - 37/37

BINGHAM, R. H., 50, b. NC
BINGHAM, Althia A., 25, b. NC
BINGHAM, George W., 9, b. NC
BINGHAM, William H., 7, b. NC
BINGHAM, Joel R., 5, b. NC
BINGHAM, Rachel L., 1, b. NC

1880 Macon Co., NC - Smith's Bridge - 114/117

BINGHAM, Robert, 58, b. NC
BINGHAM, Altha, 36, b. NC
BINGHAM, George W., 18, b. NC
BINGHAM, William, 17, b. NC
BINGHAM, Joel R., 14, b. NC
BINGHAM, Robert, 9, b. NC
BINGHAM, Martha M., 8, b. NC
BINGHAM, Mary A., 5, b. NC
BINGHAM, Talula, 3, b. NC (probably "Lula")

1900 Macon Co., NC - Franklin Township - Precinct 2 - 215/222

BINGHAM, George W., Jul 1856, 43, married 15 yrs, b. NC
BINGHAM, Luisa A., wife, Aug 1860, 39, m. 15 yrs; 5 children, 4 living, b. NC, both parents b. NC
BINGHAM, Viola N., dau, dec 1884, 15, b. NC
BINGHAM, Corda B., dau, Aug 1893, 6, b. NC
BINGHAM, Octa N.(?), dau, Apr 1896, 4, b. NC
BINGHAM, Nina V., dau, Oct 1898, 1, b. NC

1900 Macon Co., NC - Franklin, Precinct - 175/175

BINGHAM, Joel R., Jul 1875, 24, m. 14(?) yrs, b. NC
BINGHAM, Mary, wife, FEb 1866, 34, m. 14 yrs; 7 children, 1 living, b. NC
BINGHAM, Thomas(?), son, Aug 1889, 10, b. NC
BINGHAM, Martha, dua, Sep 1890, 9, b. NC
BINGHAM, Harley, son, Oct 1891, 8, b. NC
BINGHAM, Minnie, dau, dec 1894, 5, b. NC
BINGHAM, Mamie(?), dau, Oct 1897, 2, b. NC
BINGHAM, Rufus, son, May 1900, 1/12, b. NC

1900 Macon Co., NC - Cartoogechaye - 52/52

BINGHAM, Robert, Jul 1877(?), 23, m. 2 yrs, b. NC
BINGHAM, Sarah Essa, wife, Dec 1880, 19, married 2 years; 2 children, 1 living, b. NC
BINGHAM, Maggie, dau, Apr 1900, age ??, b. NC
BINGHAM, Marinda, Mother, May 1844, 56, widow, married 30 yrs, 10 children, 6 living, b. NC, both parents b. NC
BINGHAM, Rosetta, sister, June 1879, 20, Single, 1 child, 1 living, b. NC
BINGHAM, Estella, "neace", Jul 1897, 2, b. NC, parents NC
BINGHAM, Bart, male, "cousin" Oct 1883, 16, b. NC, both parents b. NC

(According to this census, Sarah Essa was born after the 1880 census was taken, then married before 1900 census was taken (the 1890 census burned), so does not appear as a child in a family in census records.)

1910 Macon Co., NC - Cartoogechaye - 94/94

BINGHAM, Robert L., 38, married 11 yrs, b. NC, parents NC
BINGHAM, Sarah E., wife, 32, m. 11 yrs; 7 children, 6 living, b. NC, both parents b. NC
BINGHAM, Maggie A., dau, 9, b. NC
BINGHAM, Hattie T., dau, 7, b. NC
BINGHAM, Mary D.(?), dau, 5, b. NC
BINGHAM, Charlie R., son, 4, b. NC
BINGHAM, Walter L., son, 2, b. NC
BINGHAM, Robert L., Jr, son, 1/12, b. NC

1920 Macon Co., NC - Cartoogechaye - 31/34

BINGHAM, Robert L., 51, b. NC, both parents b. NC
BINGHAM, Essie, wife, 39, b. NC, both parents b. NC
BINGHAM, Maggie, dau, 19, b. NC
BINGHAM, Hattie, dau, 17, b. NC
BINGHAM, Mary, dau, 15, b. NC
BINGHAM, Charlie, son, 13, b. NC
BINGHAM, Walter, son, 11, b. NC
BINGHAM, Reid, son, 9, b. NC
BINGHAM, Lucy, dau, 7, b. NC
BINGHAM, Edna, 2 & 4/12, b. NC

If Robert and Sarah Essa died in Macon County, NC, there will be a death certificate on file in the office of the Register of Deeds for Macon County in Franklin, NC.

The Robert (husband of Sarah Essa and probably the son of Robert and Altha Bingham) was listed as 9 in 1880 census, making him born about 1871; as born July 1877(?), age 23 in 1900 census; age 38 in 1910 census, making him born about 1872, and 51 in 1920 census making him born about 1869.

Re: bingham-passmore

Donnie (View posts)
Posted: 4 Aug 2004 5:59AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Binghams
Could anyone tell me if the parents of R. H. Bingham is Joel and Lydia Bingham? Robert Henry is my GG Grandfather.
Robert married Althia Griggs and had my G Grandfather Robert Lee Bingham in 7-2-1872. Robert Lee had my grandmother by his second wife ( Mary Lizzie) in 1941. Then my mother then me. What I am looking for is more information on Joel and Lydia Bingham. If anyone can help please reply here or e-mail me at: Thanks Donnie

Re: bingham-passmore

Posted: 9 Aug 2004 2:56AM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 21 Jun 2006 7:24PM GMT
Joel and Lydia Bingham do not have a son, Robert Henry, listed in the census records.

1850 Cherokee Co., :NC - 593/593

BINGUM, Joel, 51, b. NC
BINGUM, Lidia, 49, b. NC
BINGUM, Joel F., 18, b. NC
BINGUM, Rebecca, 15, b. NC
BINGUM, Nancy L., 13, b. NC
BINGUM, Lidia M., 11, b. NC
BINGUM, William M., 10, b. NC
BINGUM, Mary C., 8, b. NC
BINGUM, George N., 5, b. NC

1860 Macon Co., NC - Tennessee Valley - 335/345

BINGHAM, Joel, 64, b. Wilkes Co., NC
BINGHAM, Lyddia, 60, b. Ashe Co., NC
BINGHAM, George, 12, b. Macon Co., NC
PHILLIPS, Loranso D., 6, b. Cherokee Co., NC
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