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Descendants of Robert Harris b1750, VA

Descendants of Robert Harris b1750, VA

Phil Streiff (View posts)
Posted: 30 Mar 2002 9:58PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 16 Feb 2006 6:14PM GMT
Surnames: Harris, Burnley, Payne, Robertson, Orr, Sloan, Gardner
Please send additions, corrections or comments.

1-Robert Harris b: Abt 1750, possibly Virginia, d: Between 1806-1809, Sumner County,

sp: ? Unknown b: Abt 1750, d: After 1806, Sumner Co, Tennessee, m: Abt 1770,
2-Blair Harris b: Between 1770-1775, Virginia, d: After 1830, Smith County,
sp: Rachel Gardner b: 1782, m: 1 Aug 1803, Sumner County, Tennessee
3-Margaret Harris
3-Meany Ann Harris
2-Robert Harris b: Between 1775-1780, Virginia, d: Feb 1826, Castalian
Springs, Sumner, Tennessee
sp: Elizabeth Burnley b: 1782, Virginia, d: Between 1845-1850, Castalian
Springs, Sumner, Tennessee, m: 15 Apr 1809, Louisa County, Virginia
3-Susannah D. Harris b: 1812, Sumner Co, Tennessee
sp: John Wilson Sloan b: 1814, Tennessee, m: 26 Apr 1836, Sumner Co,
4-William Reuben "Rube" Sloan b: 1844, Tennessee, d: 7 Jul 1868,
Trousdale Co., Tennessee
sp: Louisa Claiborne b: 22 Oct 1843, Macon County, Tennessee, d: 22
Nov 1897, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
5-John Wilson II Sloan b: 21 Nov 1864, Macon County, Tennessee, d:
23 Oct 1954, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
sp: Heathey S. Thompson b: 22 Jul 1864, d: 2 Sep 1938, m: 4 Dec
6-Altia Zera Sloan
6-Lela May Sloan
6-Estelle Sloan b: 30 Sep 1903, d: 6 Aug 1951, Trousdale Co.,
4-Joseph Thomas Sloan b: 1847, Tennessee
4-John A. Sloan b: 1852, Macon County, Tennessee
3-James T. Harris b: 1814, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: 5 Jun 1897, Trousdale
Co., Tennessee
sp: Lucy J. Charlton b: 1821, Tennessee, m: 20 Aug 1842, Sumner Co,
4-Francis H. Burnley b: 8 Mar 1862, Trousdale Co., Tennessee, d: 4 Jun
1949, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
3-Reuben Brown Harris b: 15 Oct 1816, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: 22 Jul
1892, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
sp: Lucy Baker Lewis b: 25 Jun 1818, d: 25 Jan 1874, Trousdale Co.,
Tennessee, m: 17 Dec 1850, Sumner Co, Tennessee
4-E. A. Harris b: 1852, Sumner Co, Tennessee
4-Reuben Warner Harris b: 16 Sep 1857, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: 25 Apr
1929, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
sp: Nanny Bettie Henry b: 27 Jun 1868, Trousdale Co., Tennessee, d: 27
Oct 1958, Trousdale Co., Tennessee, m: Dec 1889, Trousdale Co.,
5-Annie Lou Harris
5-Mitchell "Mitch" Brown Harris b: 11 Feb 1892, Trousdale Co.,
Tennessee, d: 15 Nov 1971, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
5-Natalie "Cooper" Harris b: 14 Apr 1893, Trousdale Co., Tennessee,
d: 1 Dec 1981, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
5-Corrine Guild Harris
sp: Thomas Britton Woodmore
5-Ruby "Ruth" Harris b: 22 Jan 1897, Trousdale Co., Tennessee, d: 9
Sep 1971, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
4-John Lewis Harris b: 15 Jun 1859, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: 31 Dec
1940, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
sp: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Moss b: 1868, d: 1963
5-Ruth Harris b: 1893, d: 1975
5-John "Sleepy" Lewis Harris b: 1898, d: 1947
5-Lucy Harris
sp: Nancy G. Ramsey b: 6 Dec 1845, d: 19 Feb 1917, Trousdale Co.,
Tennessee, m: 3 Jul 1874, Sumner Co, Tennessee
4-William Thomas "Will" Harris b: 1875, Trousdale Co., Tennessee, d:
1952, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
sp: Beulah F. Howell b: 14 May 1879, Tennessee, d: 2 Feb 1936,
Trousdale Co., Tennessee, m: Trousdale Co., Tennessee
5-Nannie May Harris
sp: Byron Price
3-John D. Harris b: 1818, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: 27 Aug 1882, Trousdale
Co., Tennessee
sp: Mary E. Payne b: 1828, Tennessee, d: After 1885, Sumner Co,
Tennessee, m: 23 Aug 1851, Sumner Co, Tennessee
4-R. Edward (Or Edwin) Harris b: 1854, Sumner Co, Tennessee
sp: Mildred F. ? b: 1856, m: Trousdale Co., Tennessee
5-Robert S. Harris b: Nov 1879, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
5-Mary E. Harris
5-Willie Harris
4-M. Alice Harris b: 1856, Sumner Co, Tennessee
4-Susan B. Harris b: 1862, Sumner Co, Tennessee
sp: J.B. White
4-William Thomas Harris b: 8 Aug 1864, Castalian Springs, Sumner,
Tennessee, d: 14 Oct 1892, Jackson, Madison, Tennessee
sp: Kate Robertson b: 14 Nov 1865, Castalian Springs, Sumner,
Tennessee, d: 23 Mar 1938, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, m: 28 May
1881, Castalian Springs, Sumner, Tennessee
5-John Booker Harris b: 19 Dec 1883, d: 4 Jan 1925, Saint Louis,
St. Louis (City), Missouri
sp: Myrtle Unknown
5-Georgie Reynolds Harris b: 15 May 1886, Gallatin, Sumner,
Tennessee, d: 16 Jun 1951, Saint James, Phelps, Missouri
sp: Louis Streiff b: 5 Jun 1880, Highland, Madison, Illinois, d: 11
May 1955, Saint James, Phelps, Missouri, m: 11 May 1903, Saint
Louis, St. Louis (City), Missouri
6-Thelma Jaunieta Streiff
6-Loyd Louis Streiff b: 1 Dec 1909, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas,
d: 10 Apr 1910, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
6-Mildred Neoma Streiff b: 18 Jun 1911, Wichita, Sedgwick,
Kansas, d: 22 Nov 1931, Larned State Hospital
6-Kathryn Virginia Streiff
6-Urilda Marcella Streiff
6-Lillian Russell Streiff
6-Ruth Marie "Ruthie" Streiff
6-Eugene Morgan "Pete" Streiff b: 26 Jan 1922, Wichita,
Sedgwick, Kansas, d: 13 Jul 1995, Anthony, Dona Ana, New
6-Nancy Jane Streiff b: 31 Jan 1924, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas,
d: 1950
6-Darlene Dean "Dee Dee" Streiff
6-Francis Faye "Buck" Streiff b: 26 Dec 1928, Wichita, Sedgwick,
Kansas, d: 27 Aug 1973, Chillicothe, Livingston, Missouri
5-Carrie Lee Harris b: 22 Feb 1890, d: 26 Jun 1931, (Wichita Park
Cemetery & Mausoleum)
sp: Clarence E. Lambert b: 9 Sep 1889, d: Mar 1973, Wichita,
Sedgwick, Kansas
6-Roy Booker Lambert b: 4 May 1918, d: 2 Mar 1992, Unknown
6-Virginia Lee Lambert
5-Kate Harris b: 24 Mar 1892, Union City, Obion, Tennessee, d: 2
Mar 1984, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
sp: George Streiff b: 23 Sep 1892, Dodge City, Ford, Kansas, d: 3
Apr 1972, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, m: 12 May 1915, Newton,
Harvey, Kansas
6-George Gilbert Streiff b: 21 Mar 1916, Wichita, Sedgwick,
Kansas, d: 22 Jan 1918, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
6-Harry Jay Streiff b: 9 Mar 1925, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, d:
7 Mar 1927, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
6-Edna May Streiff b: 17 Feb 1919, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, d:
20 Jun 1981, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
6-John Ray Streiff b: 24 Apr 1921, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, d:
23 Dec 1997, Dallas, Dallas, Texas
6-Patrick Harris Streiff b: 28 Mar 1928, Wichita, Sedgwick,
Kansas, d: 21 Jan 2001, Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
3-Elizabeth M. Harris b: Between 1810-1820, Sumner Co, Tennessee
3-Josephus Robert Harris b: 1823, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: After 1880
sp: Sara Louisa Turner b: 1832, Tennessee, m: 13 Dec 1850, Sumner Co,
4-John W. Harris b: 1852, Sumner Co, Tennessee
4-Robert Wilson Harris b: 1854, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: Bef 1900,
sp: Eliza Virginia "Jennie" Perdue b: 2 Jan 1862, Tennessee, d: 23 Jan
1919, Graves County, Kentucky, m: Trousdale Co., Tennessee
5-Louisa Belle Harris b: 11 Aug 1883, Trousdale Co., Tennessee, d:
19 Apr 1942, Hickory, Graves Co., Kentucky
sp: Wendel Chandler b: , Graves County, Kentucky, d: , Graves
County, Kentucky, m: Graves County, Kentucky
6-Franklin Elmo Chandler b: 1906, Kentucky, d: 25 Jun 1964,
McCracken County, Kentucky
sp: Walter Farmer b: 1874, d: 1934, Graves County, Kentucky
6-Leonard Wilson Farmer b: 9 Dec 1913, Graves County, Kentucky,
d: 30 Mar 1978, Hattiesburg, Forrest, Mississippi
5-Valeria Opaleca Harris b: 1 Oct 1886, Trousdale Co., Tennessee,
d: 26 Jun 1968, Lexington, Kentucky
sp: Eugene H. Smith b: 1882, Massac County, Illinois, d: 1954,
Paducah, Mccracken, Kentucky, m: 29 Aug 1906, Massac County,
4-J.A. Harris b: 1855, Sumner Co, Tennessee
4-Reuben Harris b: 1859, Trousdale Co., Tennessee
sp: Nannie Henry b: Jun 1868, Tennessee
3-Polly Harris b: Between 1820-1825, Sumner Co, Tennessee
3-Mary B. Harris b: 14 Apr 1826, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: 31 Jan 1896,
Hartsville, Trousdale, Tennessee
sp: Benjamin S. Story b: 26 Apr 1828, Sumner Co, Tennessee, d: 31 Jul
1902, Macon County, Tennessee, m: 1853, Macon County, Tennessee
2-Agnes Cunningham Harris b: 1772, Virginia, d: , Simpson County, Kentucky
sp: James N. Goheen b: 27 Feb 1772, Wales, m: 23 Jan 1797, Botetourt County,
3-Elizabeth Goheen
3-Martha Goheen
3-Harry W. Goheen
3-John Russell Goheen b: 3 May 1804, Sumner County, Tennessee
3-James E. Goheen b: 21 Feb 1808, Sumner County, Tennessee
3-Nancy Cunningham Goheen b: 1 Jun 1811, Simpson County, Kentucky
3-Thomas Leroy Goheen b: 5 Sep 1815, Simpson County, Kentucky
2-Mary Gibson Harris b: Between 1775-1790, Virginia, d: Between 1830-1840,
Smith County, Tennessee
2-Francis Houston "Fanny" Harris b: Between 1775-1790, Virginia, d: Between
1820-1830, Sumner Co, Tennessee
sp: William Robertson
3-Francis Minerva Robertson
sp: Ouseley Claibourne
2-Aramintha Juliet Harris b: Between 1775-1790, Virginia, d: 1817, Sumner
Co, Tennessee
sp: Green Berry Orr b: 1785, d: 1849, Sumner County, Tennessee, m: 28 May
1806, Sumner Co, Tennessee
2-Sarah Caroline "Sally" Harris b: Between 1775-1790, Virginia, d: Between
1806-1809, Sumner Co, Tennessee
sp: Charles Simpson
2-Martha "Patsy" Spear Harris b: Between 1780-1790, Virginia, d: 1840,
Sumner Co, Tennessee
2-Thomas Leroy Harris b: Between 1790-1794, d: Between 1820-1830, Sumner Co,
2-Elizabeth Henrietta Harris b: Between 1790-1800
sp: John L. White

Descendants of Robert Harris b1750, VA

Posted: 4 Dec 2002 5:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 16 Nov 2006 7:55PM GMT
Surnames: Harris, Thompson
You list a Margaret Harris on this information. My ggg-grandmother, Margaret Harris, was born in 1813 in Clarksburg, VA now WV. married in 1838 to John William Thompson born in 1817 in VA or PA. They later lived in Massac county, Illinois and settled in Red River County,Texas. Many descendants. Do you think there is a connection?

Descendants of Robert Harris b1750, VA

Phil Streiff (View posts)
Posted: 22 Feb 2003 3:40PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 16 Feb 2006 6:15PM GMT
Surnames: Harris, Gardner
The Margaret Harris on my list was the daughter of Blair Harris & Rachel Gardner who were married 1 Aug 1803 in Sumner County, TN. I believe they resided in Tennessee (Sumner & Smith counties) until there deaths in the 1840's.
I'm not sure when their daughters, Margaret & Meany Harris, were born but they were probably born in Tennessee.

I doubt that your Margaret Harris is the same.


Descendants of Robert Harris b1750, VA

Posted: 23 Aug 2004 7:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 30 Aug 2006 1:00AM GMT
Surnames: Harris, Richardson
In your researching have you come across a ROBERT HARRIS b. 1760-1776 Va. moved to Jackson Co Tn in 1820
(neighboring co to Smith) He had sons Jordan K b. 1800,
Joseph H b. April 12 1796 Va., and Jack (possible John)
and possible a daughter Nancy Harris b. 1790 who m. Robert Gentry. Joseph H Harris married Sarah Richardson they lived in the Baxter area (now) Putnam Co Tn.
Joseph Harris also had a son Joseph b 1829 had a daughter Elizabeth he may have lived in Smith Co.
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