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Posted: 13 Nov 2000 12:02AM GMT
Edited: 6 Jul 2001 2:52PM GMT
I am looking for any relation to William Earl
Shannon, his parents are James and Rachel. I know that
they are Irish. I don't know much about them ad
any information that anyone would have would be greatful.
Thank you.

Irish Shannons

Posted: 16 Nov 2000 7:11AM GMT
Edited: 7 Jul 2001 7:47AM GMT
Do you know for certain that they are Irish? I grew up with the family name Shannon and always assumed that we were Irish. It turns out after 7 years of research for the first Shannon in my branch that we are Scots-Irish Presbyterians. What that means is a group of Scots were forcably relocated to Ireland by King James I of England(who was also King James VI of Scotland, Mary's son) These people DID NOT intermingle with the Irish. They are called Scots-Irish because they immigrated to America by way of Ireland. Now there are Shannons that ARE Irish so I'm not saying that your Shannon can't be Irish. What I'm saying is be sure where they come from. I have traced my Shannons to PA and NJ and we do have Williams in our line. Let me know if I can help.

Irish Shannon's

Posted: 16 Nov 2000 9:24PM GMT
Edited: 6 Jul 2001 2:52PM GMT
Thank you Mary Ellen, I am not sure, I too grew up thinking
I was Irish, Shannon is a very Irish name so I naturally
assumed we were Irish. I recently talked to my real father
to ask him questions about his family and the
Shannon name and he told me that they were from
Canada. Most Canadians are French. So I am real
confused on the whole issue. My father is not an honest
man, so I don't think I can believe him, I also
have never met him, so that is another reason
not to take his word so seriously. Anyway, how did
you find out that you were Scot-Irish, how did you
trace it? Because since I am having a hard time finding out the
truth to where my grandparents are from and what Shannon tree
I belong too, it is going to be a hard search for me.
All I know is their names, James William Shannon and he
married Rachel Scarbrough Shannon. So, I know my search for the
truth will be a long hard process. I thank you for your reply and the
information, hopefully we can help each other. Lisa Shannon Anderson.

Scots-Irish Shannons

Mary Ellen Shannon Nigh (View posts)
Posted: 17 Nov 2000 3:33AM GMT
Lisa, you asked how did I find out my Shannon ancestors were Scots-Irish instead of Irish. Well that's a long story but I will try to compress it. I had traced my ancestory to my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, David D. Shannon, veteran of War of 1812, who was born in Oxford Township, Warren County, NJ. I found a history of the town where it states that the town was found shortly before his birth by Scots-Irish Presbyterians. Then I had hit a brick wall. Coundn't go further back, until I receive at the local mormon library a microfiche of the Shannon newletter. Found one about eight years old with a notice from a Mary E. Shannon(also my initials before marriage) who listed 3 brothers from Oxford Township, Warren County, New Jersey. One was Daniel. I had always thought that David's middle was Daniel. I thought that the possiblity was this lady was dead as lots of genealogists are older people(I'm not) or had relocated, so I was reluctant to try and contact her. My husband called me an idiot and said I should at least try. Not only was she alive but related by marriage! Her father-in-law was one of David D.'s sons. And she had lots more on the family including two more generations taking them back to Pennslyvania. The town where she has David D.'s grandfather born was founded 5 years before gramps birth by 30 Scots-Irish families. Unfortunately the book only listed 18 families by name so I am still looking for "Father" Shannon. I know you might get discouraged but don't give up. Sometimes the most unlikely source will make your day. I have place my family tree on the world connect and how knows we might be related. Take care and keep the faith.


Mary Ellen Shannon Nigh (View posts)
Posted: 17 Nov 2000 3:40AM GMT
Lisa- I forgot to mention a strange coincidence. One of my Shannon Aunts (my Father's sister) married a man named Anderson so I have first cousins who are Andersons. Also if you wish to contact me directly you can find me at sionan is the ancient celtic way to spell our maiden name.

reference James Edward (Chirsty) Shannon

Posted: 17 Nov 2000 7:13AM GMT
Edited: 13 Jan 2005 1:23AM GMT
Lisa, James married Irene and had 3 daughters one of whom was Kitty. Am looking for any Williams in my line fromaround 1895-1910 will let you know what i find.
Pat Maloney.

Scotish Irish

Mike Hicks (View posts)
Posted: 5 Dec 2000 11:21AM GMT
on the Shannon name. At the time the Shannon came to be the people of Ireland and Scotland were of the same people the pict. That isone of the reason why Shannon is both Irish and Scotish. Canada has a large number of Irish settlers. I hope this helps clear up things for you. I have been researching this for ten years. I also have thought American History which includes Canadian History up to 1812. Another big factor in Irish and North American History is the Potatoe fammin of the 1840s-1850s. People from Ireland came to the USA as well as Canada. Mike Hicks, whoes Grandpa was John Shannon.


Posted: 5 Dec 2000 2:17PM GMT
Edited: 6 Jul 2001 2:52PM GMT
Thank you Mike Hicks for your reply to my message. I did not know
that there were Irish in Canada and a lot of Shannon's
as well, to your message I know why. Oh, by the way my
mother-in-law maiden name is Hicks. Also your grandpa's
name is John Shannon? Is there a James William Shannon born
about 1906 in your tree? I have been having a hard time
locating him. Let me know. Thanks again and have a good day!
Lisa Shannon Anderson.

James William Shannon

Mike Hicks (View posts)
Posted: 5 Dec 2000 3:46PM GMT
To my knowledg there are no James Shannons in my family tree.

James W. Shannon

Posted: 5 Dec 2000 8:21PM GMT
Edited: 6 Jul 2001 2:52PM GMT
Thanks for checking and replying so quick. Lisa
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