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John Coffee Decendants

John Coffee Decendants

Brian (View posts)
Posted: 28 Jan 2000 8:33PM GMT
Looking on information on a John Coffee who according to fragmented family lore.Was a contemporary of Andrew Jackson, was involved in the trail of tears, married a Creek or Cherokee woman,
and had a son named John.Whether or not they were married is uncertain.I have made a couple of hits @ the national archives. Some good 50% some bad 50%.I would like to know the name of the woman
he married/consorted with.The son married, (uncertain of the spouses name) they had a son named Herbert Grecian Coffee, who was orphaned @ a young age B. 1865 D. 1932. Buried in an unmarked grave in Orifino
Id.His wife was named Mildred (Anderson). B.? D. ? . They had three daughters Jesse,Helen and Alberta.Helen was my Grandmother.I would any information that is available and would be happy to pool my data with whomever
wishes. Thanks Brian.

General John Coffee Andrew Jackson

Dale Dalton (View posts)
Posted: 25 Feb 2000 9:54PM GMT
When the War of 1812 was fought, there was two generals of interest, Major Lietanent General Andrew Jackson, who later because president, and General John Coffee. Both fought in this war. You can search the net and find General John Coffee's memorial in Georgia. This John Coffee hertiage needs to be established, maybe son of Benjamin (1743). John Coffee was a good friend of ANdrew Jackson, some speculation about Jackson marrying John Coffee's sister???


Andrew Jackson's wife

Dale Dalton (View posts)
Posted: 25 Feb 2000 10:17PM GMT
The only information about Jackson's wife is Rachel Donaldson Robards. So, the idea of a Coffee wife is out. Jackson was a Tennessee lawyer, prior to becoming Major Lieutanent General with General John Coffee. And of course, later becoming President.
A 2500 army defeated the Creek Indians in Georgia and Alabama - not Cherokees, which were integrated into Tennessee, already in the early 1800s


Dale Dalton (View posts)
Posted: 26 Feb 2000 6:27PM GMT
Thanks for the info! If you would like to collaborate you can contact me @
also, I have found a John Coffee on the Dawes Roll, registered as a Creek. Also found some other info @ NAIL
I have yet too connect The General to my bloodline, I have found many tantalizing clues, but nothing concrete. I seem to be missing at least one generation
maybe two. My Great Grandfather was named Herbert Coffee, and his father was supposed to be a John Coffee. Herbert was born in Illinois in 1865 Mother named
Helen Galbert. Thanks again ! Brian

Andrew Jackson's wife - John Coffee relationship

Darlene (View posts)
Posted: 4 Mar 2000 10:34PM GMT
On line on the ancestry site is Tennessee the Volunteer State 1769–1923: Volume 2
on page 102 it states:
In April, 1798, John Coffee and his mother settled on the Cumberland River, a few miles above Nashville, near Andrew Jackson and the Donelsons and married Mary Donelson, a niece of Mrs. Jackson. A strong friendship was formed between [p.102] him and Andrew Jackson which continued unimpaired until Jackson's death. They formed a partnership in mercantile business which was not successful, and Coffee withdrew in 1807 and devoted himself to surveying.
When he married Mary Donelson in 1809, her father, Captain John Donelson gave her a farm on Stone's River in Rutherford county, near Old Jefferson, and they lived there throughout his military career and until they went to Alabama, near Florence, in 1819. While living near Old Jefferson, he was elected county court clerk of Rutherford County.

Hope this helps explain the relationship of the two wives.


Posted: 17 Dec 2000 9:13AM GMT
Edited: 5 Sep 2001 10:52PM GMT
My husband is related to the Coffee's that you are refering to. His greatgrandmother was Jennie Coffee, who married Park Grissom.John Coffee was born june2, 1772, died July 7, 1833, married 1807 in Davidson Co. TN. to Mary Donelson, born June 13, 1793, died Dec. 11, 1871. She was the daughter of Capt. John Donelson and Rachel Stockley. She was the sister of Rachel Donelson who married Pres. Andrew Jackson. John Coffee Andrew Jackson were partners in several land business ventures, one being the Cypress Land Co. in Lauderdale Co. AL. Gen. and Mary Coffee are buried in Cloverdale Road Cemeter, located on their plantation, Florence, AL. Gen. and Mary Coffee had several children. Eliza is the most known around the Florence area because the hospital is named for her, Eliza Coffee Memorial better known as ECM.

Gen John Coffee Andrew Jackson

Robert Coffee (View posts)
Posted: 29 Apr 2001 1:19PM GMT
The General and I are related. What can you tell me about him.

Re: John Coffee (fl. 1814)

Posted: 15 Jul 2004 11:39PM GMT
Classification: Biography
Edited: 24 Aug 2004 11:34PM GMT
"The Harper Encyclopedia of Military biography. Trevor N. Dupuy, Curt Johnson & david L. Bongard. 1995 Castle Books.
pg. 180
Coffee, John (fl.1814). American general. Principal wars; War of 1812(1812-5); Creek War (1813-4)...battles...
Birth & early career unknown...close friend & associate of Andrew jackson...colonel of Tenn. militia (1813)...wounded...Emancipatipn Creek...(...1814),...battle of New Orleans (Jan. 8, 1815).
A resourceful & vigorous frontier soldier & Jackson's ablest subordinate. (by) Staff.
Boom Aaron M., "John Coffee, Citizen Soldier" Tennessee Quarterly Vol. 23 (1963)...
Coffee, John, "Letters of General John Coffee to His wife, 1813-5" Tennessee Magazine. Vol. 2 (1916)" not my family

Re: Gen John Coffee

Posted: 25 Jul 2004 9:52PM GMT
Classification: Query
By adoption, I too am related to General John Coffee. My adopted grandmother (Mae O. Coffee) was either the daughter or grand daughter to the General.

She married Harris Homer Mickel, which my adopted father (John Coffee Mickel) was one of the sons of that marriage. Mae Coffee Mickel died in 1974. I have a picture of her, taken about 1959 - 60).

I have just begun my search on these roots, and would appreciate anything you find, if this lead helps you to find anything more.

Thank you!

Re: Andrew Jackson's wife

Posted: 12 Sep 2005 7:44AM GMT
Classification: Query
Would Rachael have had a sister named Minerva
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