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Outlaws of the Old West Page 5.

Outlaws of the Old West Page 5.

Posted: 17 Oct 2003 7:48PM GMT
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Edited: 13 Dec 2005 4:06PM GMT
See Info on page 1.
May 2, 1895-Oklahoma Bill Dunn, brothers: Bee, Dal, Calvin, George

May 3, 1873-Arizona Manuel Fernandez
May 5, 1895-Bill Doolin, Tulsa Jack
May 7, 1888-Burt Alvord
May 10, 1873-Chickasaw Nation Isham Seely, Gibson Ishtanubbee

May 13, 1898-Utah Joe Walker
May 14,1934-Winslow Arizona Tom Picket
May 28, 1879-Fort Smith Arizona William Elliott
May 30, 1899-Arizona Pearl Hart

June 3, 1873-Delano Kansas Edward T. Beard
June 9, 1898-Coleman Texas Pierce Keaton, Bud Newman, Bill and Jeff Taylor

June 9, 1902-Oregon Harry Tracy, David Merrill
June 14. 1882- John Ringo'
June 14, 1918-Sanderson Texas David Anderson also known as "Billy Wilson & Buffalo Billy"

June 22, 1880-Tombstone Arizona Buckskin Frank Leslie
June 23, 1878-Fort Griffin Texas John M. Larn
June 28, 1892-Fort Smith Arizona Thornton
June 30, 1882-Fort Smith Arizona Edward Fulsom

Re: Outlaws of the Old West Page 5.

Julia Putnam (View posts)
Posted: 31 Jan 2005 5:16AM GMT
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I have just found your queary regarding John M. Larn of Fort Griffin, Texas. - June 23, 1878 My family owns the Larn property, and I grew up in the Larn house in southwestern Throckmorton, County Texas. I am doing research on Mr. Larn, also, and will be glad to hear from you and to share my information with you. Thanks, Julia Putnam PO Box 716 Albany, Texas 76430 325-762-2945 date: 1-30-05

Re: Outlaws of the Old West Page 5.

Posted: 31 Jan 2005 10:34PM GMT
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Edited: 13 Dec 2005 4:06PM GMT
Julia I'm not of the family just a helper. At this time I have no need for Info. However here is what I have.

1878- Fort Griffin, Texas - John M. Larn (1849-78) a lawman turned-outlaw was killed by the Fort Griffin vigilantes. When the vigilantes arrived at the jail at midnight to lynch Larn they were not able to release him from his shackles, so they formed a firing squad and killed him in his cell. He was lynched for cattle rustling. In April 1876, Larn was elected county sheriff. During his tenure, Larn frequently deputized his old friend, gunfighter John Selman, who also helped in a cattle rustling scheme Larn devised. Larn had signed a contract to deliver three steers a day to the military garrison and was rustling them from his neighbors' herds. As their herds dwindled and Larn's did not, his neighbors discovered the rustling scheme and forced Larn to resign as sheriff on Mar. 7, 1877. In June 1878, Larn wounded a local rancher named Treadwell, who may have been the man who uncovered the rustling. On June 22, 1878, Larn was arrested by his successor, Sheriff William Cruger.

Re: Outlaws of the Old West Page 5.

Posted: 19 Aug 2005 6:19AM GMT
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Surnames: ringo, smith
The story surrounding John Ringo's death involved our family in AZ. I would enjoy hearing any version that you might have also. Thanks, Marcia H.

Re: Outlaws of the Old West Page 5.

Posted: 22 Aug 2005 1:40AM GMT
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Edited: 13 Dec 2005 4:06PM GMT
Hi Marcia I don’t think I have any thing you don’t know already I could have E. Mail you this info but I thought others would like to read it to. Very little is known about Johnny Ringo personal life. The info I will give are short notes of History

1882- Arizona Territory- outlaw John Ringo's body was found sitting under a tree by passing teamster John Yoas, at the western end of Turkey Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains. A .45 slug entered his right temple and exited his left temple. Ringo's .45 had one spent cartridge in the pistol clutched in his right hand. Despite the lack of powder burns the coroner ruled it a suicide. Ringo had a college education and could speak Greek and Latin.

It is said that Wyatt Earp killed Johnny Ringo. It also said that Wyatt tracked Ringo to the Whetstone mountains and there killed him.

Johnny Ringo was in the Texas feud known as the Hoodoo Wars. On Nov. 7, 1876 after killing a range enemy known as Pete Bader Ringo was jailed but later escaped and went to Arizona, where he would be confronted by the Earp brothers, at this time he was in the Clanton-Mc Lowery gang.

A story goes that will Johnny Ringo was in the notorious Oriental Saloon he ask one Louis Hancock to have a drink with him. When Hancock agreed and ask for a beer, Ringo said, “ No man drinks beer with me. I don’t like beer.” Ringo later shot Hancock who was said to be buried with a bottle of beer.

There is another story that says that a man by the name of O’Rourke who was twenty-one at the time, encountered Johnny Ringo and figuring he was paying back Wyatt for saving him from being lynch, O’Rourke shot and killed ringo as he slept beneath a tree in Turkey Creek canyon.

Ringo was a well educated man as he went to William and Jewell College in Liberty Mo. It is believed he was born in Missouri because he went to school there. They believed he was born in the fifties, as he looked to be about thirty at the time of his death.

Ringo was killed in Turkey Creek Canyon in 1882, at first it was believed ringo committed suicide but he was also scalped. Suspicion fell on Buckskin Frank Leslic, his drinking companion of Ringo in the last two weeks of Ringo’s life. A friend of Ringo was Pony Deal who know Ringo as well as anyone believed it was O’Rourke. Wyatt Earp also would claimed to have killed Ringo, for helping in the killing of his brother morgan Earp.

Re: Outlaws of the Old West Page 5.

Posted: 14 Jun 2011 3:20PM GMT
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Just a note for any interested. Fort Smith is in Arkansas not Arizona as is often mistaken by the abbreviation AR. Arizona is AZ
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