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Island of Hawaii, perhaps some on Oahu

Island of Hawaii, perhaps some on Oahu

Virginia Baptiste (View posts)
Posted: 18 Jun 2000 8:04AM GMT
My great-grandfather: Manuel Jose Martins b: June 3, 1879, Sao Miguel?, d: Feb. 16,1944, Honokaa, Hawaii.
Got some info off a License to Marry document, dated Dec. 14, 1901:
My great-grandmother: Maria Das Neves Da Santos, unknown...perhaps b: Sao Miguel, d: unknown. She had two children from ???- Manuel and Carlos Santos.
(children of Manuel and Maria: Augustino, Minnie, John, Mary)
My grandfather Augustino Manuel Martins, b: Aug. 17,1900, Honokaa, Kalopa or Haina, Hawaii, d: Oct. 27, 1982, Honokaa, Hawaii.
He married my grandmother on Dec. 6, 1919 (from record of Marriage):
Annie H.? Camara, b: Dec. 24, 1901, ?, d: Jul. 15,1985, Honokaa, Hawaii.
(children of August and Annie: Mary, Dorothy, Manuel, Lavina (my mom), Margaret, Lorreta, Lawrence and Clarence.)
My great-grandfather: Manuel Alvino Camara b:???, Madeira?, d:???, ???--I think Big Island of Hawaii somewhere...
My great-grandmother: Francisca Das Reis, b: ???, Madeira?, d: ???, ???--I think Big Island of Hawaii somewhere...


Melissa (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jul 2000 4:13PM GMT
I just thought I wuld reply to your msg because my grandmothers last name was camara before she got married. I've never done this family tree stuff before but we had/have a lot of camara relatives in hawaii. The camara name came from my great grandfather. He came from A little island near the azores to hawaii when he was 13. They lived on the big island.


Melissa (View posts)
Posted: 1 Jul 2000 4:18PM GMT
I reread your post and my Great Grandfather's name was Manuel Camara from Madera island. I couldn't think of the name of that island earlier when i posted. Anyway, he married a woman named Alexandrina Sores from the Azores. She was my great grandmother.


Marco Camara (View posts)
Posted: 23 Aug 2000 7:57PM GMT
I have been in the US since 1982,I speak and write Portuguese. I was born in Madeira, a small island south of Portugal across from Casa Blanca in the Atlantic. I lived there for 14 years before I came to the states. The name Camara means Town Hall. My father allways told us that my one of my ancestors was an orphan and that all these kids were in care of the Camara or Town Hall and they would give them a surname of Camara

O nome Camara

Posted: 9 Sep 2000 5:58PM GMT
Edited: 1 May 2003 9:21PM GMT
Caro Marco

I'm very much sure that your father is, this time, wrong. Camara is the name that the descendents of João Gonçalves Zarco, who discoverd the MADEIRA island,took. Camara as short for Camara de Lobos. This in the old days mean that they were the lords of Camara de Lobos.
You can see exactly this by looking into the Camara family tree. Try "Camara" or "da Camara" or Zarco at and/or

Therefore your family name has a much glorious past (see the family tree) than what you could imagine.

Be proud

João António da Costa Maya

Manuel Camara

Posted: 23 Sep 2000 5:48PM GMT
Edited: 3 Jul 2002 2:20AM GMT
Trying to trace a Manuel Camara from Saint
Michael in the Azores from the village of
Feiteiras. We do know that a Manuel Camara
went to the islands but living family members
say it was somewhere in the 1890 ot 1900

Manuel Camara

Posted: 15 Nov 2000 5:35PM GMT
Edited: 9 Apr 2002 5:23AM GMT
I have my great great grandfather, Manuel Jacinto Camara who was married to Philomena de Gloria Leite...they had 9 children....first born was also Manuel...let me know..tina

Manuel Camara

Posted: 17 Nov 2000 4:36PM GMT
Edited: 3 Jul 2002 2:20AM GMT
Tina, I don't think it is the same person my manuel was married to a Jancinta Carvalho.

Manuel Camara

Posted: 17 Nov 2000 6:26PM GMT
Edited: 9 Apr 2002 5:23AM GMT
Oh well, it was worth a try....I have no Jacintha in my line....thank you for answering back so quick,,,,tina
Posted: 19 Nov 2000 9:05AM GMT
Edited: 3 Jul 2002 2:20AM GMT
Tina try fo find the book The History of the Azore Islands by James Guill. It will give you the early history of the Camara name also
the name was bestowed on Joao Goncalves Zargo
in the 1400. There is a statue of him in the Navel Musem in Lisbon. He was the first with the name by royal degree and there is a coat of arms. So in a sense we are related by name some place over the last 600 years.
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