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Allen Skelton Scruggs

Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 26 Jun 2008 7:21AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Scrugge
Looking for information on Allen Skelton Scruggs, born in VA about 1821. Married "Mary A. E." and had several children, including Micajah Suber Scruggs. Allen probably died in South Carolina.

Any information? I need dates, places, and his wife's full name so I can track down one more generation.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 23 Jun 2009 6:32AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Scruggs, Andrews, Hutto, Walker
Firsty: Allen S. Scruggs was married to Mary A.E. "Suber" Scruggs. They had 5 children (1 Daughter and 4 Sons) but only two survived into adulthood,that I know of) and they were 1 son: Seth Ward Scruggs and the daughter: Annie Laurie Scruggs.... and my direct lineage is thru Annie Laurie Scruggs: So I can tell you with certainty from Her to the present: And I have a Scruggs Ancestry Tree working back to 1655 (12 Generations: for me it goes Walker, Walker, Hutto, Andrews, Scruggs, and Scruggs x7)

I am Thomas "Andrews" Walker from Greenwood, SC the Great Grandson of Annie Laurie Scruggs and Elbert DeVore Andrews. Annie Laurie Scruggs "Andrews" was the only daughter of Allen Skelton Scruggs and Mary A.E. Suber Scruggs. There were 4 other siblings all sons born to Allen and Mary, one of which was Seth Ward Scruggs who married Elizabeth Elsie French.
My Grandmother was Annie Laurie Andrews "Hutto" "Faulker" Annie Laurie Andrews Hutto was married to Raymond Nesbitt Hutto and they had one child a daughter (my mother) Annie Scruggs Hutto Walker who married Thomas Leard Walker Jr. The other name of Annie Andrews Hutto: (Faulker) was due to a 2nd marriage w/no children) There were 2 other siblings in the Elbert and Annie Andrews family: Elbert DeVore Andrews Jr and Mary Frances Andrews Devlin.

I also know that Allen Skelton Scruggs was the son of Valentine Ward Scruggs and Polly Amos Scruggs. Valentine Ward Scruggs was the ONLY son of George Allen Scruggs and Mary Ward Scruggs. George Allen Scruggs was the son of Valentine Scruggs and Jane Allen Scruggs. And Valentine Scruggs was the son of Thomas Scruggs and Juday Buford Scruggs. Thomas Scruggs was the son of Henry Scruggs and Anne Grose Scruggs. Henry Scruggs was the son of Richard Scruggs Jr who had one brother named Richard and who both were the son of the first Scruggs "Richard Scruggs" to settle in America in Providence of VIRGINIA, from Bedfordshire, England in 1655 where he was granted large amounts of land ownership from King George II.

I did find the Obituaries of Allen and Mary Scruggs and it is as follows:

Greenville, h/o Mary Suber Scruggs, GI
Died June 4, 1903, p2

Greenwood, w/o Allen S. Scruggs, GJ
Died Mar 20, 1907, p3

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 24 Jun 2009 6:28PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Scruggs
Thank you for posting this. I had run into a brick wall with Allen and Mary Scruggs, and put that research aside. I started looking at it again last night after your post, and was able to find a lot of information to supplement what I already had. The dates were missing, and are a great help. Where did you find the obituaries?

With what I knew about Allen and Mary, and what I was able to add last night, it appears they had at least 11 children, five of whom were still living in 1900 (1900 census). My GG GF -- Micajah Suber Scruggs (1850-1919) -- was one of them. The others were Joseph B. Scruggs (1848-post-1920), Allen Benjamin Scruggs (1852-1941), Seth Ward Scruggs and Annie Laurie Scruggs. Those not living in 1900 appear to be Nancy C. Scruggs (born abt 1855), Mary G. Scruggs (b abt 1856), Frances B. Scruggs (b abt 1858) and Carolina D. B. Scruggs (b abt 1862). They all appear in the 1870 census, but not the 1880 census. I can't account for the other two.

Any other information you have about the Scruggs family will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, do you believe that the "A. E." in Mary Suber's name stood for Ann Elizabeth? I found that in some other places, and it appeared to be somewhat common in the area and time. Do you know who Mary Suber's father was?

Thanks for your help. Let me know if I can help you at all.

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 24 Jun 2009 11:40PM GMT
Classification: Query
Yes Ann, Anne, or very likely Annie.. As "Annie"... as I told you, was not only Allen and Mary's Daughter, my GreatGrandmother's Name "Annie Laurie, but it was used for her daughter Annie Laurie Andrews (My Grandmother) and then again for her daughter Annie Scruggs Hutto (My Mother) and my oldest Sister Dixie Anne Walker Self....
I have not seen any references for it, but A VERY good guess would be Anne or Annie. Now it could have been Mary's mothers maiden name or something like that... I will research her info further... It shouldnt be hard to find out as she was from Newberry SC and Newberry is not far from me, as I live in Greenwood SC, where she did also pass away 20 Mar 1907. I will let you know. Now the E??? Well The Name "Elizabeth" is a great guess but I will check on it too. Another little tidbit of info you may find interesting, or you may already know, but I will tell you anyway,, Allen's Father was Valentine Ward Scruggs... and Allen's Great Grandfather was Valentine Scruggs... Valentine's Father was Thomas Scruggs (born 1710 +/-10 in New Kent County VA) who married twice.. The first wife's maiden name was "MITCHELL" and her brother's First Name was VALENTINE. So the name Valentine comes from Thomas Scruggs brother-in-law from his first marriage in or about 1730 +/-10.

Also, after looking at your info today, it makes good sense now why Annie Laurie Scruggs Andrews.... named her first daughter "Mary" "Frances" Andrews (she married Jerome Devlin) She must have named her after her own deceased sisters.... hmm it's all so interesting and very hard to put down once you start the research... Like working a giant gig-saw puzzle with LOTS of blue shy! LOL

I will keep in touch and let you know more about Mary A E Suber and any other thing I find. I have a Microsoft Excel Color coded SCRUGGS tree that I did for my kids (11th GENERATION since Richard Scruggs Sr. landed in New Kent County Virgina from Bedfordshire England in 1655. I would be glad to send you a copy via email if you like. Just send me your email and I will forward it to you... It mite help you or you may see something in it that can help me.... :) Thanks Drew Walker

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 24 Jun 2009 11:48PM GMT
Classification: Query
Oh.. one more thing: I do have a reference which is an 1880 Census which shows another Daughter as 15 years old then (B: being abt 1865) Name: "Anna Lee Scruggs".... Maybe she is one of the Two you are missing???? This Census also lists Seth W. Scruggs as 20 years old and living in Greenville South Carolina and working as a Clerk in a Drug Store.

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 25 Jun 2009 2:47AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Scruggs
I saw the reference to Anna Lee Scruggs in the 1880 census, and presumed it was Annie Laurie, so I didn't look into it further. I see now from your family tree that Annie Laurie was born in 1870, so something doesn't make sense.

Anna Lee shows up in the 1880 census as 15 years old. That census was taken 11 Jun 1880. She also shows up in the 1870 census as 6 years old; it was taken 20 Aug 1870. That makes her date of birth somewhere between 11 Jun and 20 Aug 1864, and makes her about five-and-a-half years older than Annie Laurie.

The question that pops out to me is: where is Annie Laurie in these censuses? Her January, 1870 birthday would mean she would have been included in both as a baby (1870) and as a 10-year-old (1880).

Here's something interesting: I found an Annie Scruggs, single, born Jan 1863 (per the census) living with the Lee family in Greenwood, SC in 1900. Her occupation is listed as a school teacher.

I -- and my mother -- would love to see the Scruggs tree you have. She and her father grew up knowing so little about their family, and we are pretty isolated from them. It's turning out that all the branches of her family have been in the "new world" a long time. If you can send the tree to, I'd really appreciate it.

I'll let you know if I turn anything else up.

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 25 Jun 2009 3:06AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Scruggs
I just found Seth Ward Scruggs' death certificate. It lists his mother as Mary Elizabeth Suber. Of course, it also lists his father as Allen Shelton Scruggs. I've always known it to be Allen Skelton, but I do think we're on the right track with Elizabeth.

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 30 Jun 2009 3:57PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Scruggs, Suber, Andrews, Walker, Hutto
I think the attached photo may be interesting to you. I visited my mother (Anne Hutto Scruggs Walker)(GrandDaughter of Annie Laurie Scruggs Andrews) and while looking through some of her old keepsakes I found a photo of Allen and Mary Scruggs... on the back in my Grandmothers (Annie Laurie Andrews Hutto) handwritting, is writting "mama's mama and daddy" meaning Annie Laurie Scruggs' mother and father Allen Skelton Scruggs and Mary A.E. Suber Scruggs..


Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 30 Jun 2009 5:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Scruggs, Lipscomb, Young, Brockman
Awesome picture. Thanks for posting it. I have so little from the Scruggs line, and very few pictures. Let me know if you find anything else.

FYI -- if you come across anything with the family names of Lipscomb, Young, or Brockman, let me know. They are all part of my mother's heritage from the Upcountry.

Thanks again for the picture. They are definitely my favorite part of all this research.

Re: Allen Skelton Scruggs

Posted: 30 Jun 2009 7:53PM GMT
Classification: Query
will do... and i am glad you are happy with the photograph. There is also a photo of the home they live in while in Greenville.... its nothing special. A typical two story dark wood house with a wraparound porch.

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