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Buntin Family Geneology

Buntin Family Geneology

Posted: 21 Oct 2001 6:05PM GMT
Classification: Query
Searching for decendents of Major Harry Bunton-- President, Historian of Family Research, Los Angeles, Calif. Decendent of James W.L. Bunton Ky. Mrs. Lea F. Duholm--Secretary, Treasurer, Austin, Minn. Decendent of James Bunton, Ky. Roy Bunten--Vice-Pres.Historian, Des Moines, Iowa. Decendent of Hugh Buntain Ky. Richard W. Wilson--VicePres. Research, St Albans, N.Y. Decendent of Thomas Buntin Va.
From Nov. of 1956 to March of 1961, my father, Thomas W. Buntin had been in contact with Mr. Richard W. Wilson of N.Y. in regards to our family tree.
In speaking with my mother, I have found out that my father lent this copy to his brother, Robert Eugene Buntin, a few years after receiving it so that my uncle could make a copy for himself. We have never gotten it back, regardless of the many letters and phone calls. Unfortunately, my father died in 1977 and my uncle in 1984. Therefore, this brings me to the object of this letter. I would be glad to pay for a replacement copy or for information as to how to obtain a replacement copy. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I purchased a book from Richard W. Wilson and Buelah F. Duholm, copy-right 1967. In this book it was mentioned that subsequent volumes would soon be published. However, I have not heard anything more about them. Any information would be helpful. Thank You

Cristine R. Buntin
Daughter of Thomas W.Buntin
Grand-d of John(?) Samuel Buntin
Grandpa Sam
GGrandD of William J.(?) Buntin
GGGrandD of William H. Buntin

Re: Buntin Family Geneology

SONoDIXIE (View posts)
Posted: 29 Jul 2002 5:36AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Buntin/Bunting, Carter
Dear Christine,
I spent a lot of time searching for info from R.Wilson/Dulholm to no avail. I even found the
(a lady did for me) residence a couple of years ago. I also want the book that they were
supposed to have published. Do you have a name for it, publisner, printer, etc? I'm sorry
but I'm not sure that I understand your listings in your query. Please keep in touch & let me
know if you find the papers. I'd like a copy also.

Re: Buntin Family Geneology

Posted: 30 Jul 2002 2:11AM GMT
Classification: Query
The name of the book is: A Genealogy Bunton Buntin Bunten Bunting. It was compiled by Richard W. Wilson and Buelah F. Duholm. Copyright 1967. Printed by Graphic Publishing Company, Inc. Lake Mills, Iowa.
It mainly deals with those of our ancestors that migrated to Rowan County NC from Scotland and England.
There were to have been subsequent volumes published at a later date but as of this time, I do not know of any other then this. I have tried to contact Mr. Wilson's sons but haven't had much luck.
I hope this helps.

Cris B

Re: Buntin Family Geneology

Posted: 2 Jan 2003 1:38PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 23 Apr 2004 1:26PM GMT
Surnames: Buntin
About book - is it possible that the Rowan County Library has a copy?
If so you might be able to borrow it via interlibrary loan. The Rowan County Library is supposed to be the best in the area - I have been there - it is located in Salisbury, NC - They have a wonderful big floor all for Historic Documents - including a huge section on just maps - imagine!
You might look for the address on or through telephone company and call them - if the book is out of copyright you could photo copy it, at least the pages you need.....

Jean Coleman

Re: Buntin Family Geneology

Lois Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 2 Jan 2003 11:30PM GMT
Classification: Query

Your e-mail of the 21st October 2001, concerning the book A GENEALOGY BUNTON, BUNTIN, BUNTEN, BUNTING including family of PRESIDENT LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON by R. Wilson and B. Duholm, has just now come to my attention.

I had the great privilege of working with Mr. Wilson and Ms Duholm during the preparation of the book and they were kind enough to include me in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS on xii of the publication.

My descendancy is down from ENSIGN JAMES BUNTIN, Revolutionary War, of Rowan Co., N. C., and Kentucky. He was the brother of JOHN BUNTIN ancestor of LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON.

Together with ROBERT BUNTIN they were the sons of JOHN BUNTIN, Weaver, of Pennsylvania and Rowan Co., N. C..

Ms Duholm and Mr. Wilson did a magnificent job in the preparation of their book but to my knowledge they did not publish anything further.

The book in question is in the Salt Lake City Mormon Library. Major Harry Bunton also placed some of his research there.

Respectfully - Lois Johnson

Re: Buntin Family Geneology

Bill Bunting (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jan 2003 4:58AM GMT
Classification: Query
Thanks Jean. They did not have the book. I did find other info. Will have to see
if or where it fits. If you know any on BUNTIN/BUNTING and var.'s please get in touch at: SONoDIXIE

Re: Buntin Family Geneology

Bill Bunting (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jan 2003 5:21AM GMT
Classification: Query
Lois, It is good to be in touch with someone that had a hand in the preparation of the book by
Wilson/Duholm. I do not know if it contains what I'm looking for. I have looked for it and can't
find a copy. I'm from Nash Co. N.C. Buntin/Bunting, Arrington, Battle, Bunn, Carter, Freeman,
Burwell,White, etc on my father's side. Many are covered in "The Battle Book" pub.1930 &
Decendants of Matthew Battle pub. 1992. I'm Looking for the parents of William
BUNTIN/BUNTING b- Dec 1756 m- Penelope CARTER 1780 b- 1762. Please contact me

Re: Buntin Family Geneology

SONoDIXIE (View posts)
Posted: 20 Jan 2003 3:46AM GMT
Classification: Query
Jean, Thanks for the reply. I live close to Rowan Co. and went there, but, they
do not have the book. Lois Johnson, who worked with the authors let me know that
my line did not appear in the book. Thanks again. SONoDIXIE
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