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Posted: 9 Jul 2004 1:59AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Tatum
Am looking for the Tatums from the little place called Milltown in Chambers County Alabama-near Lafayett, AL
My great grandmother was an Arminda Cordelia Tatum 1852-1911 Married a Treadwell. She had a brother named Bosteen and that is about all I have. There is another female, don't know if is a sister or mother, Malinda Tatum ( my grandmother's middle name was also Malinda)
Any information that you have would be greatly appreciated. I had been in contact with a Laurice Tatum but cannot find him now.

Re: Tatums

James Lee Weaver (View posts)
Posted: 3 Oct 2004 12:31PM GMT
Classification: Query
Descendants of William TATUM
Page 1
3 Oct 2004
1. William TATUM (b.Abt 1536-Tatham Village,England)
2. William TATUM (b.Abt 1564-Tatham Village,England;d.Bef 1603-Tatham Village,England)
sp: Ellen KERK (b.Abt 1568-London,England;m.3 Aug 1589)
3. Samuel TATUM (b.Abt May 1575-Tatham Village,England)
sp: Ann WAINWRIGHT (b.Abt 1576-England)
4. Nathaniel TATUM (b.Abt 1599-England)
5. Nathaniel TATUM
6. John TATUM
7. Nathaniel TATUM (d.1737-Barbados)
sp: Elizabeth TURNER
8. John TATUM (b.1690)
9. Abel TATUM (b.1770;d.Aft 1830-Lincoln,GA)
sp: Milly HARRIS (b.Abt 1770)
10. Thomas T. TATUM (b.6 Mar 1790;d.22 Sep 1852)
sp: Sarah DAVIS (b.3 Jun 1790-,GA;m.6 Oct 1808)
11. Thomas Asbury TATUM (b.8 Jan 1816;d.8 Jul 1893-Milltown,Chambers,AL)
sp: Melinda R. UNKNOWN (b.16 May 1827;m.Abt 1870)
12. A. C. TATUM (b.Abt 1872)
sp: L. M. TREADWELL (b.Abt 1872;m.Abt 1890)
12. P. Bosteen TATUM Sr. (b.20 Jan 1867-Milltown,Chambers,AL;d.8 May 1872-)
13. Bosteen TATUM Jr. (b.Abt 1902-,Chambers,AL)
sp: Jennie Pauline SANDS (b.1903-Milltown,Chambers,AL;d.1990-A,C,AL)
12. T. S. TATUM (b.Abt 1877)
12. A. S. TATUM (b.Abt 1879)
12. A. A. TATUM (b.Abt 1881)
12. A. M. TATUM (b.Abt 1883)
sp: Jack CHAMPION (b.Abt 1880;m.Abt 1900)
12. C. E. TATUM (b.Abt 1885)
11. Aldridge Asbury TATUM (b.1818-Elbert,GA)
11. Nancy F. TATUM (b.Mar 1811-Elbert,GA)
11. Absolum T. TATUM (b.31 Mar 1813-Elbert,GA;d.28 Nov 1856)
sp: Mary Elizabeth EVANS (b.18 Nov 1818;m.3 Oct 1836)
12. Amanda F. TATUM (b.9 Oct 1837-Troup,GA)
12. Thomas B. TATUM (b.11 Nov 1839-Troup,GA)
12. William H. TATUM (b.21 Dec 1841-Troup,GA)
12. Roberth F. TATUM (b.23 Dec 1844-Troup,GA)
12. Martha E. TATUM (b.19 Aug 1847-Troup,GA)
12. Absolum Davis TATUM (b.28 Mar 1850-Troup,GA)
12. John Asbury TATUM (b.30 Jun 1853-Troup,GA;d.22 Feb 1907-Troup,GA)
sp: Mary Elizabeth WHEELIS (b.Apr 1848-Troup,GA;m.27 Apr 1873)
13. Minnie Mae TATUM (b.14 May 1874-Troup,GA)
13. Absolum Amos TATUM Sr. (b.6 Oct 1876-LaGrange,Troup,GA)
13. Maggie Lucille TATUM (b.21 Jun 1879-Hogansville,Troup,GA)
13. John Roscoe TATUM (b.Jan 1882-Hogansville,Troup,GA)
13. Bessie TATUM (b.16 Jul 1884-Hogansville,Troup,GA)
13. Cecil Dyke TATUM (b.25 Sep 1886-Hogansville,Troup,GA)
12. George W. TATUM (b.11 Dec 1855-Troup,GA)
11. Antoinette TATUM (b.1820-Elbert,GA)
11. Jane Elizabeth TATUM (b.13 Feb 1821-Troup,GA;d.18 May 1890-Troup,GA)

Descendants of William TATUM
Page 2
3 Oct 2004
sp: Abner Jefferson PENN (b.1809;m.7 Jan 1841)
12. Sarah Jane PENN (b.1843-Troup,GA)
12. Martha Elizabeth PENN (b.1845-Troup,GA)
12. Mary S. PENN (b.1847-Troup,GA)
12. Caroline PENN (b.1849-Troup,GA)
12. Harriet PENN (b.6 Aug 1851-Troup,GA)
sp: George Washington WALLACE (b.1851;m.1874)
11. George McKinley TATUM (b.1826-Troup,GA)
11. Lovick TATUM (b.1829-Troup,GA)
11. John B. TATUM (b.1831-Troup,GA)
10. Silas TATUM
sp: Martha W. MAYS
11. Isaac Newton TATUM (b.1818-,GA)
11. Frances TATUM
11. William V. TATUM
11. Infant TATUM
10. Francis TATUM
10. Isaac TATUM
5. Infant TATUM
4. Samuel TATUM Jr. (b.Abt 1597-England)
5. Nathaniel TATUM
3. Nathaniel TATUM (b.Abt 1565-Tatham Village,England)
3. Jerome TATUM (b.1596-Tatham Village,England)
3. Nehemiah TATUM (b.1602-Tatham Village,England)
2. Marmaduke TATUM
2. John TATUM

Re: Tatums

Glenn A. Tatum (View posts)
Posted: 23 Feb 2005 10:00AM GMT
Classification: Query
I have relations in the area. I would like to discuss what you know and how I might be able to help. Please call or write.
Glad to hear from you at any time.

Re: Tatums

Posted: 23 Feb 2005 9:56PM GMT
Classification: Query
Edited: 25 Feb 2005 8:36PM GMT
Are your relations in Maryland?

Re: Tatums

Posted: 12 Feb 2013 7:50PM GMT
Classification: Query
If you would like a pictue of her grave, reply and I would be glad to send it on. It has been so long since you note and you probably have all the info now. However, I personally went to the Tatum Cemetery and took pictures of all the graves.
My ancester is Aldridge A. Tatum son of Thomas.
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