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St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Trisha (View posts)
Posted: 15 Mar 2005 11:49PM GMT
Classification: Query
I am starting to investigate our family history but it seems that it all begins @ Orphanage and Medical Records. My Grandfather Andrew we believe was placed there because his father could not take care of the family after the dealth of his Mother. I am going to write the archives but was hoping maybe someone has info about St. Mary's. My father says the family was quite large and maybe some of the kids were adopted under the surname "Roberts". Does anyone have any info.

I was born here in the city in 1962

My father Patrick was born here in 1952

His father was born here around the turn of the century. His name was Andrew.

The Archives does not maintain the records for any of the orphanages that operated in the Archdiocese. The records for the following orphanages were transferred to Associated Catholic Charities when they were closed: St. Anthony’s Orphan Asylum (1854-1943), St. Elizabeth's Home for Colored Infants and Children (1881-1960), St. Francis Orphanage for Colored Children (1889-1950), St. Mary’s Female Orphan Asylum (1818-1960), St. Vincent’s Infant Home (1856-1960), St. James Home for Boys (1878-1949), and St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys (1866-1960). Individuals interested in obtaining information from these records will need to contact Associated Catholic Charities directly to request assistance (Records, Associated Catholic Charities, 11 East Mt. Royal Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21202-2714). These records are not open to researchers. Please submit all requests in writing.

For information on all other orphanages, please contact the Archives.

Re: St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Darlene Fazenbaker (View posts)
Posted: 12 Oct 2006 9:42PM GMT
Classification: Query
I'm looking, too. Contact me and we can talk. Send me youe address and phone number if you want.

Darlene Fazenbaker
2922 Liberity PKY. Apt.A
Baltimore, MD 21222

Re: St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Posted: 1 Nov 2010 1:06AM GMT
Classification: Census
Hi -

I just ran across your note through some google searches I am doing on Maryland orphanage records.

I realize this reply is years from when you first wrote this note, but I thought this might help...

My aunts and uncles spent time at St. Elizabeth's Home for Colored Infants and Children in the early 1900's. I did find them in ANCESTRY records. They were census records, they were recorded as 'inmates' at the St Elizabeth's Home. So, ancestry has census records listing all of the children at the home in a particular year.

This may help you. Maybe ancestry has St Mary's Orphanage records as well.

Or -- maybe you were able to locate the orphanage records through some other source. If you were, I would love to hear how you found out more.

Good luck!


Re: St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Posted: 2 Dec 2010 5:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
My father and uncle were placed at the St. Mary's orphanage in Annapolis, MD. During the time, mixed (mullato children) were placed at St. Mary's orphanges. They both were placed around 1933.

Re: St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Posted: 14 Mar 2011 5:31AM GMT
Classification: Query
Maybe one of you can help me figure out my real last name. My father told me that my last name was changed to what it currently is when my grandfather left the orphanage as a child. It is rumored that when he left the orphanage, he wanted to create a new name for himself, so he apparently picked up a phone book and chose a name that there were very few of, and changed it to Hayes the moment we walked out the door (I have no idea what his last name was before he changed it, and that is what I would like to know). His name from what I can remember was Frederick Eugene Hayes Sr., and from what I can tell he was always a resident in Baltimore, MD. In fact, I know something is very suspicious, because in my research of my family, my grandfather did not sign the deed to the house he and my grandmother bought; which is very odd for those days. If any one can help, or might have any idea on where I can search, any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Stephen Hayes, Grandson of Frederick E. Hayes Sr.

..I would really like to trace my family back further then 100yrs ago and I need to know his birth last name in order to do that. I have been told that I am of German and Irish decent if that helps any. Also my father used to joke around that my grandfather used to be called Fritz.

Thanks again.

Re: St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Posted: 6 Mar 2012 5:41PM GMT
Classification: Query
Records are now maintained at Catholic Charities, 2601 N. Howard St. Suite 200 Baltimore, MD 21218

Re: St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Posted: 8 Jun 2014 1:26AM GMT
Classification: Query
What are the chances of obtaining one of the records? I need one for a late relative that was believed to have been housed at St. Mary's Orphanage and Asylum.


Re: St. Mary's Orphanage and Medical Records

Posted: 26 Sep 2014 2:06PM GMT
Classification: Query

Did you search via your relatives names or by the Orphanage's name? I was hoping to be able to search Ancestry databases by the Census year (1900) and filter on Inmate and the Name of the Orphanage. I've not had any success that way. Looking for St. Francis Colored Orphan Asylum or St. Elizabeth's. What Ward in St. Louis did you find St. Elizabeth's?

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